Driving down memory lane

Alternatively titled:  The most pictures I’ve ever put in a post.


Continuing the vacation saga…..

Friday afternoon I hit the 1,000  mile marker in this little road show and it just so happens that it came at the campus edge of my alma mater.IMG_1421

I was talking to Whimzie about how weird it felt to be back at the scene of the crime.  In some cases, “crime” might not be such a figurative term.  I laughed as I drove by the science building as I remembered the night some friends of mine “borrowed” a boat, generator,  TV and VCR that belonged to one of the biology professors and went out to the nearby lake and spent the evening running around the lake in the boat, then using the generator and some misappropriated extension cords to set up our their own little movie theater in the middle of the woods.

I may or may not have been a part of that little adventure.

I may or may not have made sure everything was returned before daybreak.

I had fun recounting that story to my friends L and B who work on campus now.  We were sorority sisters back in the day.  It was neat to hear that B’s daughter was going to pledge our same sorority.

It also made me feel old.


We wandered campus so that I could start the indoctrination process early the  boys could see where Mom went to school.  They really enjoyed it, especially when they saw the pizza buffet in the cafeteria and Chick-Fil-A in the student lounge.





Speaking of pizza, I had to cut my time short on campus because I had to go meet Stephanie, Lisa, Jennifer, and Amber for dinner.  On my way there, I HAD to take a picture of the Subway shop where Whimzie and I spent many a night talking and eating Otis Spunkmeyer cookies.



It’s that monstrosity of a yellow building.  And I would rotate the picture, but I’m on my mom’s computer and it’s doing funky things and not allowing me to do so, so just cock your head a little to the side and imagine two 20 years olds in the middle booth by the front window eating cookies at 11:30 at night.

Thank you.

Speaking of food, you may wonder where we chose to eat for our MIRL.  There was only one place that would do for me.  I follow these girls on Twitter and at least weekly they’re tweeting about the Pizza Shack, so I begged them to meet up there.

It did not disappoint.


Amber ordered the pizza for me.  She apologized for the lack of pig heads on the menu, but I was not complaining.  The pizza was fantastic.IMG_1435

But not as fantastic as the company.

And bless her heart, Stephanie DRAGGED herself from the sick couch to come out and meet me, and I was so honored that she would make the effort because she was bad sick and couldn’t stay the whole evening.  Steph, hope you’re feeling better….




And Lisa, don’t kill me for putting that picture up of you on the phone, but it’s the only one I had that included Stephanie, so you’re just going to have to take one for the home team.

We talked for over two and a half hours.

Of school.

Of blogs.

Of politics.

Of kids.

It was as though I’ve known them all my life.

It made me want to move back, if for no other reason than to get to hang out with such an amazing group of women who know what it means to be friends, to support each other, to encourage each other, to laugh together, and to have each others’ backs.

The honor was all mine, bloggy sisters.

I hope we can do it again.


Have a nice day.



20 responses to “Driving down memory lane

  1. Such a fun trip you’re having!

  2. it’s so thoughtful of you to keep blogging while you’re on your adventure. but i know that’s just how you are!

  3. Love the OBU pic…I miss you girls!!!

  4. What a lovely group of ladies! (and a kickin’ pizza!)

    Sus, you are the blogger queen! Traveling the country with your three boys, meeting the folks that comment on your blog…love, love it!

    I was also thrilled to see the boys. You had many folks wondering…. 😉

    Until next post….

  5. I want to meet those girls!

    And I am so proud of you for blogging while on vacation. You know how I get without my CPQ fix each morning.

  6. WOW! I didn’t realize you were going on this trip sans Mr. CPQ! I’m so sad that he is going to miss the ball of twine. Glad you are having a fun time. I’ll have to try the pizza shack next time I’m in that area. We’ve already sampled the Burger Barn. 🙂

  7. Words cannot even explain how great it was to meet you.

    And the bacon ranch pizza is always here and ready…whenever you are.

  8. Forget academics. I like the idea of choosing a college based on campus food. And according to The Princeton Review, who has the best food?


    You can start measuring the boys for their maroon and orange clothing.

  9. What fun!!!!!

  10. Wow! I didn’t realize you were going without Mr. CPQ when I recommended the games. You need an adult passenger for those. Also, I noticed you went to the same college as another blogger that I follow, http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/2009/09/lets-go-team.html. Maybe you can visit her, too!

  11. Looks like your travels are going well.

  12. Isn’t Arkadelphia the greatest? I feel privileged to have lived there TWICE. I love all those girls too…seeing their pics makes me miss them even more!

    Now…when are you coming to Colorado?

  13. Perhaps I missed the memo about pig heads on pizza? Errr?

  14. I love reading about when bloggers meet IRL. . . and I loved reading about your trip down memory lane. I always love going back to my old college town. . . so.much.fun!!!

  15. Lurve the pic of you and the boys and all you girlfriends who look like you’ve known each other forever. So fun. Glad you’re able to relive some fond memories and make new ones. I always feel weird when we take the kids back to Boulder. Sort of an anachronism or something.

  16. I’d recognize that Subway even on its side.

    Wish I’d been there with you. We will do a visit to OBU together one day.

  17. College has certainly changed since we went there…

    Glad you are having a fun trip.

  18. My chins and I wish we had demanded that you delete that picture when it was taken.

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