Makeovers, bloggy buddies, and June

It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a fun weekend.  It’s not that I did a lot, but everything I DID do brought a lot of enjoyment. Friday night I went to bed earlier than my mother does, and slept for twelve hours straight.  It was sheer bliss. I don’t think I’ve slept that long since, well, ever.

One would think that sleeping that long would make one productive the rest of the day, but one would be wrong.

I didn’t want to tax my energy because I had to get ready to go to Kellie’s Blogapalooza Party that she had planned for Saturday night.  I managed to drag myself into the shower around 3:00 and got dressed in time to make a quick stop at the Philosophy makeup counter before heading to the restaurant.  I rarely do makeup counter appointments because I have a hard time saying “no” to getting every little product they put on my face, but I had pre-decided on the purchases I wanted to make before getting there, and other than one additional impulse purchase, I walked out with what I needed, and a little more than what I had bargained for in terms of cheek color, but Kellie and our friend K2 told me that I didn’t look clownish, and I trusted they knew what they were talking about since I know nothing about makeup even though theoretically I was in cosmetic sales for five years.

That may be the longest sentence ever.

So we arrived at the party and I was so tickled to see so many people that I know and love IRL, and got to meet three new-to-me bloggers, and got to hang out with someone that I never thought I’d get the chance to meet, but I did, and it was the highlight of my little bloggy career.

But first, the food.

001 This was my plate and you will notice the complete and utter absence of vegetables.


This was Kellie’s plate and now you understand the obstacles we have to overcome in our friendship.

We have previously discussed in this space my complete lack of mad photography skillz, but I did manage to document the evening’s attendees.


l. to r.  Faithful Reader/blogger “Sally“, my crafty buddy Gretchen, and June


l. to r. Janel and “I don’t have a blog but I just lurk on all of yours” K2, and not pictured because she left before I started taking pictures Jessica


l. to r. Rachel, Heather, Tracey, and Amy


Kellie, Sandy, and Robin

I have previously discussed my love for all things June, and it was such a treat to get to meet her in all her Michigander accent glory.  She’s delightfully self-deprecatingly funny, kind, good-natured, down to earth, and so not the blog star diva that she could be given the eighteen jillion people that read and comment on her blog.

Her take on the evening is in true, inimitable June fashion, and if you click on this link, you’ll see a much better picture of me when I hadn’t eaten my lipstick off and you’ll also learn that I have this habit of fixing people’s unmentionables.

Oh, yes, I did.


Have a nice day.

P.S. Be sure and click over to everyone else’s blogs….I promise they will have MUCH better pictures than I have!

21 responses to “Makeovers, bloggy buddies, and June

  1. I’m so jealous you got to meet June!

  2. It was a great party!

  3. Love philosophy!!

    It was such a fun evening! I hope we can do it again sometime!

  4. It was so nice to meet you the other night ~ I wish I could’ve stayed a little longer.

    And at least you GOT pictures. What a great blogger, I am…I forgot my camera at home!

  5. What a BLAST! I love that you are a bra-strap fixer… and totally think you are the cat’s pajammaz. Glad you had a grand time- only about 50 percent jealous and 50 percent happy for you 😉

  6. Well THAT looked like so much fun!

    And I would totally want my unmentionables fixed.
    Just sayin’

  7. Jealous! How come I don’t know any ATL area bloggers? Maybe you NC bloggers can adopt me?

  8. FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like a fabulous night!!!!!!

  9. averagemoreorless

    Looks like a fun time. I do plan to check out some of the other’s sites. Thanks!

  10. What fun.

    And thank you for being a bra-strap-fixin’-kinda-girl.

    My plate would have been vegi-lacking, too. But we can love Kellie despite her healthy ways. Because that’s what friends do.

    Looking forward to all these blossoming relationships for you all.

  11. I was kinda hoping you’d fix my straps so I don’t have to make an embarrassing visit to The Patch.

    Sure was a fun night!!

  12. oh I am so jealous. Especially of that plate with no vegetables 🙂 actually, especially of everyone getting to meet each other. so fun.

  13. Oh it was so fun, wasn’t it?

    I’m ready to do it again!

  14. My straps thank you.

  15. It was so fun!!! Great to meet you!

  16. Lauren Richardson

    I am so jealous that you got to meet June IRL!!!!!
    Happy Week!

  17. I am de-lurking to say what a great time I had with my non-fellow bloggers. Maybe I’ll join your ranks some day, when I have something interesting to say. So, don’t hold your breath, bated or non-bated. Oh, and about your fabulous photos, I prefer that any of my be in low lighting and with a slight blur, so thanks for accommodating me!

  18. Why can’t we all just live in the same state?

    Looks like some serious fun! Bra-straps and all.

    You can fix my bra-straps anytime…ok, that may have come out wrong….

  19. It looks like you had a grand time 🙂 Fun.

  20. Sounds like a lot if fun. I love the blue walls.

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