Coffee Card Winner

Congratulations to Karen for winning the $10 Starbucks give-away!

If you click over to her blog, you’ll see exactly why she’s deserving of a little extra caffeine to boost her day…

I hope your Halloween/Fall Festival activities are fun and your baskets are full of Take 5 bars.

Have a nice day.

P.S.  In case you haven’t decided what to cook for Halloween dinner tonight, check out this idea.

10 responses to “Coffee Card Winner

  1. I’ll be big and congratulate Karen.

    But I’m still grouchy about this whole Halloween thing.

  2. Oh my goodness. There should be a warning before checking out that ‘dinner’ idea. What people will come up with for Halloween.

  3. You are so funny and a great writer! I love READING… (glad I’m only reading, not EXPERIENCING) your busy days with kids, husband, Cosmo,etc. It makes me glad those days are wonderful memories for me. I’m too tired to do it again. Keep enjoying your family. You will find they are grown and gone WAY too soon, but the memories you are making will be with you always. And Carpool Queen, YOU HAVE SOME GREAT MEMORIES!!

  4. Yay for Karen!

    Hope you had fun tonight!

  5. I clicked – wow. She needs that card, all right.

  6. OH!!!
    I’m so excited!
    I will savor every drop of the warm, rich goodness!
    If you link to me like that, I guess I should update my blog. Spring break has been over for a long time.
    Love you!

  7. Congrats to Karen!!! Couldn’t go to a nicer person!
    New idea for you, CPQ: you REALLY should have Mr. CPQ take your picture wearing what you had on this AM (including the really fun purse!) & do a fashionista blog about it. You looked awesome!

  8. A shout out to Karen, and a thank you for having a giveaway even if I didn’t win.


  9. If ONLY my (and by my, I mean my children’s, but whatever…) baskets had some Take 5s! Not a single one!!! What is Halloween coming to…..

  10. Oh my. That meatloaf hand is something.

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