Mindless Matter

A few thoughts that are on my mind…..

1.  I am not opening up my Etsy shop anytime soon.

I hope this will not lead to distress on your part because I KNOW you sit around wondering where on the Internet you can order lopsided knitted washcloths.

In my second attempt to learn to knit in the round,  I got together with Heather and Amy on Friday night at Panera to have a little remedial lesson in how to learn that confounded method as well as to indulge in all things carbohydrate.

I spent 3 1/2 hours attempting to wrap my brain around how you’re supposed to knit with four sticks and not ruin your Christian witness when I finally gave up and instead, wrapped my hand around an apple bran muffin and two vanilla latte’s.

You know, for medicinal purposes.

Those nerves were not going to get unstrung by themselves.

I spent most of Saturday stewing and fretting and trying to visualize what I was doing wrong, and decided that I was not going to turn 40 without figuring it out, so I sat on the couch while Mr. CPQ watched The Natural and when I wasn’t being distracted by Robert Redford, I think I managed to make some sense of it, so I’m pleased to report that I am now happily on my way toward making some legwarmies for the baby I will never have.


2.  I have squirrels in my attic, and not the mental “nuttier than a fruitcake” kind.

No, we have the rambunctious ” living in the walls behind the headboard of my bed” kind and it’s creeping me out just a little.  Squirrels are cute and all, but not when I envision them chewing a hole through the drywall or, worse yet, finding the cable cord and ruining my access to Days of our Lives Meet the Press.

I think this is going to be deemed a boy job.

Besides, I already changed a lightbulb plus successfully wielded a screwdriver in completion of a plumbing repair job BY MYSELF this weekend, so I’m covered in the housing repair department for at least another decade.

3.  School starts back today.

‘Nuff said.

4.  I’m back on the straight and narrow at the gym after being derelict for three weeks.

I cancelled this week’s session with Nadia the Gym Nazi because I knew that I would collapse in a giant quivering heap after three minutes so I could ease back into the routine, but I think we all know that it’s just not going to be pretty for a couple of weeks.

On the bright side, maybe there will be new people that I can use as blog fodder.

5.  I’m going to have to turn in my Girl Card.

Fall is here and I had previously proclaimed that purple and grey/gray were going to be big this season, and I must now hang my head in shame because Mr. CPQ bought me the fall issue of Vogue (was that a hint?) which proclaimed that RED was the “it” color, the ’40s look is in, and so is the one-shoulder top and the peplum.

For those of you who’ve never heard that word, “peplum” is  fashionspeak  for “accentuating post-pregnancy hips.”

Hmmmm, maybe if I wore those legwarmies they could draw the eye elsewhere….

Have a nice day.

P.S.  Gretchen wanted to know when we were going to do another Ask Sus (a real one, not the made up kind when I don’t know what to blog about), so if you wish, leave a question in the comments today.

I’ll be happy to oblige.

19 responses to “Mindless Matter

  1. You lost me at “apple bran” muffin.

    Obviously, I am failing you as a friend if you go to Panera with girlfriends, to “indulge in all things carbohydrate” and you choose an apple bran muffin????

    I mean, if we are forced to live through the 70’s inspired peplum, with the 80’s off-shoulder shirt AGAIN, must we go without Panera’s chocolate danish to go with that latte?

    Although I must say…I like me a suh-weet pair of legwarmers. 😉

  2. Hopefully Mr. CPQ took my advice and called in the professionals to handle the squirrels. I think he’s reach the point in life when it’s more prudent to spend disposable income than to spend several hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon crawling around in an attic.

    Although the thought of him trying to fold himself to fit into the attic makes me chuckle.

  3. There are so many funny things about this post, I don’t even know where to start!! But I am taking “not ruin my Christian witness” as my own! 😀

    Also, I can PROMISE you, I will not be partaking of the peplum. or the neon either!

  4. I’m sorry, but I’m staying with your original purple and gray/grey proclamation because seriously, who do we know that dresses like people in Vogue? Seriously.

  5. Um, question:

    What is an easy authentic recipe that you remember from your childhood down south? 🙂 Did I mention easy??

  6. Rebecca Marchbanks

    CPQ, about a year and a half ago we thought we had squirrels in our attic. We were wrong…it was possums. I had a good time watching my husband go in after them…

    On another note, I agree with Whimzie about the whole Fall color thing. I’m sticking with your original color scheme. 🙂

  7. Yeah, I bang my head in frustration, too, trying to figure out knitting in the round. Not pretty.

  8. Squirrels…ewww…call the professionals. They are sneaky little creatures. And destructive too.

    Oh, and in my opinion, only Betty and Wilma could wear one shouldered attire and look cute.

  9. Oh…I can see that knitting in the round is something I should avoid at all costs, because I like to swear vehemently when I mess up. And we know that’s just not right. But…ohhh…I’m jealous that you know how. Call me and give me a 5 hour tutorial, okay?

    It’ll take your mind off the squirrels.

    And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but imnotned is right: use the disposable income. Keep Mr. CPQ’s hands soft and his pride intact.

    Grey and purple on you babe? Poifect. On me? Ghastly. Unless the purple is totally royal in-yo-face-purple. Can’t trust a man’s fashion sense if he doesn’t see the good sense in capris. 😉

  10. I know a baby who would look good in those leg warmies.
    Since obviously I haven’t gotten anywhere with my knitting.
    Knitting. It’s the devil’s craft I tell you.

  11. Red must be used sparingly, and besides then you have to find a red lipstick that matches said red outfit. Who has patience to try berry red, red-iculous, enamore’d, touch’o red, red all over, or raddish red? Not I said the Little Red Hen.

  12. Ask Sus: Are you still FLYing? How do you stay inspired to FLY and not get completely overwhelmed?

  13. Gretchen-imnotnedisrightthistime

    I got so caught up in the goodness that is your post & forgot my question. Apologies.

    Sus, how do you schedule your posts/writing time, & are you a fan of the auto post?

    Also, if you could be one of your favorite TV characters for a day , whom would u pick, & why?

  14. Look at your knitting!! I’m so impressed!!

    Question :

    If you were going to a family reunion (on your husband’s side)…and most of the folks there had not seen you since baby number two…and the ones that have seen you, haven’t seen you since you shed 25+ pounds…what would you wear? (especially considering that in this hypothetical question, you are a blue jeans / sweatshirt kind of girl.) Oh yeah, and let’s just say that this reunion is in Georgia and just might be 3 weeks away.

    Thanks for the opportunity to Ask Sus…I feel better already!

  15. oh and I bought an entire purple and gray wardrobe on your advice. . .

  16. If we were to attempt this cross-country-in-an-RV trip next summer, what are the things we shouldn’t miss? My 10 year-old daughter seems to think that the Mall of America, with an American Girl doll store in it, should be included. My 12 year-old son can’t believe he might have to spend 3 weeks with his family in an RV.

  17. The peplum is back?! NOOOOOO!!!!

    And now I have to go return all the purple and grey items I purchased for fall.

  18. Tell Mr. CPQ that if he feels a gift is in order than stick with purses…not fashion mags of strange looking models wearing peacock feathers and peplums.

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