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1.  I’m so glad my friend Gretchen chose Tuesday for Gladitudes.  I didn’t have anything to blog about this morning.

2.  I’m glad I have weird people at the gym who serve as amusement.  Hearing today’s recitation of Larry’s IKEA purchases kept me on the bike for an additional fifteen minutes.

Who knew IKEA sold pickled cranberry herring?

3.  I’m glad for confirmation of “next steps” I need to be taking.  It never ceases to amaze me how God shows up at the right time – never early and never late, but exactly when I need to hear from Him.

4.  I’m glad that Target stocks Jose Ole chicken taquitos.

5.  I’m glad for signs of growth and maturity in my boys.  In the past few weeks they have expressed sorrow over truly difficult situations instead of crying over who got the last brownie.

6.  Speaking of crying, I’m glad I didn’t over the spilt milk on my freshly mopped kitchen floor.

Deep breaths.

7.  I’m glad for the new food processor I got this week.  There was something a little hinky about having to stick a knife blade into a little slot to make the old one work.

8.  I’m glad for candles that mask the scent of cooked turnip greens.

9.  I’m glad nothing fell out of the door when the kids got out at carpool this morning.

10.  I’m glad that I haven’t heard the squirrels in a week and haven’t smelled anything dead in the walls, either.

What are YOU glad about today?

Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Gladi-CPQs-day

  1. Nothing dead in the walls. Always something to be glad for.

  2. Lahoma Greenwood

    I’m glad I have YOU for a daughter. What a gift from God.

  3. I’m glad for all this sunshine we have in Iowa today.

  4. First of all-I love the word hinky…according to my kids I’m the only one who uses words like that…

    and of course I’m always grateful for no dead animals on the premises…

  5. How sweet that your momma chimed in. 🙂 Glad for Target, too. Superdeeduper glad for recognizing next steps. Infinitely gladacious for you.

  6. You are right….there are SO many things to be glad for. Right now – after reading your post – I too am glad for nothing smelling dead in our walls. Thanks for that! 🙂

  7. I love it too when my boys show signs of me wearing off on them – or maybe I’m just wearing them down. Anyway. . .
    Just sayin’

  8. i’m glad it’s not raining. it rains–and has for weeks. it’s not sunny, but it’s not raining. i wish i could be glad i had a new haircut. wednesday is coming…smile!

  9. I am thankful that I found your blog today as there are so many blessings all around me if I just take the time to notice and to say thank you.

    I am a teacher, so today I am just thankful that my kids and I are healthy and have avoided all the sickness this season…at least for one more day 🙂

    Thanks again

  10. True blessings indeed!

    By the way, can I steal this to do on my blog? Pretty please with cherries on top. But if you don’t like cherries, you can take them off. 🙂

  11. Joyce beat me to it, but I’m glad for the word ‘hinky’…that’s such a great word.

    I’m glad for your mom’s comment, gave me warm fuzzies.

    and..I’m glad for bacon.

  12. I’m glad that even though I barfed up my pop tart this morning, I was able to pull it together and press on! Thank you God!

  13. Love love love #9 on your list. It’s the little victories each day as Moms that keep us going, right??? That is so my world, friend! Keep on fighting the good fight, and thanks for the encouraging words! I am glad since we finally had sunshine last week, an outdoor playdate between my son and a little friend of his allowed me time to clean out my car, so that #9 did not happen to me during carpool this week!!! I am not a litterbug this week despite my usual bad habits! Thanks –

  14. So excited about the new food processor! i love kitcheny things.

    I am glad The Mister has this week off!

  15. Glad kids don’t come with refunds; I know I would regret returning them and ten kids going back ….. may be a little uncomfortable.

  16. Glad that you always have words that make me laugh, make me ponder, inspire me and make me feel like you live right next door and have been my friend forever and a day!

  17. In the same vein as hinky…we use “oogie” <> in our house to mean something’s not quite right, in a ‘don’t drink the milk, it smells oogie.’ It can be used in the past tense as well…’I got all oogied-out when I smelled the milk’.

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