Nacho ordinary blog post II

Guess where I went today?


Sorry – couldn’t resist.

Yep, once again, I went back to my favorite little Mexican market to pick up some supplies for a fun project that I’m doing today (more on that tomorrow).

Because I’m all about accountability (but not accounting – hello, only class I ever dropped in college), I wanted to let you know that I did, indeed, drink my “co-cola” yesterday.


And that yummy bit of optic orange goodness was the pollo taco with some kind of chile sauce that I got from the scary salad bar that I’m sure wouldn’t pass the health inspection.


The store is different every time I’m there.  This time they’d added a shoe shop.


Cuz nothin’ says “feed the family” like a pink pair of scooters in ostrich.

The funnest part of the day came at checkout when I was treated to being hit on by the checker.  I probably should have been offended, but it’s been years since I’ve been called “guapa” or “mi amor” by a native Spanish speaker, and it slayed me  because this man clearly had poor prospects if he was hitting on the “gringa”  with very bad hair.

Still, it left me with a little spring in my step.

Feeling like a….

hotTamalesBoxHave a nice day.


21 responses to “Nacho ordinary blog post II

  1. I needs me some of those boots.

    But will pass on the weird salad bar contents and the sceery checker.

    Is it weird that when I first read, “and I got hit on by the checker”, I was thinking you were hit on by a chica?

    Mind.Gutter.Where that pig snout should be.

  2. You are SO funny! Is the first picture really chickens? I thought the one in the middle was a goat head.

    LOVED your Blast from the Past post.

  3. You go HT! Did you respond to Romeo? in Spanish?

    Can’t wait to read about your ‘project’…because any project that begins where they sell dead animal heads is certainly one worth blogging about!

    Hey, still interested in the bread baking tutorial? Let me know..

  4. I need me some of them boots!!!! I would go to that market just for some fun on a boring day! Except then I wouldn’t get hit on. And then I would be mad. So, maybe I wouldn’t go there…I think I’ve seen on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (travel channel) how they grill or boil a pig’s head. I’ll let you know if I see it again. I’m sure serving pig’s head one night a week could lower your grocery bill!

  5. That looks like a freakishly large Coke. Do I need to adjust my set? Or is that just how they grow them south of the border?

  6. The salad bar looks like something a kid would play on. . . the shoes . . . seriously? You’ve got to be kidding!!! At least you can get everything you need all in one stop . . . including a pep in your step, right?

  7. The tacos look good, despite the crazy salad bar. Although I pretty much will eat anything Mexican, dubious or not.

  8. Demuestras el cuadro de usted en el cuarto de baño

  9. So, I want to go to market. Will you go and be my chaperon? I’m too pollo to go by myself.

    Like my spanglish? THIS is why I need a chaperon.

  10. I love that hot tamale expression! 🙂 As a matter of fact, I made a hot tamale pie for the first time two days ago just b/c someone used that expression toward me and I felt all bubbly about it too! It amused me. 😉

  11. I don’t know what a guapa is, but you are one hot tamale!
    I do, however, know what galletas con canela sabor, Cajeta quemada, and platanos dulces are! Thanks to YOU!!!

  12. Oh goodness…I’ve been here three times today to read comments and just realized I hadn’t posted a comment yet…

    Are you sure that is was pollo tacos you were eating and not ostrich tacos?

  13. Never tried ostrich …. had roo though {kangeroo} and croc {crocodile}.

  14. Wow…look at the effort imnotned went to for this post. I’m impressed.

    And you NEED those boots, Sus.

    Keep wanting to sing the fish head song again, inserting pig heads, instead. Pretty sure I did that last time, though.

    For I’m a one trick pony.

  15. Lauren Richardson

    donde esta esta market????

  16. I could’ve sworn I’d already commented on this but it seems like I was wrong-o

    sorry I can’t quote some clever spanish or anything…

    You ARE a hot tamale though…and I’m glad you’re my amiga

  17. ok, now I feel a need to go visit the La Superior in my ‘hood and do a blog back to you. See what fun and games I can come up with. Of course, mine will not be as funny, but I’m sure you will enjoy.

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