Back to our regularly scheduled programming

We hit the road again today, leaving family to head north through corn fields.

And more corn fields.

And more corn fields.

Did I mention we’ll see a LOT of Kansas today?

I picked up a hitchhiker yesterday who plays well with children.

His own.

Mr. CPQ has joined us for the driving portion of this adventure.  I would say it’s nice to have someone with me that doesn’t ask “Are we there yet?”, but that would be shading the truth just a tad.

He just might be worse than the ten year olds.

Good thing he’s cute.

On the plus side, he’s good for frequent stops for milkshakes and scintillating adult conversation when he’s not rolling his eyes and saying “Who planned five days driving across corn fields trapped in a car with an endless supply of movies with animated characters?”

Have a nice day.

P.S.  To my faithful blog lurker reader from Towanda, Kansas, whoever you are, I’ll be thinking about you today as we traverse your fair state.

19 responses to “Back to our regularly scheduled programming

  1. Have a great time! Hope you have good weather and happy travelers!

  2. So, how about those Honduran elections? Sounds like a good conversation for the car.

    You’re welcome.

  3. Safe travels…that’s a lot of corn fields!

  4. Have fun in the great state of Kansas!!!! 🙂

  5. The husbands are always worse than the kids on roadtrips.

    Mine is still whining from the great Tennessee vacation TWO MONTHS AGO.

    But, I’m sure Mr. CPQ is much more of a gentleman. Ahem.

  6. I was a bit scared by the hitchhiker thing — until I read on. 🙂

    Glad Mr. CPQ won’t miss the ball of twine.

  7. Ooh, calling out the Tawandese lurkers! Go girl!

    I never in all my life saw anything more flat than Kansas.

    Well, there is one exception, but I have undergarments that help that “little problem”.

  8. The best part about my husband on road trips? He’s learned to not balk at stopping for me to go to the bathroom. And…he drives. Lord, I hate long distance driving.

  9. Safe trip prayers for you all! (And also prayers for your sanity! ;o)

  10. Ok, my heart skipped a beat for a split second when I read you picked up a hitchhiker. In that split second my brain was thinking, “are you a crazy woman?”.

    As crazy as long car trips are, they still make me happy because my whole family is all together and that is a blessing. Right? Keep saying that… family is a blessing, my family is a blessing! 😉

  11. I’m sorry, but all I can comment on is Kellie’s comment. In HYSTERICS here. Kellie – in college, my friend and I liked to call them “BBs on a breadboard”.

  12. How do you go walking … well driving on water. Maybe you can take a detour via Australia. I’d love a stop it 🙂

  13. Still can’t believe we are right behind you. It would be funny if you left us a note at Mt Rushmore, but that would be littering I guess!!! We head out early Wed to Sioux Falls( yes all in one day)and then Rushmore on Thursday. I am not sure if everything will fit in the van. Have fun and if you find anything cool on the way drop me a note. Have fun with the 3 boys, Ill do the same with the 3 girls.

  14. If hubby gets out of hand, just threaten to let him do the second half of the trip ALONE like you did the first.

    Glad you are having fun! We missed you guys yesterday. SS was packed!

  15. Loved the twine picture on the Twitter….although you called it string. So which is it? String or twine? Or are those synonyms?

  16. Adam got a speeding ticket in Kansas – and I was all like “how the heck did you not see the cop you can see for like 8000 miles?!”

    In his defense, the ticket was for going 9 miles over the speed limit. Clearly cops in Kansas have nothing better to do than pulling over poor-unsuspecting motorists from Atlanta where it’s not speeding until you’re going like 20 miles over the speed limit . . .

  17. Ohmyheck. Kellie!! What a HOOT you are!!

    I know it seems like madness in the moments but you are creating some awesome memories and I’m a tad bit jealous of your road trip…I love road trips thanks to many taken w/ my grandparents.

    Have fun!!

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