One for the road

One way you can tell school’s back in session at Casa de Carpool?


The collection of carpool coffee cups that has begun to accumulate in the garage.

Have a nice day.

13 responses to “One for the road

  1. Also the sweet smile of relief on mama’s face when she has 6 hours of peace and quiet while all the lil’ darlings are off.

  2. K never brings his in to be washed on a daily basis. Apparently he’s stock piling them all somewhere and usually once a week they end up in the sink. I just don’t like it when they have chunkies in them because that always makes me gag.

  3. Since I don’t drink coffee but instead get my caffeine boost from Diet Coke, mine would be the collection of empty DC cans that fall out of car when you open the driver’s side door in the early morning….(from one driveway litterbug to another! hee hee)

  4. this is why, if I’m going somewhere after where I first start out going in my day (follow that??), I will use a disposable coffee cup. because then I inevitably drive thru McDoanld’s to get a coke, and then I still have the coffee cup, and if someone is with me…and it’s actually economical because if you end up with a rotten milk smelling coffee cup, sometimes I just throw those out. Remember back when the kids were little and you’d find a milk sippy in the bottom of the van somewhere?? ewwwwwwwwww! threw those out too.

    i think my comment was longer than your post!

  5. Ahhh, coffee…..sweet, sweet coffee. For some reason, in the fall …if I’m in the car I must have coffee! My problem is that I forget to take the empty cups out of the car….I have a collection in there.

  6. LOL I’m going to show my Hubby cuz he’s sure I’m the only person who does this! Notsomuch. Ha

  7. Yep! Mine is a collection of Sonic cups because you cannot drive by when it is happy hour and not stop in a get a 1/2 price fix. Now that Brother has transferred schools, I pass the Sonic every afternoon at 3.

  8. Looks like my desk…that’s where my coffee cups collect…

    Adam’s stay in the car too, Whimz, but thankfully most of his cups are the disposable ones but lord, help, when he brings in the ones that aren’t….

  9. Ha! Coffee is God’s reward to moms who faithfully give up their days to chauffeuring. You go, girl. Caffeine on.

  10. I call my dtr’s room “the kitchen”. I swear…I see at least 3 mugs of tea or water in there each week.

  11. Oopsie daisy! Forgot to change my name back.

  12. Ha! That’s almost what my van looks like! I cleaned out 2 today!

  13. Looks like my garage, and I’m the only one who drinks caffeinated beverages around here.

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