Wacky Wednesday

If you’re not one of my Twitter peeps, consider this your public service announcement for the day.


Which I discovered when I showed up today for a meeting at the boys’ school that occurred yesterday.

Which goes to show that you’re never too old to stop learning.

And in other news, Mr. CPQ hit a deer last night, which means I didn’t get any sleep because I stayed awake all night wondering if the deer was dying and if he was in any pain, and did his mama know and thinking my concern might be a sign that it was time to join PETA.

The latter thought was dismissed as I was enjoying my third piece of bacon for breakfast.

And yes, Mr. CPQ is fine because he drives a behemoth of a car and apparently Germans are all about killing Bambi without getting a dent on the bumper.

Continuing on our theme of unrelated news, I went to a restaurant supply store yesterday and spent an hour wandering the showroom because oh, the possibilities! that spring to mind when I’m in a store like that.  I went in looking for some specialty baking items which they didn’t have (should have called before driving 40 minutes) but that didn’t deter me from picking up some things I didn’t need like a pretty little clear dispenser that’s supposed to be used for olive oil but I’ve filled with dish detergent and a new bread knife to handle the chewier crusts on some artisan/peasant bread I’ve been experimenting with/baking/eating.

I also bought some scoops that are supposed to help you with portion control, but I have a feeling they’re going to be perfect for portioning out giant scoops of ice cream.

Have a nice 4th day of November.

20 responses to “Wacky Wednesday

  1. I went to Chef’s Central this morning, spent ten minutes, then forced myself to walk out without buying anything. I couldn’t allow a crack in the dam. Good news: I know exactly what to ask for for Christmas. 🙂

  2. Not to worry, I believe my hubster shot bambi’s father last night. Now the mama deer can collect all kinds of life insurance

  3. oh DEER! Can’t believe that happened! Once I hit THREE in one season…my Dad had to get up early, layer in clothing and watch keenfully while however many feet off the ground to accomplish killing just ONE!

    Can’t believe your KitchenAid grew legs…that’s crazy…

    Sorry you missed your meeting but November was so sneaky and just slithered on in..it could’ve happened to ANY of us!!

    Hope you are doing great…we need a catch up chat soon!

  4. Whew, good to hear the car Mr. CPQ is OK.

  5. Don’t worry about the deer. I’m sure he’s fine.

  6. Don’t worry about the deer. I’m sure he’s fine.
    Now he just has way cool battle scars to show off to all his man-deer-friends.

    And the meeting…..that just makes me happy. Because now I’m not the only one calendarily challenged.

  7. It’s that dang Halloween. We really THINK it’s in October, but it arrives in November, just a day early. Throws one off kilter.

    Glad the deer incident was one-sided. My friend and her husband once hit a huge 11ty-million point deer, in the middle of the night. I heard about it later. Apparently, though, she tried calling me, like 6 times to come help them b/c their car was totalled, and the ringer was off on our phone. Glad I could be there for her like that.

  8. no one should schedule meetings for the 4th of any month. that’s just crazy. and i’m with you–i’d be up worrying about mrs. deer, but get over it while eating bacon. this is why we’re at the top of the food chain.

  9. thelumberjackswife

    I was in a car that hit a deer a couple of years ago and it was terrifying! I always end up buying stuff at the store that I did not need. 🙂

  10. Whew – glad to hear your hubby is okay. I feel sorry for the deer, too.

    Happy 4th.

  11. Goodness, you have had quite a week, haven’t you.

    I think you should come over tomorrow (that would be THURSDAY november the 5th) for Mexican food.

  12. Were we separated at birth? I am DYING to find a restaurant supply store. I’m sure there aren’t ANY in Atlanta! ;D

    I hit a deer once… it wasn’t pretty. Although 12 years later, it is a funny story. I might have to post about it one day on my blog.

  13. This week is totally whacked! It’s the time change…and the ‘way too many’ doctors appointments this week.

    Sorry to hear about the deer, but I’m sure it’s OK. Unlike the ones my kids keep seeing on the side of the interstate. : (

    Have a nice day..tomorrow is the 5th.

  14. Now see, this is why God has me living in the back of beyond. No restaurant supply stores = no temptation.

  15. My box style grater bought from restaurant supply 20 years ago still is the best kitchen gadget I own. You can’t find nice large, sturdy ones like it in any other store.
    A deer hit me once in the middle of the day in front of Open Door Baptist Church on Durant. I didn’t even see it coming and didn’t know what I had hit because afterwards my windshield was shattered into a million little pieces. Many people stopped, to check on the deer which was still in the road, moving:(

  16. That German engineering is a threat to our wildlife.

  17. Amen on the ice cream!

  18. My husband hit a deer once and stunned it so he PUT IT IN HIS CAR and drove to the Conservation Dept. where the guy promptly told him that it was illegal to hit a deer and take it. He was dropping it off to see if it was ok. The guy then proceeds to tell him that if it dies, does he want it for the meat. ????????
    never know what the date is anymore.
    We own a restaurant and the restaurant supply store is almost like Sephora to me- love it!

  19. Getting the dates wrong is something I SOOOO would have done!

  20. Just now read this (Nov.4 was my anniversary, so I was so busy… actually, something is whacky with Bloglines & it isn’t showing me when there are new posts!) Glad Mr. CPQ nor his German care were hurt… bring on the German cars- the deer population is way out of control!!

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