You win some, you lose some

So  I was very excited about fixing and eating my shrimp and grits for supper last night.

That is, until my people started filtering into the kitchen and said, “I don’t like shrimp.”, “Uh, what’s THAT?”, and “No chicken!”  (Travis calls every white protein “chicken”.  Comes in handy when I’m trying to feed him frog legs.)

I kid.

Sort of.


See that pure and utter deliciousness of my shrimp and grits? They are the reason I haven’t lost a blessed pound in the last month even though I’ve been working out hard enough to make my eyelids sweat glow in that sparkly-blue-eyeshadow-you-wore-as-a-sixth-grader way.

Did you have sparkly blue eyeshadow like I did?  I also had a green and purple duo shade that I loved to wear, because nothing says sophisticated middle schooler like a swipe of Crayola across the eyes.  Add a glob of some Bonne Bell Lip Gloss (clear with the rolling ball applicator, please) and I was ready to command the attention of everyone in class.

Oh, I got attention alright.

As in “Do you see what she’s wearing?” whispers, I’m sure.

I’m sure I got whispers in the car pool line yesterday when I showed up wearing clothes that may or may not have matched, blended, or even gone together.  It seemed the thing to do at the time until Mr. CPQ came back home and gave me that little surprised look that he thinks he’s hiding but he’s not.

Oh well.

Better luck next time.

Have a nice day.

21 responses to “You win some, you lose some

  1. Did you also rim your inner eye (thus having a perma watering look) with icy blue eyeliner? Because I might’ve done that. My hair also had wings. Not the pantiliner kind, either. And a big plastic green comb with a rainbow on it in my back pocket.

    Soddy about the meal acceptance or lack thereof. Around here, we call that normal.

    And my BB lipgloss was clear, but in strawberry. Makes my teeth hurt to think of it.

  2. Seriously, how in the world could they pass that up? The food looks DELISH!!!! 🙂

  3. What about the Love’s Baby Soft? How could you forget that?!

  4. haha but seriously that looks so so good! I want some now! 🙂

  5. Oh…the blue eyeshadow was alive and well on these lids. And blue mascara….remember that lovely stuff. There was this highly prissy girl who also had way cool LA Gear hightops…and she wore blue mascara.

    Nothing says awesome like lookin’ like your eye is birthing a smurf.

  6. I can safely say that I never tried sparkly blue eyeshadow.

    But I’m sure I had some lip gloss on a time or two.

    That stuff transfers very easily.

    And after thinking about that for a bit, I must now go lock up my daughter until she’s 35.

  7. oh man, what a throwback!!

    The shrimp ‘n grits looks yummy in my tummy!!!

    So, what did you “whip” up for the boys instead? Or did you make them eat the S&G?

  8. does that mean there are leftovers for lunch today?? i hope so! My vote is for bonne belle lip smacker in the HUGE tube in watermelon flavor. And a big yes to the big comb!

  9. Even I would have eaten that delicious shrimp a grits dinner….I love shrimp and I have eaten your grits, so I know it wouldv’e been good!

    I LOVED me some Bonne Bell lipgloss….but I was never a blue shadow kind of girl…I was too busy getting my permed hair “just so” and teasing my bangs up real high.

    You know how I feel about my hair.

  10. That looks simply delicious!!!

    UGH – I’d love to lose those pictures of me with blue eye shadow up to my eyebrows.

    A couple of Sundays ago I saw someone pull out a banana clip from their hair and put it back in. I must always sit close to the front because I’m not sure I heard much after seeing that “trip down memory lane”. 🙂

  11. Love shrimp and grits! My girls would have picked out the shrimp to eat and left the grits.

  12. Wow! I’d eat that! Forget the chicken!!!

    I was thinking about blue eyeshadow today when my 7th grade daughter bolted out of the house on her way to school… hoping I wouldn’t notice the eye make-up and lip gloss. Riiight. And I thought, “Well, at least it isn’t blue.” Seriously.

  13. Blue eyeshadow, check. Blue eyeliner, check. Blue mascara, check. Shiny ball thingy lip gloss in the back pocket of my Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, check. Can after can after can of Vavoom hair ‘product’, check.

    I’m sure I looked like I needed to join the circus.

    Shrimp and grits?? Call me, we’ll do supper!

  14. We call every white/pink protein “chicken-(real name)” with a moderate degree of success. Chicken-shrimp, chicken-salmon, etc. Used to laugh about a friend doing this, but now I understand.

    Thanks for reminding me of my L’Oreal green/purple/yellow combo!

  15. Let’s not forget the banana clip!!!

    And girl, if your outfit looked half as good as those grits, then the looks you were getting were of the lustful sort

  16. I remember the blue, the Bonne Bell and Loves Baby Soft so well. Ah, the memories.

    The shrimp and grits look great!

  17. Lisa@SliceOfLife

    I did the blue eye thing but mostly I doused myself in Love’s Baby Soft and wore brightly colored plastic jewelry and pink Jellies.

  18. Ah, Barbie’s Beginner Blue eyeshadow. Oh, the memories. I kept my Bonne Bell in the back pocket of my Levis with my comb that said STOP! on the square handle. I needed the comb to keep my layered sides symmetrically flipped.

    Haven’t had shrimp and grits since Ashley’s wedding. I never thought about actually making it myself!

  19. I think it looks delish!! REALLY delish!!

    I totally rocked the purple sparkly eye shadow. Still could if my daughter would let me.

  20. I think your shrimp looks like pure deliciousness. I’d have eaten every bite.


  21. Actually, I had turquoise and yellow – like goldenrod yellow. It was those Revlon ones where you could change the colors in your compact, only those were the only colors I had. I was very heavily influenced by Duran Duran in those days. I don’t know if you ever read His Girl’s post about the Garage Sale Treasures, but we both had multi-colored mascara then too. mmmhmm. Crayola indeed.

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