Oh my word, I stuck to a hobby for more than 10 minutes

One year ago, on a random whim, I typed in “wordpress.com” and signed up for a blog and wrote my first post.Β  I then emailed my friends and began the shameless begging for comments.

This crazy, warm, encouraging community has been a fun outlet for me, and I’m looking forward to sharing more random randomness in the year to come.

As well as continuing to tout the health benefits of the taquito.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to give away today, there was only one thing that would do.

It’s something that you want.

It’s something your kids have begged for.

It symbolizes all the warm fuzzies that I find every day in the comments section.

Faithful Reader, I give you…..


Contain yourself.

Have a nice day, and thanks for reading.


Contest closes midnight Sunday.

To play, leave a comment telling me your secret guilty pleasure (e.g. Barry Manilow, WKRP reruns, washing down a Hostess Ding Dong with Welch’s grape juice).

Winner announced Monday.






52 responses to “Oh my word, I stuck to a hobby for more than 10 minutes

  1. HILARIOUS! πŸ™‚ And congrats on a year! (and hopefully many more). πŸ™‚

    My secret guilty pleasure is probably too much Diet Coke, but that’s not really a secret. Trail mix … I love trail mix and have to NOT buy it and keep it out of the house. There you have it. πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Anniversary(Birthday?)!
    My secret guilty pleasure is, after a day of making cookies with the girls, I love to have 1 or 3 for breakfast the next morning. Of course when my girls wake up and ask if they can have cookies for breakfast, I say no way that’s so bad for you! πŸ™‚

  3. Happy Blogoversary!

    I have been wanting a Snuggie since last year but have been too embarrassed to buy one!

    My guilty pleasure is eating jalapeno popper spread while watching episodes of Glee and The Soup from the DVR.

  4. A Snuggie. Really? My kids have been begging for one for months. The real prize is the Bonus Book Light. I can’t seem to keep up with those.

    My guilty pleasure? Taco Villa tacos. I’ve been addicted to those since my second pregnancy. Yummm!

    Well, durn. Now I’m gonna have to go and get a taco.

  5. Hmmmm…my guilty pleasure is ….
    when my kids were little we used to give them Spaghetti-os while my husband and I cooked expensive steaks for ourselves. Our three boys caught onto that before long and that gig was soon over.

    Food-wise, it would have to involve M&Ms.

    On another totally different issue,I’m a person who didn’t know, in our house full of antique furniture, that we didn’t have a comfortable chair anywhere…until I got the flu 2 years ago and was forced to sit still…I never sit still, so I didn’t even know about our Uncomfortable Chair Syndrome, though my husband replied, “I’ve been telling you that for years!”

    Sooooo…I’m combining food with sitting still and my final answer would be:
    Eating M&Ms in one of my “secret” getaways spots I have created at Hillcrest Cottage. In the summer, I love to listen to the crickets at night, when the weather is cool, I enjoy sitting by the firepit or our chiminea. I also have a porch swing in a quiet potting shed and a side garden where no one looks for me….

  6. To Ashamed to leave my name

    My kids turn their bathrobes around backwards and call them Snuggies.

    My guilty pleasure is brownie mix.

    I confess, that in the past, I have poured the entire contents of dry brownie mix into a bowl and sat in front of the TV with a large glass of milk and a spoon.

    Should the fact that it took me a few days to polish off the whole bowl make me feel better?

    I mean I was not a total pig and finish it in one sitting. However that does mean that even after comming out of the sugar coma, I went back for more.

    In my defense, once you decrease the amount of dry mix, you can’t make the brownies. It would throw of the ratios of the ingredients.

    OK….that was a rationalization…back to confession.

    I have also prepared the brownie mix (using eggs and oil and water) and then eaten that out of a bowl. Note, you must refrigerate that “snack” between “servings”.

    The big question is:
    Which is worse…eating brownie mix as a snack or confessing to it just for the chance of winning a Snuggie?

    Either way…I have a problem.

