Oh yeah? Well you’re a….

Baby A:  Mom, do you know why I have a rotten attitude right now?

Mom: I thought you looked a little down  what with the stomping, loud sighing, and railing against the school gods.  Is something bugging you?

Baby A:  It all started in Social Studies class.  Parker was annoying me.  He kept saying my name and then when I’d look around, he’d pretend he hadn’t said it.

Mom:  What did you do?

Baby A (eyes downcast): Mom, I’m very sorry to say that I lost my temper and I called him a bad name.

Mom (steeling herself and wondering whether she should even ask the question):  What did you call him?

Baby A:  I called him a….a…..a pinheaded fiddlebrain.

I sense three very long upcoming years otherwise known as “middle school”.

Have a nice day.


16 responses to “Oh yeah? Well you’re a….

  1. oh–it could have been so much worse! he is very creative!

  2. Does it mean I’m stuck in a middle school time warp if I called my 10 year old a poopy head the other day?

  3. What a sweetie! I’m serious, how cute it that to be concerned enough to tell you what he called the little twit.

    I always hated that goofy ‘calling your name, pretending you didn’t’ game…

    And middle school?? I try to remind my 7th grader that these few years are not reality and life gets sooo much better.

  4. You’re doing a good job, mom. Waaaay back in the day when I was a young speech pathologist in training, I worked in a middle school. I had a very low language level group of boys, and one day, because all therapy should be functional, we worked on “more appropriate” put downs/slang terms. Otherwise known as: you won’t be suspended for saying this, but you might have a social leg to stand on when being attacked by your peers. You see, these boys would be picked on by sneaky mean boys, and guess who would get in trouble? So, we had to arm them. B/c it’s a jungle out there.

  5. You GO, Baby A!!!
    I love it!!
    I totally LOVE Gretchen! Don’t know her…but she is one very cool speech therapist. I wish all adults could remember how challenging it was to “grow up”.
    I’m still growing.

  6. I know you are, but what am I?

  7. Oh the bracing for the unknown outta the mouths of sons….glad to know he chose a nice way of saying it!! 😉

    One time at the dentist, the Dr. picked up Connor to look at the x-rays of his big boy teeth under the baby ones:
    talk about bracing myself?! he exclaimed: ‘HOLY SHHHHHHH…oot.”

    I glared at the dentist who burst out laughing and said “wasn’t sure where we were going w/ that one?!” “me either, doc!”…

  8. I’m kinda surprised he didn’t say something like “At least I’m not wearing beige.”

  9. LOL. Oh, that’s a flanderized profanity if I ever heard one. Too cute.

  10. This post? And the one before it? All the more reason to love Sweet Baby A.

    Their mom rocks, too. Prayed for you today….just because. 😉

  11. I wish I’d thought of it! 🙂 You have a brilliant son. 🙂

  12. I love his choice of words! Even though we are supposed to turn the other cheek, sometimes you just have to deal with something before it gets out of control… What a great guy! And how great that he talks to you to let you in on what’s going on! You’re super, Mom!

  13. I’ve met a few pinheaded fiddlebrains. They ARE frustrating….and so is middle school!

  14. I may just have to steal that for my 7 year old!!

    Not for him to use, but for ME to use on him!!

  15. Listen, we can get through these middle school years. I just know we can.

    As long as we have asian food, Michael’s craft store, zinfandel and each other, we can totally make it.

  16. Is that the kind of language you’ve been using, young lady?! Well, fiddle-de-poop on you!

    If you need some good “clean” comebacks, watch the dinner table scene on the Robin Williams’ Peter Pan movie “Hook”

    I love baby A.
    I love gretchen’s comment, too. What a great (realistic) approach!

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