Weekend Update

I had a good weekend filled with lots of little things that would have made good blog posts but in the sugar-induced fog in which I find myself this morning, nothing is coming to mind.  So let’s pretend we’re having coffee together and catching up about our lives, and you might want to sit a spell because I’m feeling chatty.

First let’s talk about the fact that I’ve come to the conclusion that I make poor decisions.

This poor decision making was on high display on Friday when I decided to go to the grand opening of Trader Joe’s, and Oh.My.Word, the humanity that turned out to be there for the free tote bag was incredible.

I would have taken pictures of the thronging crowds, but my hands were full with a certain little Squishy Baby that threatens to reverse the signs menopause every stinkin’ time I see her.

squishy baby

No, she wasn’t nekkid and I am not at Trader Joe’s in that pic, but Squishy’s mama took this picture and I love it more than I love the half empty bag of Twix bars sitting in the pantry.

Sadly, Squishy Family had to leave and to console my bereft self, I bought double creme Brie and a baguette which went a long way toward healing the pain.


And ate it in the car.

While I was eating my car picnic to strengthen myself for the day at hand that consisted of wandering aimlessly in search of inspiration on the Christmas gift front, I saw a Hancock Fabric Store that looked as though it were calling my name, but one step inside and I realized that my name was Lame Seamstress and I clearly had no business being there.  I did, however, buy two yards of black polyester for a cape for J’s Phantom of the Opera costume and skeddadled, but not before seeing this sight and wondering if I was out of touch with current bridal fashion.


Nothing says marry me in a classy and elegant fashion like an orange feather boa.

This year I left the costume making up to the boys and that relieved me of running around on Saturday, and  I was a horrible mother and didn’t get pictures made the boys had fun running up and down the street and showing off their costumes to their friends.

I did get one shot of Travis, so this one is for Mom.


And yes, the child who has spent more days than I care to count in a hospital and has endured excruciating surgeries and therapy wanted to be a doctor.

He amazes me.




So after all the festivities and candy on Saturday, I clearly did what any rational person would do and ordered the Endless Shrimp Platter at Red Lobster on Sunday.

And baked pumpkin apple streusel muffins later that afternoon.

Good decision.

Have a nice day.

21 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. Squishy baby. Good.
    T’s costume. Good.
    Shrimp and muffins. Good.

    Orange boas for hitching purposes. So not good.

  2. oh yes, i love a squishy baby….
    and good costumes…
    and Red Lobster…
    and even a feather boa… 😉

  3. Just to put your mind at ease…I have two daughters in college who love all things bridal and I’m fairly certain the boa thing is passe.

    I had to think about it for a minute because I was distracted by the brie and the bread…there is nothing quite like it even if you have to eat it in the car.

  4. Pumpkin apple streusel muffins???? OH. MY. WORD! YUM!

  5. I couldn’t help but notice a McDonalds Monopoly playing piece amongst your brie and baguette. Good decision!

    • I’m totally laying the McDonald’s blame at the feet of Mr. CPQ who took the boys out for dinner the night before.

      He told me he was going to to the salad bar.


  6. You know, we should have just eaten the brie+bread in the endless line. Is that kind of like the endless shrimp platter?

    Of course, my kids would have whined because it was not gouda. Sigh.

    And squishy baby is always a good decision. 😉

  7. mmmmm squishy baby

  8. I wish I could have eaten with you this weekend!

  9. The picture of your son in a doctor’s costume just made my day. He knows better than anyone the gift it is to be a doctor and to care for people. That’s awesome!

  10. Double bonus when your Brie and Baguette come with Monopoly game pieces!!

    And Travis is the cutest patootie I’ve ever seen.

  11. I realized that my name was Lame Seamstress and I clearly had no business being there


  12. Twix.

    Another reason why we get along so well.

    That, and I am guessing, Cheesy Biscuits from Red Lobster?

  13. Orange boa.. had to hurry and swallow my coffee before it joined my son’s milk spill on the floor!! hahahahahaha

    I get to see squishy baby tonight…yay for me.

    btw, I love the kickin’ glasses you have on in the squishy baby picture. Makes me want a pair, in a non-stalkerish kinda way 😀

  14. We should have had lunch together on Sunday. We did the new seafood restaurant. Great hushpuppies, but no cheese biscuits.

  15. brie and a baguette for lunch. that’s my kind of lunch.

  16. i have no room to talk. i’m laying in my bed with my laptop because i’m still so full from my birthday lunch (and halloween candy dessert) that i can’t move. and i ate 2 hours ago. and i had to call the babysitter to ask her to come an hour later than planned so i can go out to a birthday dinner. is glutonus a word??? ohmyword…. let’s just say that tomorrow is a new day. and God willin’, we’ll make better, less caloric, decisions! but, ooohhhh, let’s just enjoy today and our never-ending shrimp buffet and twix!!

  17. Well these days you can’t have a wedding or go to prom without a boa…it is all the rage. Just wait you will have such power that it will be the next big thing in bridal fashion. mwyahahaha…

    Nothing beats a Reeces Peanut Butter cup induced coma, I’m tellin’ you…nothin’.

    Thanks for sharing all of your good decisions…may they keep coming!!


  18. I’m just not sure anymore if I should post my wedding pictures in which I am wearing a blue feather boa. You might mock me 🙂

    Oh I’m kidding, but seriously. I hope those were for prom and not weddings.

    Your little man is too sweet – I love that he wanted to be a doctor– and car picnics are the best!

  19. I read this yesterday…just getting a chance to comment today (for I hate commenting with Apple). That is an adorable picture of you with SB. Lurve T’s costume. Actually, I don’t find it odd at all that he wants to be a surgeon/doctor of some sort for Halloween or otherwise.

    Sorry about the Trader Joe’s mob. At least you saw a friend there. I think I would’ve retreated, rocking in my car for a bit. Then medicating with food. Like white cheddar/gorgonzola crackers.

  20. Um … did I miss a recipe somewhere? I want that apple-pumpkin struessel thing you mentioned!

    Oh, and I laughed out loud at the bridal fashions. Had I been drinking coffee, we would have been even for my recent body parts post. 🙂

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