Tuesday’s To-do List

1.  Going in for some needed hairapy.

All I’m sayin’ is that Mr. CPQ better close some deals today.

Big ones.

2. Doing laundry.

Because we’ll be on the road for four days before getting to my mama’s house and her washing machine.

3.  Scouting for some fun things to take with us for the road.  I checked some books out of the library as well as bought some Mad Libs off the $1 rack at Borders to protect my sanity for the children to read while we’re riding in the car later this week.

Now I need YOU, Dear Reader, to tell me some fun things you pack for car rides to keep everyone generally uncranky.  Yes, we have a DVD system in the car and three sets of headphones, but my rule for long drives is that the mornings are spent without TV, so that’s a four to five hour chunk o’ time we need to be occupied doing something other than picking at our siblings.

Or whining.

Please give me your best ideas.

After eight years of doing this, I need some fresh ones.

Have a nice day, and Happy September.

29 responses to “Tuesday’s To-do List

  1. Strawberry twizzlers and books on tape…I don’t know how old your kids are but we’ve listened to some great books on long car trips, books they might not have picked up if they hadn’t been a ‘captive audience’.

  2. We used to listen to books on tape when I was growing up and we DROVE from Canada to Florida (why? why would my parents do that to themselves?) But anyways, the books on tape? I loved them.

  3. Our last road trip my friend printed off bingo cards of all of the different license plates in her state. My kids had a blast doing this! So much so that I did one for Georgia for when we are running around doing errands. You could also make 100 mile bags- treat bags that you pass out every 100 miles-candy bracelet, mad lib book, granola bar, whatever pleases!

  4. Well, for boys, whoopie cushions and silly string come to mind first of all.

    Oh wait, that’s probably not what you had in mind. 🙂 Then again, I have three LITTLE girls so my suggestion of a few new princess coloring books and such won’t be much help!

    Seriously we always stock up on a new notebook and markers for the road. That keeps my five year old happy for a long time.

  5. How about a cookie sheet with magnetic words? They could see who could “write” the craziest letter to grandma, etc.? Or they could pass around a notepad….1st kid makes a mark, 2nd kid has to add to it, 3rd kid has to add to it & so on and they make a joint picture. And maybe you have to figure out what it is at a potty break?

    Here are some good ideas http://www.momsminivan.com/, but I’m not really expecting you to sew your own travel games.

    Or how about a boatload of Benadryl?

  6. If you’ll be driving when it’s dark out, my kids LOVE dollar store glow stuff (ie: necklaces, bracelets, glow sticks). It keeps them busy when they’d normally be whining because it’s too dark to do much other than sleep.

  7. Hands down, books on CD. Get thee to North Regional! You can even search online and get them sent to your local branch!!
    I love the twistables colored pencils. Get those, a cheap-o plastic pencil box from the Wal-Marts and some paper. And some stickers.
    What about one of those trivia card wheels? The boys could pass that around…

    And momsminivan.com is a great site too!! Oh, I’m sure Family Fun has some ideas too!

    Have fun!

  8. Our trip West with 3 kids was survived by listening to Louis L’Amour stories on CD. They loved the stories and then we stopped at the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame in Texas and it all came together! I also wrapped little silly things in tissue paper and had little gift times every couple of hours or as rewards for good behavior. Somehow having them wrapped made them much more special??
    Have fun!

  9. Three bus tickets.

    Problem solved.

  10. We read, we did Mad Libs, we played the license plate game and the billboard alphabet game. Tons of fun. My brother was the only one who could read and not get sick, so he was in charge of reading out loud to all of us. He was really good at doing voices an such, it was like listening to an old timey radio show.

  11. Good luck! (:

  12. The Teach Me Store has some fun magnetic games. We bought the license tag game a few years ago. I’d offer it, but I think we only have the pieces for South Dakota and Alaska left.

    Also, you can google “road trip games”

    Or you could pop in your Greatest Hits of the 80’s and play name that tune.

    Or, you could always play the silent game. My personal favorite

  13. Hi, I’m Whimzie. When I’m not doing laundry, I’m either preparing for or recovering from a move. That’s right! Besides long walks on the beach and the Disney Channel, my love family likes to change addresses every year or so. We don’t like moving to neighboring towns. Oh, no! We prefer to move across the country….or the ocean.

    What do we do on our jaunts around the country? Let me tell you. We also enjoy the books on tape. We make journals about our trip. Actually we make journals about day one of our trip and then we lose the journals.

    I buy disposable cameras and let everyone take pictures of whatever they want so they’ll leave my camera alone. I also go to Dollar Tree and the One Spot at Target and buy lots of cheap junk. I wrap them in leftover gift paper and every few hundred miles or every time we see an exit with a 9 or a McDonald’s billboard or Mom can’t stand the screaming one more minute, everyone gets to unwrap something. Sometimes I wrap stuff they already own. Tightly. In many layers. It keeps them occupied. (Note: give each child a trash bag for the paper.)

    We play the standard games: Find all the alphabet letters, all the states license plates, etc. This year I bought a wipe off map page from Target one spot and the kids made an X on each state we drove through and B had to research a fact about each state.

    I’ll think of what else we do as the day goes on.

  14. Well we believe that the more dvd’s you have the better your trip will be so we don’t limit that at all.

    But since that wasn’t what you asked, the older boys like those little travel games (connect four, checkers, chess). I put together a backpack for each child with new coloring book and colored pencils, whatever cheap o things I can find at Walmart or target, glow stuff and sticker books.

    We also have gameboys and leapsters so those are a big hit. We believe in supporting the economy in the form of buying batteries.

