Weekend and a winner

Y’all cracked me up with the secret guilty pleasures.  I wish I could have bought all of you a Snuggie so you could be warm and cozy while you ate dry brownie mix, cookie dough, and Doritos while watching your soaps and reality TV.  In the end, I had to go with the random number generator because I just couldn’t make a decision.

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-11-16 11:23:31 UTC

Congratulations to Jenster!


And in other news, we had a delightful visit this past weekend from our dear friends ImNotNed and Momologuer.  They’ve been hanging out with us for many years and many houses (we’ve been in four plus an apartment in the last thirteen years) and are the easiest company in the world because at this stage in our friendship, we’ve seen the inside of the silverware drawer/the scary closet where you stuff everything/the dark underbelly of the house where no one else can go and that stuff just doesn’t matter anymore.

A comfy couch, a warm chocolate chip cookie, and the promise of a Saturday morning doughnut run to Krispy Kreme are the simple ties that bind us.

Our visits to each others’ homes are low key.  Usually there’s a project or two that NotNed and Mr. CPQ will tackle while Momologuer and I leaf through Martha Stewart magazines and talk about all the things we could do if we had the time or a clear surface on which to work. We let the kids entertain each other and the four of us just enjoy being together and catching up on all the life stuff  that happens away from the glare of the internet.

They drove in around noon on Thursday only to be greeted by a sick boy with strep throat and by a cold, wet-headed hostess in a house with no eletricity.  Fortunately, the lights came on just as we were about to walk out the door to meet Kellie for lunch, so I was able to dry my hair and avoid going out in 45 degree blustery rainy weather looking like a drowned rat.

On Friday we took them to that  strip mall Chinese buffet place that I’ve talked about before because they’re weird and they enable Mr. CPQ in his bad food habits.  Besides, they  wanted to witness firsthand the filching of  money from the koi pond to feed the boys’ gumball habit.


Saturday found us on the flag football field where our team was once again shellacked we kept our losing streak alive.  We didn’t let a loss ruin our good spirits and had packed a picnic lunch to ease the inevitable pain.




Momologuer with her chi-chi scarf and shades.  I wish I were as cool as she.019

Baby A – wearing shorts while the rest of us were in six layers.

Having picked my battle for the day, it was not a hill on which to die.

They had to leave Saturday to get back for an event, but not before Momologuer and I made a Christmas flower arrangement for my foyer table.  It’s not quite finished, but when it is, I’ll post a picture – I’m going with a lime green and brown theme for the holidays this year.

Thanks, guys, for making the trek here.  It did my soul a world of good.

Have a nice day.


9 responses to “Weekend and a winner

  1. First of all – WOW!! My response was so lame and I don’t feel like I deserve the snuggi. But I’ll take it!! Thank you!!!!!!

    Second of all – your weekend sounds/looks wonderful!! I love friends like that. REally, really a lot!

  2. Congrats Jenster! So glad you won!

    What a pleasure to have met Imnotned and his beautiful wife and precious twins. I forgot to ask if they were identical? 😉

    I will blogging a bit later about my weekend, which includes our fun lunch!

  3. I can’t imagine the amount of guffawing that went on in your house this weekend.

    Sounds perfect.

  4. And, in what be a first, nobody had to go to the emergency room.

    My take on the weekend at our blog.

  5. “Having picked my battle for the day, it was not a hill on which to die.” …Amen, sister. This might just be my Mama Motto…

    I had a crazy, busy weekend and missed the contest!! I did NOT need a Snuggie 😉 but would have enjoyed sharing a guilty pleasure. Maybe one of these days I’ll confess in a comment.

    I’m SOOO glad you have friends that have seen ALL those parts of your house. We have friends like that and God must have known that we all needed them to get through life a little easier.

    ….I still don’t understand the like of the Chinese buffet…

  6. I just got tix to see a taping of Martha Stewart’s show in December. Just received my email with ‘instructions regarding what to wear’…we can submit a cooking or gardening question…anything on your mind? I got nothing.

  7. I’ve been telling my husband lately when it comes to our daughters, to pick his battles. He wanders around the house mumbling…..”pick my battles, pick my battles…….”

  8. Well, sounds like fun was had by all….I am so excited about my upcoming visit w/ you!!!

    I’m craving the Varsity!!!

    Can’t believe I forgot to go back and comment to get the Snuggi!! Oh well! Happy for Jenster!

  9. WHOO HOOO For Jenster!!!!

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