Meal Plan Monday

Had a great weekend getting caught up on some sleep, the laundry, and getting caught up with friends.  I knew Mr. CPQ would be out Friday night, so I had played with the Netflix queue in order that Pride and Prejudice would be delivered just in time to enjoy it by myself.

I didn’t want to subject my dear husband to watching the rain scene over and over and over and over and over again.


I slept in a little on Saturday morning, but got up feeling productive and tackled some laundry and a little bit of cleaning.  I’ve got some company coming next week and I want to have the housework done early so we can play and eat and relax while they’re here.

My Sunday School class got together for a Chicken Pickin’ Saturday night, and let me tell you what, when you get a boatload of Southern women together (and a few displaced Yankees), there’s some good eating.  My marshmallow fluff lady didn’t make an appearance, but someone did a right fine job filling in with the lime jello with cream cheese and pineapple.


I took an orzo salad that was a last minute desperate Google dish with a CPQ twist.  The funniest part of the evening was the look on Gretchen’s face when she was informed that the roasted mushrooms she was scarfing down were really pieces of eggplant.  I thought she might hurl right then and there, but she rallied. It reminded me of the time I ate escargot and right at the point where I was going to bite down on it, I got this visual of a slug crossing the sidewalk and I just couldn’t go there and I ended up gagging into my napkin.

Did I mention I was in a formal ball gown and on a cruise with random strangers at my table?


The boys had a great time playing with the other kids that were there.  My class takes the “be fruitful and multiply” thing rather seriously.  I saw Tommy and JJ for all of fifteen minutes the whole time we were there.  They were too busy jumping up and down on the trampoline and climbing in the fort and burning down the woods enjoying the bonfire to be bothered with their mother.  Travis and I hung out by the food (always the first place to look for me at any party) and caught up with girlfriends who are becoming dearer and dearer to me.

Mr. CPQ wasn’t there (he was busy winning another ribbon at the Shelby, NC Hog Happenin’ BBQ competition), so I was handling T by myself.  There was a huge bonfire on the back side of the property where the smores were going to take place, but it was going to be too far to carry Travis and I wasn’t sure about rolling his wheelchair over the beautifully tended yard.  It was very touching to see the guys from my class step up to haul him out there, and he loved every single minute of his campfire and marshmallow time.

Thanks, guys, for making it such a special time for him.

On the way to the car, I stopped by the food table to pick up my bowl and happily discovered it was empty which meant I wouldn’t have to figure out where to fit it in my fridge, and a couple of the girls who were leaving wanted to have the recipe, so since they lurk on the blog (ahem, Samantha), I’ll post the link to the one I took my inspiration from, but here’s the way I made it.

Roasted Vegetable and Orzo Salad

1.  Slice a mix of vegetables lengthwise (I used 2 zucchini, 2 yellow squash, a red and a yellow bell pepper, and 2 purple eggplants)

2.  Drizzle the vegetable slices with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper and throw them on the grill for 10 minutes or until they’re soft.

3.  Rough chop them into bite size pieces.

At this point you can proceed with the recipe or you can refrigerate the grilled veggies for a couple of days until you need them.  Briefly sautee in some olive oil to heat them up.

4.  Boil a 1 lb. package of orzo according to package directions, drain and toss with grilled veggies.

5.  Whisk together the following dressing and pour over veggie/pasta mix:

1/3 cup olive oil

1/3 cup lemon juice (2 lemons)

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

1/8 teaspoon dried basil

6.  Stir everything together and let it come to room temperature.

7.  Add in:

4 ounce package of crumbled feta cheese

4 sliced scallions

Handful of chopped parsley

Adjust the seasonings and serve at room temperature.

Have a nice day.



23 responses to “Meal Plan Monday

  1. We were SO sorry to miss such a fun evening!! I heard many comments, Sunday, about your dish! So when do we have the women get together for cooking lessons from you!!??

