At the Chinese buffet which is nothing like Chick-Fil-A

Put away your hankies – we’re not going to weep on the blog today.

Well, you, Dear Reader, are not going to cry.  I, however, am still crying over my shopping experience on Wednesday when I learned the awful truth that Eddie Bauer has apparently not bought into vanity sizing.

That’s the truth I choose to believe.

Moving on.

Since I’ve been fairly worthless this week what with the whole coughing up a lung thing, Mr. CPQ volunteered to take us out to dinner last night.   His dinner offer was not completely unconditional as it was issued with a pre-emptive Mexican strike because while he has been sympathetic to my plight, he knows full well that I would shamelessly use my weakened state to my complete advantage.

My love for the taquito knows no bounds.

He looked through the coupon book we’d received in the mail, and when I saw the gleam in his eye, I knew there was only one place it could be.

His love for the strip mall Chinese buffet knows no bounds.


Nothing says “fine dining” like patrolling security guards and a gold velour track suit.

Craig thought this one was five times better than the other ones he’s tried, which on the one hand frightened me and on the other hand released a lot of self-imposed pressure on what constitutes a quality meal at dinnertime at my house.

The boys also gave it two thumbs up, but I think it had nothing to do with the food and everything to do with the quarter they filched out of the koi pond to buy a gumball.

Have a nice day.

18 responses to “At the Chinese buffet which is nothing like Chick-Fil-A

  1. Did they have an all you can eat buffet? 😉

    I saw that place when we were at Comp USA last week…and I wondered…”Is it any good?”

    Now it has the Mr. CPQ seal of approval!

  2. I was waiting for the Barf-et punchline. Whew! Dodged a bullet this time.

    Of course you did not disappoint…10 year old boys digging through the koi pond is priceless!

  3. Amazing the impact a found quarter can have on kids 🙂 They’ll probably forever remember this place for the stellar experience they had there.

  4. So, how does it compare to the previous go-to Chinese buffet that closed down? If it is at that level, we may have to pencil it in for next month.

    • I still think they should have paid the health inspector off and let our old one stay open. Their koi pond was cleaner than the one the boys went traipsing through last night.

      The food at this one was better, though, although if we go when y’all come for a visit, just trust me and do not try the fake crab wrapped with bacon.

  5. Well, at least it was the “supreme” buffet. Can’t abide those “just enough” or “adequate” buffets.

  6. Nothing says fine dining like a gum ball machine at the exit!

  7. The track suit line is a classic.

  8. Hysterical, as always! My three kids are HUGE fans of the all-you-can-eat buffet. The last time we visited one they ate: pepperonis, chopped ham from the salad bar and red jello. I’m just glad it was only $2.99.

  9. chinese buffets scare me. i cant help but wonder when they serve pizza and chicken fingers next to the sesame chicken just how “authentic” their cuisine is . . .

  10. Love how your boys manage to make all outings an “experience” 🙂

  11. Ewwww! Every time we drive by one of those places I shiver.
    We, on the other hand, had a FINE dining experience at CeeCee’s pizza. Double gross.

    Fortunately, hubby felt the same, so we won’t be going back.

  12. Tell me “New Every Morning” didn’t just dis on “CeeCee’s” pizza, what is your blog coming to?


  13. Love the word “filched”. I plan to add it to my everyday vocabulary from now on. You inspire me in so many ways!

  14. What is with MEN and CHINESE BUFFETS?! My hubs loves them and I still don’t understand the draw of “authentic”, cooked in vats, sitting under lamps that keep it luke warm food (if it can be called that)….gag. The kicker? Seafood served in this same manner…double gag.

    Glad you lived to blog another day.

  15. I think your husband and my husband must vet together and go out for cheap Chinese food together. You and I can go get some carne asada.

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