    I will buy one new video usually when we go on a trip that will give us almost 2 hours of peace and quiet (I mean enjoyment).

    I also pack a lunchbox for each child with snacks that I dole out at intervals. Now I don’t recommend this if you don’t like finding goldfish in.every.single crevice in your car but we make the sacrifice for sanity.

  15. Hi CPQ! I “lurked” you through my friend Candace Chaney (this little light of mine!) – we have known each other since high school. I think you are hilarious and awesome, and I admire your strength of character in taking on a long road trip with 3 boys. Yikes! When we travel in the car (as with an upcoming trip to FLA from LA – 10 hours each way with a 1 yr old and a 5 yr old) we use the DVDs, a Leapster system, the old familiar travel game favorites – travel bingo/checkers/tic tac toe/hungry hippo/hangman/etc (many are magnetic so as to not lose pieces but try to keep away from 1 yr old …. always exciting for mom!). Also, I have found for my 5 yr old that he loves these workbooks you can get at Costco or Sam’s Club warehouse type stores that are “educational” in nature but kind of fun when trapped in a car and bored – I buy them and can get a good hour or so out him and we like the “MAZES” or “HIDDEN PICTURES” or for your older boys they also have word puzzles, etc. They are age-appropriate and at least have some educational component yet are colorful and fun. And, the pages tearout so you could divide them up. They run about $7-10 for a giant book. He loves the mazes ones especially. Now whenever I find them I stock up and save them for these types of occasions. Also just found a Melissa & Doug brand travel game of “who’s who” guessing game that we’ll be trying out – pieces are tied to the board to keep from losing them (kind of like 20 questions or that board game version).

    Hope this helps and good luck on your trip! Enjoy reading / lurking you!!! Jennifer

  16. hairapy….oh, lovely hairapy.

    I get carsick reading…we don’t do many books in the car. How about some books on tape. We just listened to some of Story of The World by Susan Bauer while driving. I have to say, my boys fell asleep….G and I were fascinated. Consider some “put my boys to sleep audio”. 🙂

  17. We’re gamey people.

    Like all the kookie “I went to the store and bought….” games and billboard games and license plates games.

    Or you could just go straight to duck tape and benedryl. Just sayin’.

  18. Would you believe that we just discovered Tetris on this past vacation? It was on sale for 5 bucks at Target (clearance), so I grabbed one, thinking, “Oh, what the heck, it will keep them busy for a few minutes, anyway.” Oh, would that I had grabbed 3! We fought over that game all the way back from Maine.

  19. Where are you going? Are you coming this direction? (like will you be within a few hours of Dallas?) If so, I’d love to see you!

  20. We just listened to the Chronicles of Narnia audio books. Also Henry Winkler’s Hank Zipzer audio books are really funny for boys. Healthy snacks but when things get bad break out the chocolate. This past trip chewing gum was a popular form of entertainment. I’m not sure why but when I broke out the gum everyone was happy. Maybe because we hardly ever have it.
    No license plates for us to count so at one point I asked who could count the most goats. They got tired when they passed 300. The punch buggy game is always an option. My boys recently made up a new game where when one sees a red car they yell “throbber” and punch the brother sitting closest to them. I’m not fond of this game. Oh, and the day before our last trip I downloaded some of my favorite songs from the 80’s that they had never heard before or were only vaguely familiar with. They loved it!

    Happy Trails! Can’t wait to see pictures.

  21. There are some great games at Teach Me store called Professor Noggin’s. We own the Earth Science and the Countries of the World version. It’s a card game, but not the kind where you have to hold a handful of cards. Yes, they are educational, but my 10 and 12 year old enjoy playing again mom and dad for a chance to pick the next restaurant. They have tons of different versions. Some are National Parks, Outer Space, Dinosaur, American Revolution, Wildlife Safari, Pets, etc. Would love to loan you ours.

  22. Oops, that’s “against” mom and dad.

  23. Y’all seriously rock! These are fantastic ideas!

    Except for Imnotned’s.

    It’s sheer genius.

  24. I have NOTHING to add to this now that I’m a day late and an idea short…

    Oh well, looks like you’ve got LOTS to choose from…

    I’m dying to hear about the hairapy!!

  25. Hmmph.. thought you might have been tricking us Tweeps and had posted a pic of the terrific Tuesday trimming.

    I guess you really do mean to make us wait.

    But I’ll be back by 6am.

    No pressure or anything.

  26. Have a wonderful trip. Be safe and have fun.
    I wish I had some good ideas for the car trip. My kids are still very young so we play I Spy and talk about our favorites of anything.

  27. Hmmmm…Personally, I think a little rule relaxin’ is in order, but that’s just me.

    Lurve the great ideas everyone has come up with. Yeah…as I look at the list, I’d like to be original and offer a tidbit of traveling information. But alas…you’re pretty well covered.

    A game not popular with Big and me is “when do we get there?” followed closely by “when can we eat?” Because sitting in the car for hours burns tons of calories.

  28. SILLY PUTTY, Just did a 20 hour road trip each way with a 3 and 5 year old with lots of little things to give them spread out over hours (“when is the next surprise coming mom?”) The most longlasting popular item was silly putty. Go figure.

  29. My brother and I would play a counting game in the car…you counted black cows that appeared on your side of the car until you passed a cemetery and that would bring you back to zero. The first one to 100 would win a toy kept in Mom’s magic wicker basket…oh, I can still picture that basket. She also used to keep good treats in there, stuff we never had unless on a road trip, and dole them out on the hour.

    AAA trip-tic’s were a favorite, too. I think they still do those. Full of local factoids.

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