  2. I’m sure your food was delish and all, but I can’t get over the first part of this post where you were talking about rain and Mr. Darcy.

    Because food is yummy, but Mr. D is yummier.

  3. Oooh, I want to come. What a nice group of friends. Now that I know what a pig pickin’ is, I’ll just transfer that knowledge over to chickens. See how quick I was?

    We have banana slugs here. Does that do anything to your abiding lurve of the banana? You could break a leg, slipping on one of those puppies. Just sayin’.

  4. I still gag thinking about the eggplant, but I’ll still be your friend. I’m sure my mother is thrilled to know that I discovered a new veggie.
    Oh, and in your recipe… “rough chop” is so violent. But if it’s eggplant, go for it.

  5. I’m a gag on eggplant person, too. And mushrooms. But that recipe sounds delish! And it sounds like a wonderful and fun time. I miss times like those!

  6. I love your blog. Every post you write makes me want to be part of your life. That sounds a little stalker-ish, and I’m sorry about that. I just love the way you love your kids and God and your community and … You’re just really cool. Just wanted to tell you that.

    Oh, and I adore eggplant. 🙂 Definitely going to try your recipe sometime soon.

  7. I love my husband, but I also love those rare nights when I get to be in charge of the remote and pizza bites are the menu. That’s right, the ENTIRE menu.

  8. ok, so that doesn’t sound too bad and I sit and sup on anything w/ you and I’m praisin’ Jesus that our first sit down together gets to be chili dogs and onion rings!!!!

    WOO HOO!!

    I love get togethers where I don’t see hide nor hair of my kiddos…that’s good stuff!

  9. I had so much fun listening to T. who kept saying, “We’re camping! Get the sleeping bags!” It was just so neat how all the kids played together & had so much fun. I love the diversity we have: a few of we “older” couples, some younger without kids, some with new babies & toddlers, & then kids of all ages. It was a perfect evening weather-wise, & I love a good bonfire. Glad you & the boys came! And that you “sneaked” some eggplant into my daughter’s taste testing…. Mushrooms, huh?

  10. THAT STUFF ROCKED!! Oh my. Even when all the desserts were on the table, I bypassed them & got my many-th helping. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  11. At the risk of having my Southern card yanked I will confess that I have never heard of a Chicken Pickin’. But it sounds divine!

    Can’t wait to try that recipe.

  12. A Good weekend, a good recipe, and good week ahead. This is a GREAT post!

  13. Why rent? Youtube is your friend.

  14. Maybe even Comment of the Year.

  15. Love love love P&P; when left to my own devices by husband and kids (which is rare, I know I don’t have to tell you that!) I will que it up, along with other greats like Sense & Sensibility, Emma, etc. Apparently I have quite a Jane Austin thing going on! ha! Recipe sounds great, and I’m jealous of what sounds like an awesome get-together! My hubbie was gone this weekend too, but I just shuttled the kiddos from soccer to back-to-back b-day parties, to church, and home again just trying to keep patience!

  16. That is a cut/paste worthy recipe….sounds yummy.

  17. oh, I am SO not a southern girl! I don’t even know what Orzo is.

    I’m going to have to invite myself over for bootcamp… you’ll have to educate me on the finer things of life… bonfires, Orzo, and why is it we love Darcy again?

  18. sounds impressive 🙂 and delicious!

    ps – the laundry catch up is impressive too – mine might never ever get there – especially after the great road trip of 09

    pps – I would LOVE to get together!! yay!

  19. Didn’t think I was going to cry at your post today and then you put in the story about T and there I went straight to tears. I”ll write you a personal e-mail and fill you in on the details but just know you are my hero truly. Thanks for making me laugh and cry.

  20. How did I miss your roasted veggies and salad? That is what I get for being 45 minutes late.

    It was fun hanging out with you around the fire. You are one amazing mom!

  21. I am one of your lurkers! Thanks for sharing the recipe…Bill and I both loved it!

  22. Yum! I definitely need to try it!

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