It’s not easy being mean

We were headed to church yesterday morning (on time! on time!) and the lobbying had already begun for where we going to eat lunch afterwards. Babies A and C wanted to go to McDonald’s to get the new Bakugan Happy Meal, and Baby B wanted pizza.

Always, forever, pizza.

The boys were eager to know where Dad wanted to go, and Mr. CPQ said, “Well, I want to go eat pizza, but I’m waiting to see what your mother says to see if we get to eat it or not.”

The pressure to be the Grand Arbiter of Lunch was wreaking havoc on my under-caffeinated, non-breakfasted self.  I whined told Craig, “No matter what I decide, someone’s going to be disappointed.  You have no idea how hard it is to be the killjoy around here.”

To which he sympathetically replied, “I know, honey.  It’s not easy walking Fun out into the woods every day and shooting it in the head, but you do a great job.”

Have a nice day.

25 responses to “It’s not easy being mean

  1. I so feel your pain you Joy-Murderer!

  2. that was funny. i had to read the quote twice. that was a quick one to pull off. is that dark humor, or black humor? i get that confused. kinda like dark Irish or black Irish? I had a boss once with super dark hair and he was Irish. That is how I know of such terms. i’ve been up since 3:30. maybe that is why everything seems a bit off to me today! i’ll got get more coffee…to prepare for my role as killjoy as well.

  3. Hey, since you are going to be doing some disappointing ~ I say disappoint everyone and choose Mexican!

  4. Next time, I’d go the King Solomon route and tell them you are going to that new “Sprouts & Berries” vegan place. See how quickly that brings them to a consensus.

  5. That Mr. CPQ…..he’s something.

  6. You should have gone to Pita Delite like we did.
    mmmmm…Mediterranean platter…

  7. Ha! I LOVE his comment! I may have to steal that one.

  8. Thank goodness the two of you are matched with your witticism intelligence quotient. 🙂

  9. He’s so witty. At least he acknowledges how good you are at all you do.

    Just sayin’

  10. Ha! Very funny.

    Always and forever pizza in our house too….or Taco Bell.

  11. You could have taken them all to the Mexican Supermarket for the Pig Heads buffet?

  12. That’s hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. So…where did you eat?

  13. haha that’s hysterical — It’s what moms do best right? 🙂

  14. NO.HE. DI’NT!

    Good thing you love him so, huh?! 😉

  15. Too funny…sort of. 😉

    I get so very tired of being the bad guy…sometimes.

    There are occasions that I really like it…does that make me a bad person??? 😉

  16. You know what I like about Typepad? The quilt squares that it assigns to you when you comment. I wonder what mine will look like today.

  17. Heeheehee! I am forwarding this on to my man!

  18. Your hubbies name wouldn’t happen to be Fun would it?????

  19. At least you have the mercy to shoot it and put it out of its misery.


  20. It’s times like those that it’s good to remember how handsome he is.

  21. the best part about me not being able to talk my IRL friends into reading blogs is that I can steal your material and nobody will know.

    and btw, you are not a killjoy. i’ve seen for myself that you are a BARREL of fun 🙂

  22. Bwaaaahaaahahahahahahahahaha

  23. I think I need to send you my Tuscan bread so you can whack Mr. CPQ over the head with it. You want fun?

  24. Mr. and Mrs. “New” just got a GOOD chuckle out of this one. What a hilarious response… how can he be that quick witted so early in the morning? Oh, don’t tell me he’s a morning person?! I’d have to shoot Fun everyday too.

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