Houston, we have Wi-fi

Oh my word, I can’t believe I found an actual internet connection. 

I’m almost too giddy to type. 

I’m typing from somewhere in Omaha which is Native American for “We figured out how to build a cell tower” where we’ve stopped for the night after a long day of driving the width of South Dakota and almost the full length of Iowa.  To say we’ve had spotty cell coverage would be generous.  If I ever move to the Plains, I’m getting a satellite phone.

And an accent.

These people talk funny.

I’ll have stories and pictures galore next week, but for now (since it’s midnight as I type this), I’m just going to say that this trip has been more than I could have imagined.  

I’m in love with the Midwest.

I may never eat corn again.

I’m having the time of my life.

Have a nice day.


15 responses to “Houston, we have Wi-fi

  1. Yeah, I’m up late enough to be the first commenter (or is it commentor?) Anywho…glad you are having fun on the ol’ road trip!

  2. So happy that you’re having a blast! (and that you found wi-fi 😉 )

    Cannot wait for CPQ’s take on the midwest!

  3. I would so die without WI-FI. Have fun shucking. And chasing that big ole ball of twine.

  4. Woo hoo! It’s been pretty quiet around here without you! Can’t wait to see the pictures. You’re gonna need to take a digi-scrap lesson from me soon to work with all those pictures!

  5. Glad you’ve found civilization. I can’t believe you’re still on the road. I’m sure you can’t either.

  6. As one who was born in Iowa City, IA can attest, we midwesterners are good folk. I may have been raised and now live elsewhere, but there’s nothing like a drive with a bunch of corn and a silo in the distance to soothe the nerves.

  7. OMAHA!!!! That is where I used to live. Phillip and I met and married there. It is a fun little town…enjoy your time there!

  8. I’m so happy for you guys and your twine.and corn.and wi-fi.

  9. Thank goodness you’re back. Hurry up and come home. Things just aren’t the same in this town withoutcha.

  10. What a great time of year to see the midwest–in between tornado and blizzard seasons! I imagine it’s really beautiful. Can’t wait to hear more of the adventure. Glad you were able to make a quick post, ’cause it’s fun starting the day with a little CPQ humor!

  11. I’m glad you’re having fun! I sure miss your posts! After two days of driving to and from our vacation last week and the week before, I really admire you! I am not a road trip person! The kids were so well behaved, though. I should learn from them!

  12. glad you’re having such a great time! all along i’ve been wondering if that would be fun or pure madness with my own kids

  13. I’m ready for you guys to get home.

  14. Still clamoring over geography but assuming we are still US.

    Loving ‘fish out of waterness’ you are having both culturally and bloggerary.

  15. We love Nebraska and it is the one place outside of the warmer southern US that I would like to live (especially love Lincoln). Hope the rest of your trip home is good.

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