It’s a boy!


I’d like to introduce the newest member of our family, a little bit of nothin’ skinny feline we’ve named Cosmo.

After his antics this afternoon involving wild bursts of randomly streaking around the house followed by laying all over the kitchen floor followed by pouncing on me from around the corner, he’s also going by his new nickname, Psycho Kitty.

Cosmo comes to us by way of the SPCA .  He was a stray that found his way into lockup back in July, and found his way into our hearts this past Saturday while we were browsing the adoption center at Petsmart.

The fact that he was black helped him find a way into our hearts rather quickly.  The SPCA is running a $31 Halloween special on orange and/or black cats and you know how much I love a bargain.

We got a little more than we bargained for with this one. He’s coming to us with a little extra something we like to call “contagious”, but it’s treatable and we have medicine for him and a little ringworm never hurt anybody.

Actually, we’re not sure it’s ringworm.  We’re taking him to the vet tomorrow to have him checked out.  He’s missing a patch of hair over one of his eyes and it may just be where he got into a fight with another cat while he was behind bars.

Or as Mr. CPQ said, “He got shivved while he was in Al-CAT-traz.”

So we’re back on the pet train.  He’s already scratched my cloth wingback chair, but it’s highly patterned and I’m ready to replace it anyway, so I have half a mind to let him go to it.  Unfortunately, it sits rather closely to my leather sofa which I don’t want him to even touch, so I have employed a couple of different tactics today to get him to rethink his new scratching post.

One involved clapping loudly (which I think he took for approval to continue), and the second tactic (lots of doublesided tape all over the chair), while aesthetically unpleasing, seems to be working.

For now.

I think he’ll settle in just nicely.  Give us a few weeks to take care of the fungus amongus and fatten him up, and we’ll all be on our way to happily ever after.

As long as he stays away from the couch.

If he doesn’t, we’ll have words.

And they won’t be the pretty ones.

Have a nice day.


18 responses to “It’s a boy!

  1. oh I love black and white kitties. I had two. They lived a long long time. I won’t tell you how long. Really. I’m not even a “cat person.” But I have a soft spot for black and white. We have “Carmel” now. He’s cute, but not a black and white. Pet Smart does seem to have lots of those black and whites. I stay away lest I bring another animal home. My nice, easy-going husband would put his foot down I’m afraid! Good luck. My cats are declawed. It saves everyone a lot of pain and aggravation. It was a no-brainer for me, but I know everyone has her own beliefs. I hope the psychotic episodes dwindle. My daughter used to scream and cry when the cat did that. It was fun…(ny). ha!

  2. Guess this means you’ve decided not to get a rat.

  3. Can he catch squirrels?

  4. So, you got a clearance kitty?! Fun!

    Hope his “issue” resolves quickly and he resolves to stay away from the furniture that doesn’t need replacing!

    I’d LOVE to have a cat but I have too many allergic people in my family and they’d all hate me….

    I love Cosmo/Psycho Kitty!

  5. Although both of our cats have perfectly decent names, at times we just call them Crazy Pants.

  6. YEAHHH! He is cool. LOVE the name!

    Maggie finally went clawless. We trained her to use a litterbox in the garage. Those claws can wreak havoc.

    The water gun works, too.

  7. Congratulations! I hate declawing, but sometimes…

    Anyway, water is a good deterrent.

  8. Al CAT traz….psycho kitty… y’all are some witty folks! 😀

    I sure hope he doesn’t mess with the couch.

    We had a stray cat show up in the garage yesterday..he’s the one that walks around the neighborhood taking care of everyone’s pet rats that have escaped. Not wanting him to think my home would now be his home, I did the only thing I could think of to make him go away….

    Gave him a bowl of milk and a broiled tilapia filet. :/

  9. Congratulations! He looks like he feels right at home.

    And really, as if you weren’t witty enough…your commenters are truly some of the best.

  10. A water gun will do the trick every time. I kid you not. Also works on 3 year olds, but that’s a story for another day!

  11. I love your cat! I’ve always wanted a black and white cat. I’ve heard they are called magpie cats.

    I have 3 cats. One is psycho. 🙂

  12. Aaw, I love kitties! I have two anti-social cats that can join Cosmo, if you wish.

  13. He’s a cutie! I have two cats and a constant stream of fosters. Buy him a scratching post and leave it near your sofa, he’ll soon pity you for using lesser furniture while he gets sisal-y goodness to himself 😀 Also, Mr CPQ is so funny!

  14. Does he make his entrance like (Cosmo) Kramer?

  15. I’m so glad that you went with the rat-catcher rather than the rodent with the scary tail. Now I can come over for a visit.

    I read somewhere that setting mouse traps on your couch will teach pets to stay off. Maybe worth a try as you are teaching him the rules of the castle.

  16. I still have Psycho Kitty, Qu’est-ce que c’est? in my head, after all of these days. Felt the need to share that with you.

  17. CongrAtulations he looks like one cool cat.

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