Ideas, Google, Hair and a little Bette Midler



You totally rock.

The comments (and links!) you left yesterday were so great that I’ve had to add a couple of stops to my to-do list to pick up some items that I know will make the trip less like the March to Bataan more fun.  I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of audio books.  I popped back into the library after my FOUR HOUR hairapy appointment  and grabbed several books on tape that I hope the kids will love listening to.

Yes, that sentence ended with a preposition.

That’s how I’m rolling today.

One of the books I chose was for me.  I came across “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”, and I almost got misty right there in good old North Regional Library because that book spoke to my little heart as a youngster, and I can’t wait to see if my boys react to it as well.

Speaking of misty, it does NOT make me misty that, once again, Google has decided to send people with ringworm on their eyelids to my blog.  And eyelid worms must happen with greater frequency than one would think because it is second only to Tang as the top searches that land people in my little corner of the Internet.

Moving on.

So I got my hair cut and colored yesterday.  And I do NOT want to post pictures of my fresh-from-the-salon hair because my hairdresser doesn’t style it like I normally do (you know, sticking out in 19 different places), but my Tweeps have called me out, so here’s the before and after, and if I get around to getting a decent self-portrait after I style it myself, I’ll post that later.

Before (channeling signals from outer space)




And let’s all quote together from Beaches:

CC Bloom:  Hillary, it’s exactly the same color!

Hillary:  No, it isn’t!

CC Bloom: You just spent four two hours dyeing your hair exactly the same color!

Have a nice day.


24 responses to “Ideas, Google, Hair and a little Bette Midler

  1. I love the color! I don’t think the color is the same at all. Its very nice. I love how the highlights look! Beautiful.

    And the cut is awesome as well, good choice on the wisp of bangs.

    Your facial expressions in both pictures made me laugh.

    Also, that hair dryer looks scary, like you could cook a chicken it.

  2. It is beautimous!

    Love the color and the cut! Well done, my friend. Well done!

    And of course you know that I love the quote. And of course you know that I love you.

  3. Best Christmas Pageant Ever…I love that book!

    Your color is great! Personally I’m usually going for my same color, just minus the gray please.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful CPQ!!!

  5. I see highlights! And more bangs. Tomorrow, I go in for a hair transformation. I may come out even more blonder, to hide my increasingly grey hair.

    Audio books! Duh! That should keep them quiet for 30 minutes!

  6. You look great 🙂 I love it!!

    and ringworm on eyelids? I just gagged a little . . .

  7. That picture of you wearing tin foil while under some strange contraption tweaked a memory in my mega-geek mind.

    Oh yeah, here it is, starting about 20 seconds in:

  8. Thank you for quoting from Beaches. It’s one of my all time favs. I almost cried just hearing from them.

  9. Oh my word, “Beaches” is my ALL time favorite movie!!!!! 🙂

  10. You did NOT just quote Beaches?!

    I love you a little more now AND your new “hare”. A bazillion lines from Steel Magnolias comes to mind when talking about good “hare”. Yours is beautimous!!

  11. Lovely hair!

    I colored mine yesterday. Not sure it looks all that natural, even though the box said something about ‘natural’ :/

    I’m excited about your upcoming travels..cannot wait to read all about it!

  12. “Why look at me…It takes some effort to look like this.”

    “I can usually spot a bottle job at 50 paces”.

    I think it looks great. Awesome depth and super cut. Not as in Supercuts. As in super.cut.

    You’ve got the hair and the A/V materials. I’d say you rocketh.

    I read the Best Christmas Pageant Ever each year to my kids, whether they want to or not. It’s almost as well prioritized as the eleventy million viewings of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

  13. It looks great. And why is it that Hair stylists can not style hair? I always come home after and “redo” mine.
    And as a side note . . . cameras should be confiscated at the door of all salons.
    I’m just sayin’

  14. oy…that Ned or NotNed or whoever he is makes me giggle.

    Lovey the hair. Still unsure about what exactly was taking place for 4 hours, but it looks loverly.

  15. Fabulous darling! And you were so brave… bangs!
    Just a little jealous of the miles you logged in the salon chair. =)

  16. It’s not the same color. I can see the hightlights….I think it’s perfect for fall. Looking cute as always!

  17. good grief, I HATE it when I’m late to the party over here…

    CC Bloom!!! Shut.the.heck.up.!

    “But enough about me let’s talk about you, what did YOU think of me??!!” 😉 LOVE her…

    I also love the look on your face in the after in “here’s the picture, tweeps, now leave me alone!!”

    It really does look great!

  18. Oh and does “notned” even realize his super stardom over here?? A hit. every. time.

  19. Love the hair!! Jealous here too of the time in the salon chair. I call a hair trim appointment an entire “spa day” for me. 🙂

    I can’t stop saying “love” because I just LOVE The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. You are the best Mom as I made our kids listen to 19 hours of Ancient History on the way to Iowa. Next time I’ll show more kindness in my selections. 🙂

    Have a fabulous time!!!

  20. Cute hair. Love the color.

    I so enjoy getting hairapy…especially when it’s my turn without the kids.

  21. sheesh. just finally wandering over here to comment….

    Gurl, your hair looks fantastic. 4 hours in a salon chair is just about better than anywhere else (except maybe visiting with friends on an island somewhere)

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