You’re so far away

Why was Mr. CPQ  so far removed from me on our date night visit to the store?


Can you see him?  Blue shirt…waaaaaay in the back of the picture…OUTSIDE the store and practically across the parking lot?

Apparently there’s a little known Man Law that required him to not be within 150 yards of…….


Have a nice day.


25 responses to “You’re so far away

  1. Chocolate is pretty intimidating you know ….. ?!

    Oh, it’s not the food??

  2. I like the camouflage. Because you can never purchase that by itself.

  3. Oh, I didn’t realize that the candy was for camouflage…I thought they started packaging ‘the product’ with the chocolate. 😉 (and I thought that idea was pure genius)

    Reading your blog insures that my computer screen stays dust-free..had to wipe it down again.

    Happy Monday.

  4. What???? I didn’t know he doesn’t like M & M’s!

  5. Heehee…or perhaps you aren’t in the best mood and he’s trying to stay away from you….;)

  6. add to that a bottle of red wine and you’ve got yourself a plan! and perhaps it was at that point that mr. cpq realized his “date” was ending right there at the conveyor belt.

  7. Um, what did the clerk think of you photo-journaling your ‘party favors’?

  8. hahaha the best part is imagining the check-out person’s face when you took a picture!
    ps – I just realized I totally made the same comment as the person above me – creative, that’s me 🙂

  9. Just like peas and carrots.

    Was he standing outside with Big?

  10. too.ding.dang.FUNNY!!!!

  11. “Man Law”? Hardly. A real man is confident enough to be near, or even *gasp* purchase said products. As long as a detailed description is given of the exact type, number, color-coding, etc. And women think purchasing a car involves too many options.

    I’d have to agree with adrienne. Methinks Mr. CPQ is pouting, knowing that his prospects for date night were greatly diminished.

  12. Stinkin hilarious!!!!! HAHA!!! 🙂

  13. Tampons and M & M’s totally go together.

    Tell him to man-up and deal with it. Mine’s at least bought them for me.

  14. Came back here to say something…and I think I just.better.not. 🙂

  15. Snort.

    Did you get a male checker? Because that is a fun little game I like to play. It’s fun to see them squirm when they have to actually handle the packaging.

  16. Too funny!!!

    The other day I was already in my pjs for the night when my daughter came and informed me we were out of “supplies.” Guess what? My hubby actually volunteered to go for me to the store…he had a grimace look on his face, but I think it still counts…I got dressed and went . Just the fact that he was willing was enough for me. 🙂

  17. Hilarious! I think hubby buys those products for me more often than I do!

  18. It is ONLY because I know mr. cpq personally, and have the good probability of seeing him on Sunday that I shall refrain from adding comment to imnotned and adrienne … even though that was EXACTLY what I was thinking.

    As for the M&M’s, I believe they need to package tampons and chocolate together, you know, kind of like a female lunchable.

  19. These comments are just too hysterical…had to come back and check the rest of them out…

  20. HA! Love your combo too. I needed that picture….perfect. Thanks for the smile.

  21. Do you take a camera with you everywhere? Or are these from your phone?

  22. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I heart iPhones and M&M’s – oh and you!!

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