Reason #4,926 why I love him

I went to Blockbuster last night to return some movies we had checked out over the weekend and seeking to avoid going back to the houseful of rowdy children on a whim, perused the aisles for something to pop in the old DVD player.

Is anyone else ready for the new TV season to begin????

I saw the movie “Fireproof” and grabbed it since apparently I am the last Christian in America that hasn’t seen it and came back home and announced to Mr. CPQ that control of the evening remote had been wrested from his hand and we were watching my movie.

Hmmm…control issues much?

Mr. CPQ had visions of Quantum of Solace in his head, but I must have been giving off some of those  “don’t mess with me” vibes, so he plopped down on the couch to watch it with me.

Surprisingly, we got into the movie  if for no other reason than getting to watch Kirk Cameron in something other than Growing Pains reruns.  And no, the irony is not lost on me that I’m admiring the handsome looks of an actor while I’m watching a movie about protecting my marriage.  But if they had cast Gary Coleman, it just wouldn’t have been the same.

And right at the critical scene when the wife discovers the hero in her husband and comes running back to him, our romantic evening was interrupted by a ginormous “where’d I lose my license plate” cockroach deciding to run across the fireplace.  I, of course, screamed like a little girl and jumped across the couch and I said, “GIT IT!” and my gorgeous hunk o’ husband sprang/sprung off the couch to kill it and in the process pulled some muscles that were already a little tight from a less than pleasant training session with Nadia the Gym Nazi.  After slaying the dragon, I kid you not, he wound up in a big quivering heap in the middle of the floor.

Having already learned a few lessons from the movie, I praised his bug killing prowess and pledged my undying love to him as the vanquisher of all things skittery, and in true Mr. CPQ fashion, he did not fail to make me laugh by waving my sandal his weapon in the air and issuing his somewhat pained battle cry.


Have a nice day.


26 responses to “Reason #4,926 why I love him

  1. You would think that I would KNOW not to read your blog while drinking coffee…hold on while I clean up my screen.

    OK, that’s better. I loved Fireproof for many reasons, and one of them was the lead actor. Did you read about how they did the kissing scene at the end? It was his real wife because he had vowed not to kiss anyone but his wife…so sweet!

    I hate roaches.

    Have a great day!

  2. This was sweet, funny, and a little sad.

  3. You have passed the torch to me–the (now) only Christian woman who has not seen Fireproof. I did get it from Netflix once, kept it for about 7 weeks and sent it back unseen. It was just never the right time apparently…

  4. To kill the bugs…that’s why we keep the men around. LOL Please know that you are NOT the last Christian woman in America to see Fireproof and neither is Adrienne. I haven’t seen it either. Not because I don’t want to, I do, I just haven’t been able to get the hubs to sit down with me and watch it. He’s told me to go ahead and watch it and he’ll watch it later. How’s that for romance?

  5. Startin my day off right, CPQ. With a smile and a laugh. Thank you for that.

    And that sounds eerily like something Jack Chaney would do…

  6. We got the movie from Netflix a while ago. I thought we were the last ones to see it! It sat around forever until my husband asked if I was ever going to watch it. I told him he had to watch it with me – it was a couple movie. He said, “Fine, we’ll watch it now.” He almost didn’t let me pause it to go to the bathroom halfway though because he was determined to watch it and send it back. Afterwards, he agreed it was a good movie. We also agreed that Jon and Kate need to watch this movie. 🙂

  7. I’ve having a hard time visualizing Mr. CPQ “springing up.”

    I’m picturing a baby giraffe trying to stand for the first time.

  8. Ahhh…. the flames of romance never die!

  9. I haven’t seen FireProof either.

    What is the deal? As many posters of Kirk Cameron that I had tacked on my wall, you’d think that I’d be rushing out.

    Kinda like how’d I’d rush out of the house if there was a roach. Ick. Gross.

    But hooray for BugProof.

  10. Reason #4927 why I love Colorado: NO COCKROACHES!

  11. What about the hospital scene, where he was all smutty and everything? All I could think of was how good he looked and what a hero he was. Glad my hubby couldn’t read my mind on that one!

