Paging the Fashion Police

The boys are going on a field trip to the NC Symphony today so they had to be dressed appropriately per the memo that came home in their bookbags last week.

Does one wear black Crocs or brown Crocs with navy pants?  I never can remember.

We don’t have a large arsenal of “appropriate” clothes in our closet – We go to a diverse school and our church is fairly informal about dress, so there’s never been a real need to spend a lot of money on fancy clothes that don’t get frequently worn.

Besides, I have the lock on the fancy clothes budget in this house.

As evidenced by the ink-stained t-shirt and hole-y yoga pants I’m currently wearing.

We were at JC Penney’s on Sunday afternoon picking up fall clothes (I always wait until the last minute to buy long pants to put on  my growing-by-leaps-and-bounds boys) when I overheard Mr. CPQ and Baby A having a discussion about pants.  Mr. C wanted him to add a pair of khaki pants to his fall wardrobe repertoire and Baby A would have none of it.

I thought it might be the stiffness of the fabric or the fit of that particular pair, but no, that was not the case.

Apparently, “Beige is boring, Mom.”

I think someone’s been reading my Vogue.

Have a nice day.

9 responses to “Paging the Fashion Police

  1. I could not agree more, Baby A.

    I own ONE pair of khaki capris and that’s hard enough….no long pants for me either. I think it makes me think too much of a solid shirt and matchy shoes I taught school in

    I’ve got to have some spice…carry on, Baby A.

  2. I think every boy needs a pair of khakis. I’m pretty sure thats partly why I married my husband. He just looked so cute and southern and preppy and the khakis were essential to that look. Oh, and they had to be starched to the nth degree. Sloppy wasn’t any good.

  3. I’d go with the brown crocs. Very versatile.

  4. We do the mad closet search everytime we get news of something “dressy.” I can’t tell you the last time the rascals put on a pair of khakis….oh. wait. yes, I can. It was too a concert thing, and all 3 went with britches expecting a flood….because that’s how we roll.

  5. haha beige totally is boring 🙂

  6. I’m outta luck when he decides that denim is boring.

  7. Mine’s idea of “dressing up” is Wrangler jeans, a t-shirt, boots and cowboy hat!!

    Oh…and now that he’s won a hugacious belt buckle at the local rodeo due to his muttin’ bustin’ (that would be sheep ridin’ to you non-redneck folk), he’s added that to the “dressin’ up” now!!

  8. Baby A is SOOOO right!!! I’m so proud of him. . . tear. . .

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