  7. haha I love you and the snuggie.

    and I dont have any guilty pleasures. HA
    Let’s list them shall we?
    Diet coke
    Cadbury mini eggs (did you know they have them at Christmas now too and not just easter?!)
    Mexican Food
    IgNORING my messy house in favor of surfing the internet and letting Jayci watch Finding Nemo (not that I would ever/have ever done that) . . .

  8. Oh, you KNOW I’m all over that snuggie! I’ve been holding out forEVER. So pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

    Secret guilty pleasure? Hmmmmmm…not sure I want to divulge my secrets, Sus.

    Okay, maybe a couple. I love the Wilton melting chips. I grab a handful and a handful of pretzels and hide ’em from my kids because I’m greedy with my pleasures. I also love buying pecan pralines at Whole Foods. I usually run by there when I’m out running errands and buy one for myself. NO SHARING those either.

    Happy Anniversary dear!

  9. I am so glad that you have stuck to it – you have brightened quite a few of my days since I found you a few months ago. πŸ™‚ My guilty pleasure (it isn’t much of a secret) is sweet tea. I mean PROPER sweet tea – I’m known to have to doctor purchased sweet tea and even carrying sugar in a container in my purse because those darn little sugar packets are just not gonna cut it! We even drive to places way out of our way to eat on accasion because these particular places (a girl loves her Chicken Express!) have consistently good sweet tea. And the bad part? I know where and when certain places do have consistently good sweet tea. πŸ™‚ Mmmmm…

  10. Oh…pick me. Because I needs me a Snuggie.

    Secret guilty pleasure?? I’ll have to email you in private….

    But the G-rated version is slices of bread. Straight from the bag. No butter. No jelly. No nuthin’. Just plain ole’ bad for you white bread. And a swig of milk straight from the jug.

  11. my secret guilty pleasure is reading my kids text messages on their phones. I am so nosy, but hey…we pay the bill. And they know I “spot” check them, so maybe not that guilty…..

  12. I’m so glad you started this and stuck with it. You are one of the most fun web 2.0 people I know. Prolly one of the most fun people period. I just spilled coffee on my iPhone as I type this. Sorry for the mess. Happy Bloggaversary!

  13. So many to pick from! Probably scarfing down an entire bag of mini-Oreos would be at the top of the list, though…

  14. Congrats! I’ve enjoyed you ever since I drifted over from HisGirl’s place.

    My favoritest guilty pleasure, as anyone who is a facebook friend would know, is Ben & Jerry’s, to be specific, Half Baked. Yum. I think it’s calling my name right.now.

  15. For those of you who think a snuggie is “just not you” please check out Snuggie Sightings and you will change your mind….. or not.

  16. To limit it to just one would be too difficult, so here they are…..Days of Our Lives, ordering the 6 count chicken nugget at chick fil a for my kids knowing they only eat 4 so I can eat extra, and Miley Cyrus on my ipod. Whew, that felt good!

  17. Okay, this is the first time I’ve officially announced my guilty pleasure. You should feel very special πŸ™‚ My guilty (and weird) pleasure is playing FarmVille on facebook. I.Am.Addicted. I’m so addicted and love playing it so much that my mom allows me to be her tenant farmer on her farm. Yes, I love this game so much that I have two farms. Now I must go harvest and plant some crops. (Maybe I should start a self-help group for people addicted to FarmVille…)

  18. I only recently started reading your blog but I really enjoy it! I found you through Mer @ Life at 7000 feet. I have been wanting a snuggie esp for reading this winter!

    Frito pies are a guilty pleasure for me…can’t go to a ball game and not buy one! Also, this is a weird combo but I’m pregnant….frito pie, bacon sandwich, and an oreo milkshake at a local diner.

    Other guilty pleasures…watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette and eating vanilla iced homemade sugar cookies w/candy corn.

  19. I am so tired of hearing about the greatness of the Snuggie…I must try it for myself!

    I buy the rolls of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip cookie dough just so I can eat it…with a spoon.