    P.S. – I found a huge cockroach in my pantry this weekend. Praise Jesus, it was already dead! (I’m envying Meredith just a wee bit for her comment)

  12. well, now I love your husband too…

    in a fireproof way, of course!

  13. I see Nadia’s an equal opportunity vessel of torture.

    Haven’t seen it, either. Prolly won’t–big has a bad back and tight legs–don’t want to hear him holler if, Lord forbid, we see a dragon of our own.

  14. okay, i don’t have near the hysterical experience that you did to accompany our dead mouse, but i HAVE a hero, i WITNESSED a dead mouse, i AM a happy wife!
    – TZ

  15. uh, apparently by my web site being “na” the pop-up window shows the narcotics anonymous web site . . . . whoops!!!

  16. THAT…is a priceless story. (Is your life ever boring?) Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a cockroach free day. 🙂

  17. I could not bring myself to watch fireproof . . . Something about the acting makes me want to gag – clearly I am not a good Christian

  18. Never seen a ‘roach. And that is one MIRL I have no desire to make happen.

    HAVE seen Fireproof. Momentarily took me back to “Growing Pains” and locker posters I had of him (Amber), but then realized what a GREAT message and movie it was. Granted the acting isn’t the best I’ve seen, but pretty darn good if you ask me, considering most of the actors were local town folk.

    …that Mr. CPQ is a kick in the pants or the ‘roach…however you want to look at it.

  19. I’m not sure I’ve posted before, but I found you through Heather and Gretchen’s blogs. And I just have to say that the Gary Coleman comment is one of the funniest things I’ve heard lately. Now, all I’m hearing is, “Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Catherine?” Thanks for the laugh!

  20. Fabulous post! Vanquisher of cockroaches could be a new title. Like the others, I am another Christian who hasn’t seen it. *sheepish*

    I will admit that I am too old to have had a crush on Mike Seaver. Sigh. I was more a Scott Baio gal (Happy Days & Joanie Loves Chachi). This was before he got all…oh, never mind.

  21. Love it! Your word picture here is hilarious!

    My insect screams woke my husband up around 1am last night when a I failed in my attempt to kill a wasp and it came whizzing after me. So while I stood on the sofa screaming, my husband slayed the wasp…even with half open sleepy eyes.

    Hope you liked the movie. I spent a summer in Albany (they pronounce it “Awl benny”), GA working for Procter & Gamble’s Charmin and Bounty manufacturing plants, and while there, I made Sherwood Baptist my home. I think I still recognized a few of the amateur actors and yes, the deep southern drawl you hear in the movie is genuine “Awl benny” speak. I loved those locals to pieces – just the nicest people – bless their hearts. 😉

    PS – Confession: Bop Magazine pics of Kirk Cameron adorned the walls of my room during my middle school years.

  22. Too funny.
    Exactly what men are for! Squishies!
    ..and yes, we’ve seen that movie, more than once.
    …and The Love Dare is impossible, at least for me. Confession? I haven’t gotten past day one.

  23. I married The Mister for two reasons: His money and his ability to kill bugs.

    The money thing didn’t really work out, but his ability to kill spiders with his bare hands is worth his weight in gold.

    (Lest that handsome creature I am blessed to share life with is reading this blog, the truth is: I married The Mister because he’s the only one who has the fortitude, and long-suffering will, to put up with me. Love. That. Man.)

  24. Haven’t seen Fireproof either but if it causes the roaches to come out then I AIN’T!! 😉

    What a man that Mr. CPQ is…

    I love when my man shows off his braverism (must see Wicked for that little reference)…

  25. I haven’t seen Fireproof yet either. I don’t remember exactly the series of links that brought me here, but this is hilarious. My husband is the designated bug-killer, too. That’s one of his love-languages to me. 😀

  26. Heeheehee!! Apparently I’M the last Christian in America who hasn’t seen the movie. Even my kids have seen it!

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