I smell a rat

Somewhere back in the archives I wrote about Travis wanting a mouse as a pet, and you all came out of the woodwork to say “No” and “They stink” and “Are you out of your mind?”Β  While I agree with all of you that I had momentarily lost all of my marbles, these disparaging comments have done nothing to dim young Travis’ desire and so, every week when we make our run to the warehouse club, I take him into the Petco next door to say hello to the rodents and listen to him ask (over and over), “Can I sniffle the mouse?”



This weekend was no different.Β  We walked in, headed to the mouse cages, and planted ourselves in front of the glass to giggle at the creatures as they wiggled under the stuffing or went for a jog on their wheel.

And then along came Daisy.


That would be a rat.

Not a mouse, mind you, a R-A-T.

And who was happier than a kid in a candy store?


The rat climbed all over him and tickled his ear, his nose, his cheeks, and his shoulder.


He sniffled the rat.

The rat sniffled him.

I sniffled the tears.

And hid behind the ferret cage.

Have a nice day.

30 responses to “I smell a rat

  1. Look at me, FIRST!! πŸ˜‰

    If it weren’t for Travis’ darling face so happy, these tears would NOT be tears of joy! πŸ˜‰

    Still don’t think I could have a rat in the house…

  2. I think the weekly trips to VISIT the rat sounds good. OWNing the rat, not so much. And who names a rat Daisy?

  3. So is she joining the family?

    I know I was one of the dissenters, but I still have a soft place in my heart for TC Langen. Remember him? From psych? He really was a good pet. And you know how I feel about rats generally. There’s just something about your own rat that makes it different from the sewer ones.

    Uh, oh. I may be folding under the pressure of the rat love.

    I love that someone’s review of Despereaux is listed in the possibly related posts.

  4. Plan extra trips to visit the pet store.

    The pictures are precious and I would go for it, but I just can’t get past that TAIL!!!

  5. In spite of your very cute son I say EWWWW!

  6. My stepmother once had a rat named Aphrodite. Which, I’m pretty sure is worse than Daisy. But personally, I say give him the rat, for

    “There’s just something about your own rat that makes it different from the sewer ones.”

    I just couldn’t say it better myself.

  7. What a wonderful mixture- joy and the heebie jeebies. Love it.

    So, I’ve got to know… did you take her home?

  8. Aw, come on! Get the poor boy a critter. I had a gerbil and 5 hamsters before I got to junior high. My parents must have been crazy!!!

  9. I say go back and get daisy! (I remember TC Langen!) Yes, she’s a rat…but, she’ll poop in the cage…she’ll eat in the cage…and she makes him so happy…of course, I can say this because I don’t have to clean the cage! ;0)

  10. it’s a rodent for pete’s sake!!! you can’t take 3 week vacations when you have a rat. who is going to take care of a rat????? sometimes i’m appalled that i have (little) dogs running around my house. they are animals. who lets animals run around your house on your expensive rugs???? i do. but i don’t have a rat. i don’t negotiate. i’m sure you can find something he likes just as much. there has to be something!

  11. Amen Adrienne!

    And, i love Gretchen, but puh-lease, she is the keeper of all strays…you and I know that first hand.

  12. Um…Why would you pay money to have a rodent removed from the attic, and then pay again to have a rodent take up residence in your house? Explain this to me.

  13. Oh my gosh rats make amazing amazing pets! I was in India and I found little baby ones in the garden which I brought in and raised as my own and my over-indulgent g-parents let me. They’d sleep in my pockets and nestle in my hair and when my parents flew me back to the UK my grandparents promised to took very good care of them. Unfortunately they ran away the day after I left, they must have loved me very much.

  14. You are a great mom. I would not get within five miles of a rat (on purpose), even if my son reeeeeally wanted one. To go visit one, and let him crawl around on family members? You are a great mom.

  15. Here’s the best reason not to get the pet rat…

    You will make all of us other moms look bad.

    My oldest is asking for another dachshund puppy. (wants to name him ” Shivers”…maybe I should get her a rat and let her name HIM “Shivers”…hmmm..

  16. keeper of strays and vacuumer over excrement, at your service. πŸ˜‰

  17. That boy needs to go to COSI in Columbus, Ohio to watch the RATS play BASKETBALL! It’s TRUE. I have seen them do it! πŸ™‚

    Japanese hooded rats are awesome. They do smell, but so smart (for rodents). πŸ™‚ Just clean the cage often, though, and I don’t think the smell is too bad. We went the hamster route because we could do smaller cages and all three kids wanted one, but we really wanted a couple of rats.

  18. You are so brave. If I had knowledge that a mouse, or rat for that matter, was loose anywhere in the store I’d have to leave! I’m so afraid of them!

  19. Lydia Stevenson

    First, I am glad that I have 3 girls that are grossed out by rats, bugs , and anything that is creepy and crawly. That being said, I do not know how you could tell that sweet face no. But, I am a big softie and more power to you if you can hold out. Don’t listen to me I have 2 cats and am terribly allergic, I could not say no to the girls or the cats. I will be on allergy and asthma meds my whole life…hahaha

  20. So if you ever do buy that boy a RAT, you’re not gonna tell anyone are you? Sounds like most of your blog friends would string you up.

  21. I thought you were going to say that you brought that thing home.

    We can still be friends now that you didn’t.

  22. I say frequent visits to the pet store… they get the “upkeep” & smell, you/T. get the pleasure, & it stays something to look forward to instead of to get tired of (what do you do with a rat when the newness wears off???) But only you can make this tremendous decision (praying God gives you great wisdom…)

  23. I would die. For real die. That’s sick nasty and gives me more than a little case of the heebie jeebies for sure.

  24. Oh, how happy does it make me that Travis got to sniffle Miss Daisy the Rat?!

    And I heartily recommend a guinea pig in lieu of a rat…they make cute noises and their faces look like little old men with hair coming out of their ears and noses and their ears wiggle when they eat.

  25. Rats are the best pets…as far as rodents go anyways. We have done guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils…skip them all and go straight to rats. They are amazingly sweet, never bit the kids once, and actually like people.

  26. I am going to have to admit that I once purchased a rat for my kid. on purpose.

    it wasn’t that bad.

    *eye twitch*

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