  20. My daughter has been bugging me for a snuggie for a couple of months now. I would love to win one!

    My guilty pleasure (this week anyway) is Doritos. I have to admit that 1 1/2 bags have mysteriously disappeared from our pantry and my children only managed one small bowl each. (hubby is out of town, so I can’t even blame him!) Also, I cannot resist anything made with pumpkin. mmmmmm…

  21. Thanks for sticking with this hobby…I do so love your blog!

    Guilty Pleasures..hmm..way too many but here are a few:
    Reality TV in general
    Dessert after lunch when the little ones are napping so I don’t have to share
    Making cookies just to eat the dough. Few things better than chocolate chip cookie dough
    Chickfila milkshakes and God help me if they bring back the peppermint chocolate chip shake…

    I think that’s enough for now..maybe a future blog post for me!

  22. Happy “Blog-aversiry”! (spelling???)

    Hilarious prize – my 5 year old thinks we need a Snuggie at our house b/c it’s an older home with pier-and-beam construction, so the hard wood floors get chilly in the winter. He would be thrilled! Ha!

    I can’t believe I will confess these guilty secret pleasures but oh well….the peer pressure gets to you! Ok – “The Real Housewives of (Insert Location Here)” series, Gossip Girl (XOXO! hee hee), and I can’t believe I will admit this, but I just downloaded “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus to my Ipod. Shameless.

    Now that I hang my head in embarrassment, send me a Snuggie to complete the picture! Ha!

    Also, you note there are no Food guilty pleasures above. This is only because of the strict food diet/exercise plan my trainer has me on to get me through the holiday season. Otherwise it would be open season on the cookie dough, ice cream, leftover Halloween candy, and the Chick-fil-A Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshakes (which yes fellow readers are BACK!!!).

    Good luck with your contest!

  23. I love, love, love your blog. It’s the 1st one I check every day. Since I won the 1000th commenter award for being a Wordy McWordster, I probably don’t count (and that’s okay!) but my guilty pleasure has to be People Magazine and Reese’s Pieces. Do you know they make them teeny, like with the chocolate chips? They’re cheaper that way.

  24. To commemorate your happy day I’ve written you a little song:

    Happy Blogo-versary to you!
    I’m so glad I’ve met you!
    I don’t want that Snuggl—yyyyyyyy,
    So if I win please give it to Mer.

    I know that last one didn’t rhyme, but I’m Ok with that.

    {{{{raising my coffee cup}}}} Here’s to the next year of adventures with the CarpoolQueen!

  25. My guilty pleasure is resetting all the alarm clocks in a friend’s house to go off at 3AM after staying with that friend for the weekend.

    And no, I’m not going to post my funnier, yet edgier single word response I came up with while riding in your car.

  26. Happy Blog-iversary!!

    I like dipping my Mc Donald’s french fries in my Mc Donald’s ice cream cone. I think that just the word Mc Donalds is a guilty pleasure.

    Have a great day!!


  27. Congrats on your year…I so enjoy reading your posts.

    But do I really dare put my guilty pleasure out there for all to see? Since I have never met you or your readers (except Kellie) it may not sound very daring to reveal “it” at long last, BUT you never know when the world will get really small and we will run into each other…and you will know something juicy on me! Oh, for heavens sake, I will just say it! I adore Funyuns. Alot. I don’t ever buy them because, A. someone might see them in my cart, and 2. I would eat the whole ever-loving bag. Sigh. It actually feels good to get that off my chest. And feel free to donate that cuddly Snuggie to a local someone in need if my comment wins your drawing.

  28. Funyuns….Marie, your are my dearest friend and I didn’t know this about you???

    See you can’t reveal your secrets on the internet…I will always find out! πŸ˜‰

  29. If I call within the next 10 minutes, will you include a BUMP-IT? Would love a Snuggie!

    Guilty pleasure? Hmm.. there are so many. I’ll give you 5.
    1.) Swiss Cake Rolls by Little Debbie
    2.) A good Cuban cigar
    3.) Wearing pajamas most of the day (if I know no one is coming for a visit)
    4.) Peppermint Mochas
    5.)Dark chocolate

    Amber needs to get a life. A slice of bread? Really?

