Too whupped to think of a catchy title

So I went back to see Nadia the Gym Nazi this morning after an eight week absence.

I think we all know how well that turned out.

I had to eat three pumpkin muffins just to ease the pain.

And speaking of pain (I really needed a segue), I had to to go the pharmacy yesterday to buy Monistat for my cat.

Those are words I never thought I’d type all in the same sentence.

I’m positive the lady behind the counter thought, “Riiiight, for the cat.  Uh-huh.  Sure, lady. If that’s what you need to say to get treated for your ‘condition’, then go right ahead.”

Anyway, after $160 at the vet yesterday, we’re unsure the cat has ringworm, but we’re going to treat him as though he does for the next three weeks until the test comes back from the lab.

And I get to keep a tube of Monistat in the kitchen windowsill.


For that, he deserves the Cone of Shame.


Have a nice day.


P.S.  Travis has the flu.  Could you please say a prayer of healing for him?  Thank you.


20 responses to “Too whupped to think of a catchy title


    Gotta love Monistat. And boys who can READ the description on the tube.

    Have fun with that.

    —-Praying for Travis. And Travis’s mom.

  2. At least he’s really cute!

    My dog has a file the size of an encyclopedia at the vets office…we’d only had her three months when she ingested a grass awn (don’t worry-I didn’t know what that was either) which embedded in her throat requiring emergency surgery, seventeen stitches, three months of antibiotics which then affected her digestion meaning we had to buy the designer dog food…oh, and did I mention it was a holiday weekend so we got to pay extra? Good times. Like I said though…good thing they’re cute!

  3. You can always print out something like “Medication for Snoopy Boys” on an address label and stick that on the tube.

    Done and done.

  4. cover the tube with masking tape. it will save you explaining the whole sordid story to the principal, who probably won’t think it is as funny as we do!

  5. HAHAHA! Love the cone of shame!!
    Keep blogging – it is building my resolve to Never, EVER have a pet!
    Praying that Travis gets better quickly and that he hasn’t shared his germs with anyone in your household!!

  6. HAHAHA the cat and the pumpkin muffins

    have i mentioned that i love you?

  7. “I have been wearing the cone of shame and scratching the furniture because I LUFF you.”

    Buying Monistat is nothing to be ashamed of, Sus. You don’t have to write in code for us.

    Praying for Travis. And for the care-mommy.

  8. Okay…that vet bill kind of takes the “special” out of the $31 Halloween deal. Hope he’s better soon.

    And I’ll be praying for Travis to stay strong and get over the flu quickly…and for the rest of you to stay well in the midst of it.

  9. Praying for you and Travis as you wade germ-infested waters!

  10. Guessing I’d be more in the ‘know’ if Monistat was sold out here ….. my mind has done a royal tour of all the possibilities though

  11. So sorry for your troubles, but sorry….am rolling on the floor laughing too! And I needed a good laugh today! Will say prayers for Travis (and you!) as he battles his germs and also hope they don’t spread to others in the house. There’s nothing worse than everyone getting sick at once, unless it’s the domino effect that lasts for a couple of weeks – I will pray you will be spared both!!!!! As for Pyscho Kitty, the cone of shame should be punishment enough, and I like the idea of a fake “snooping boys” label on the Monistat. Is there no end to the level of aggravation we mothers have to endure sometimes over these kids and their pets??? What I have done for my kids’ animals could write a book – when we have more time I could list what I had to do for my oldest child’s TOAD!!! (so glad when that poor creature was “released”…) Keep your chin up! And keep the witty reparte coming via blog world – it makes me smile!!! jennifer

  12. Praying for Travis.

    Monistat for a cat. I’ve heard everything.

  13. I can’t stop laughing! Too funny. Oh, and I’m saying a prayer for T. Give him a big ol’ hug on behalf of us Yankees.

  14. Cannot WAIT to see who comes to your blog after searching “Monistat for cats”. Oh the blog fodder to come!

  15. I have been praying for Travis & for all of you to not get “it”.
    On the Monistat… when we all have to suffer through commercials for Viagra on TV, (I’d BETTER NOT have to be the one that gets the question from the grandchildren that will eventually come up… “what is that commercial about?”)!!!!! Monistat is just a minor blip on the screen of life.
    Not being a cat person, I’m not enticed by them, but like Lemonade Gal, these stories also strengthen my resolve to not have any more pets. However, I do think Cosmo is a better addition than a rat (& since “the cat ate the rat…” you can’t have both!)

  16. I’m praying for Travis.

  17. Praying for sweet Travis!

    Sorry about the Monistat for the ‘cat’. ; )

  18. Praying for Travis.
    Thanks for making me (and Charlie…..I read your posts to him) laugh today!

  19. Cracking up!!!!!

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with sortapossifungal kitties PLUS a flu-laden boy…talk about eating pumpkin muffins?! Dive on in, Mama!! Tell Nadia to shove it! 🙂

  20. ahhh…ha…hahahah….seriously, that is what it sounds like in my house right now! Your comment about “sure, for the caaaattt”….that is the best. Thanks for the giggle.

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