Let’s begin at the very beginning….

And now that you are all channeling your inner Maria, let’s do -re-mi to a place that’s fa, a long long way to run last Friday, where we all left off with me trying to get things organized to leave on our trip.

I did get organized, and here’s what it looked like.


It’s not what it looked like today. 

Today I rolled into my mom’s driveway with nothing left but a half a bag of Pep-O-Mints and the three Jalapeno  Cheez-It pouches from the multi-pack that no one would touch.

We had a great trip over to Tennessee on Thursday and I was delighted to see that some of the leaves were starting to turn color already in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Travis wanted to be sure that his friends could see the sights as well…


We didn’t see anything too scary on our ride other than the ginormous caterpillar at the rest stop (that we left for someone else to terrorize to adopt), the car that was held together by duct tape (and I feel I have failed you because I couldn’t get a picture of it fast enough),  and the sign for the cafe that served grits AND chinese food on the buffet. 

I’m glad he wasn’t with me, because Mr. CPQ would have totally stopped for that.

We arrived at my sister-in-law’s house in plenty of time for the boys to systematically destroy the entire house play with their cousins before bedtime.  Travis slept with me in the guest room and I was once again reminded why co-sleeping just was not an option for our family.  That boy bounced all over that bed like a detergent cup caught in the spin cycle. 

I think at one point I literally had to pull his big toe out of my eye socket.  

And to add insult to injury, he woke up extra early. 

Like 2:23 a.m. extra early.

We sang, we told stories, we counted sheep….FINALLY he went back to sleep at 4 and woke up again at 5:00.  It wasn’t like I needed my beauty sleep or anything.  I mean, after all, Friday was only going to be one of the biggest MIRL bloggy days in all of history when I would get to meet up with no less than FIVE of the people who live in the comments section. 

I’m only telling you this story so that you will appreciate how truly TRAGIC I look in every last picture that you’re going to see of my MIRL events. But there’s just no way to hide no sleep. 

It also didn’t help that I forgot to pack my lipstick.

And my hairbrush.

But at least I packed my children.


Dear Sus, is this post ever going to end? 

Probably not.

Friday morning I had my first meetup with Stephanie. I knew we were going to get along famously when I called her the night before to discuss where we would meet.  Since she and I would both have our kids (six between the two of us), we decided that McDonald’s would be a good place to get together.  I had suggested one that was near to where I was staying and she said “We can do that, but there’s no play place at that one and within thirty minutes, we’ll have to leave before we get kicked out.” 


My kind of girl.

Knows her limits.

We met at a Mickey’s that had a mackdaddy play area and my boys were so thrilled that I let them play because I’m usually hissing in their ear “Don’t mow over the little kids!” but in this instance, it was early enough that there were no children to mow over except Stephanie’s, and they were tough cookies and held their own.


Did you notice the death grip  I had on the littlest one? 

I thought I might could make a run for it with her. 

They were just dolls.

Thanks, Steph, for getting out so early in the morning to meet up with me.  It was such a treat to get to know you.

I have more to tell you about the rest of my day on Friday, but I think I’m going to leave you hanging until tomorrow. 

Because I’m slap wore out after driving for three days. Because one can only handle so much bad hair in one post.

Have a nice day.

12 responses to “Let’s begin at the very beginning….

  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog. Your posts make me have that much-needed laugh every day!

  2. loooooove taking this trip ‘with’ you.

    you’re slaying me, my friend. totally slaying me.

    keep on truckin.’

    hope you get the vision back in that one eye.

  3. I think for someone traveling 8746 miles alone in a car with 10 year old triplet boys, you look amazing! just typing that sentence makes me tired…

    It was fun being on a road trip with you this weekend, even though you were 600 miles ahead of us.

    I loved seeing your MIRL pics. Stephanie and her girls are so sweet!

  4. Heehee! Love the pics! (and the commentary). 🙂 I haven’t gotten around to a post this weekend so I’m going to totally steal/link to yours. It was so fun to meet and hang with you. I believe I’ve found another kindred spirit via the internet. 🙂

  5. Sus, you look great! I think you could have made it out the door with that precious little one…the only problem I would have is choosing which one to take! (I have totally ruined my chances of ever meeting Stephanie now that I appear to be an Internet stalker)

    Thanks for keeping us updated on your travels…can’t wait for the next post!

  6. I’m with Tracey. You should have tried harder to figure out a way to steal at least one little girl. I’m looking forward to my MIRL with Stephanie, too. I don’t know where or when it will be, only that it will be eventually.

    Looking forward to Chapter 2.

  7. Love hearing all about your adventures and how awesome to meet up with a blog friend! Praying for your travels and some sleep at some point. 🙂

  8. Tracey’s killin me. Stephanie, you have beautiful children. Sus…you appear to have no children, for I see hardly any evidence of them in this post–‘cept for Thomas and friends.

    Loved this, Sus.

  9. Waiting for your version of chapter two, for an inside source told me it was a fun time… 🙂

    I think these road trips of yours are great, especially the meeting of “old friends for the first time”, part.

  10. Anyone who endeavors to travel more than five miles from home with more than one child gets an automatic “You look Marvelous” button attached to all photos. Seriously, it is in my Mom of Multiple Children handbook. I will forward a copy to you.

    You look great, those girlies are too cute and I think you need to bring Travis here to play with my Thomas lovin’ boys.

  11. Are you kidding? You look fantastic. You do!

    Those little girls are just delicious. I would’ve bolted with all of ’em too.

  12. Fun times!!! And I thought you had Mr. CPQ with you! You.Go.Girl!

    Can’t wait for the next installment of “Travels with CPQ: MIRL of bloggy friends and seeing various roadside amusements”.

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