    Gotcha on #2. Never smoked anything but chicken, and actually I leave that to hubby.

  30. BTW… what a treat to see you and meet i’mnotned (with his beautiful bride and adorable children) at the mall today!!!

    Love your blog. Every single day.

  31. Congratulations on your blog anniversary!! I LOVE your blog & read it every day! And since you’ve become a dear friend, I feel like I’m “right there with you” on so many of the things you share, getting to be “in on” your family.
    I am not in the running for the Snuggie (I’d have to give it to DH who seems to be colder than me now), but I’ll share my “guilty pleasure:” to snuggle up in a chair with a Christian fiction mystery novel, a can of dark chocolate covered almonds, & a cup of flavored coffee (decaf) with flavored creamer (especially the holiday flavors) for however long I can sit without my legs going to sleep.

  32. I’ve had the Collegiate Snuggie tab opened on my browser all week! I keep checking out my alma mater’s snuggie….trying to figure out how on earth I could justify buying all 6 of us a snuggie….so, if I were to win yours, it would really help my decision!!

    Guilty pleasures:
    1. Large Diet Coke from the McDonald’s near my house. They have the best…just the right amount of fizz, syrup, ice…it’s wonderful.
    2. Can of chocolate icing in the refrigerator. Scoop it with my finger and eat it. And yes, the kids get lectured when I catch them doing the same thing.
    3. Box of vanilla wafers and a glass of cold milk.
    4. Milk chocolate covered mint OREOs. They are like $4 bucks at the Mart, and there’s just a handful in the box…but, oh.my.goodness…pure heaven!

    Happy Blogaversary! It’s been a fun ride…can’t wait for more!

  33. Congrats!

    Guilty pleasure? That would probably be the tub of brownie batter in the fridge that I pour into a mug and eat with a spoon while my 2 year old is napping. Whatever it takes to get through the day…

  34. Wow. A whole year! Great job, carpoolqueen πŸ™‚ And all this while loving your boys and toting them around and meeting up with fellow bloggers and eating your husband’s bbq. Yours is one of my favorite blogs, so I hope you’ll keep going for many more years. The snuggly blanket looks amazing (as I sit here typing with frozen fingers — we don’t actually have central heat in our house, just fireplaces :o). I could wear it while blogging and while snarfing down my favorite guilty pleasure, an ice cream sundae with nuts and a cherry and about 12 servings of chocolate sauce on it. But I eat it when no one’s looking, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t actually count.

  35. Since I shared Roseanne on my blog, I’ll share another one here…
    The Electric Slide. I love it. It is impossible to resist at weddings.
    I am cooo-wel.

  36. French fries. From McDonald’s. I had Jack go get some the other night at about 7:00.

  37. PS- Jack and I vote for “Too Ashamed to leave my name” for the win. Hilarious!!!!!

  38. KELLIE!

    since i’m dead now, if I win, you can give the snuggie to Mer too.

    my guilty pleasure is Felicity. love it. it’s lame and i don’t even care.

  39. I can just see myself taking a warm snuggie back to Poland in January. If I don’t win one, I might have to spring for one myself. Ok guilty pleasure Cinnabon. When I was pregnant with #2 and teaching ,my room mom was a manager at Cinnabon and she used to bring a roll individually boxed for each child. I would put them in the storage closet until the end of the day because who wants a room full of sugar high kids? Well, on Fridays when she sent the Cinnabons, I had to go in the supply closet and get “supplies” alot. Thankfully, she always sent a few extra and I was glad when kids were absent so that I could have more “supplies” for myself. Needless to say baby # 2 weighed 10 pounds at birth . Personally, I like the mini ones now. They are mini so that makes them more healthy right? Since I will be cut off from my addiction in January, I think I need a snuggie on those long, cold Cinnabon free nights.

  40. OK, don’t need a Snuggie because it’s hotter than heck here right now, so don’t put my name in the hat. But I did want to congratulate you on a year of Bloggity Goodness that you bring into my world. You make me smile and sometimes even guffaw. And for that I am grateful.

    I LOVE cake batter and sometimes eat a few spoonfuls before I put the cake in the oven. My dream is to mix up a box and eat it all by myself.

  41. love love ice cream…congratulations on your blog!

  42. Guilty pleasures…hmmm…

    1) I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain;
    2) Bugles filled with squirt cheese;
    3) Watching “Pride and Prejudice” (the Kiera Knightley version)- can’t get enough of that rain scene;
    4) Watching Miss America and Miss Universe while trying to predict the order of the final five;
    5) Cold spaghetti sandwiches for breakfast;
    6) The Go-Go’s;
    7) Eating an entire bowl of Chicken Rice-a-roni and LeSueur Peas mixed together; and,
    8) Grocery shopping.

    Being an employee, I’m not eligible to win. But maybe the Snuggie is a good birthday gift idea…

  43. Guilty pleasures are double stuf oreos with large glass of calorie counter-acting skim milk, Swiss cake rolls (nice meeting you too, neweverymorning), and Girls Next Door. I’ll leave the last one there with no further justification, you said ‘guilty,’ didn’t ya?

  44. I feel guilty just typing it, but my guilty pleasure is having a day off from work and not telling my family. If they find out then I am asked to bring fast food for school lunch, run errands for dh such as get car inspected, have tires rotated, balance checkbook, etc. Can’t I just have a “ME” day once in awhile!?

    Happy Blogaversy!

  45. Love your blog. I’m bummed that there aren’t any weekend posts, but hey, I understand.
    Guilty pleasure? Cherry Dr. Pepper. It used to be Cherry Vanilla DP, but they don’t stock it in our area any more. I guess I didn’t buy enough to make it worth their while, huh? {snicker}

  46. Currently…..Hershey’s Miniature mint chocolate candies, Lay’s chips, pizza dipped in blue cheese dressing…oh my, I’m hungry. I wouldn’t mind eating all of those things while listening to some 60’s music….with a glass of red wine too. Guilty and pleasure at it’s finest.

  47. Congratulations!!! I hope you plan on staying around for a VERY long time!

    I have no secret guilty pleasures. I’m such a geek I never feel guilty about any of my pleasures!

  48. Congrats on ONE YEAR!

    It didn’t even occur to me when I hit the one year blog mark. I’ll definitely have to take notice for year #2!

    Guilty pleasure food…
    Mexican, especially chips and queso dip. Could eat this until its coming out of my ears. Gee, thanks, now I’m craving chips and dip and I’ve got none!
    Guilty pleasure tv…
    Ugly Betty. Can’t help it, I’m addicted!

    My friend gave me a snuggie knock off for my bday, its called a Comfy. Its pink and oooo so soft. So I’m already “covered”! πŸ™‚

  49. first time commenter alert!!!
    yes i’m coming out of the shadows of lurk-dom (i promise i’m not an axe murderer!!) to post a comment (but only because a snuggie would really keep me warm while i sleep next to the drafty window in my dorm room.)

    which brings me to my guilty pleasure. when i should be writing papers and studying for exams (or at least pretending to be productive) i read mom blogs. it started with the mom of the adorable children i babysat (mutual friends of you, CPQ, i believe!). i was home sick one day my senior year in high school and had the whole day to do nothing and then BAM. the world of mom blogs was opened!! i am a devout reader of MckMama and 40% of my bookmarks are blogs.

    summary: my guilty pleasure- i am a freshman in college and i love to read mom’s blogs!!

  50. Oh, dear…did I miss it? Midnight Sunday is that like the Midnight of Saturday or of Monday morning. I’m confused.

    Happy Bloggiversary, my dear friend. Can you believe this blog took you to the Pacific Northwest for a weekend with axe murderers?

    lurve you.

  51. Happy blog-iversary! My guilty pleasure would be sending the hubby to get Blizzards after the kids have gone to bed. Haven’t done that in months, so now I’ll think about for the rest of the day….until after the kids are in bed. πŸ˜‰

  52. Guilty pleasure is ice cream in bed after the kids are asleep.

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