In which I try to be like Martha

Now that the boys are older and I find myself with bits of time here and there, I’m trying to get back into decorating my house with something other than strewn Legos.  I have a craft room that’s really just a large storage closet in the garage, but over the past couple of years with surgeries, therapies, and a general malaise about homekeeping, I’ve let it get a little, um, unruly.

As in, can’t even walk in the door.



When Momologuer was here last weekend, our little floral project inspired me to get back in the game and nurture what remains of the creative side of my brain.  The weather’s been nice this week, so while we’ve been outside soaking up some Vitamin D, I tackled the space.

Muuuuch better.

I have no lack of items on my to do list.  There are so many unfinished projects in this room, it’s not even funny.  See those four white drawers?  They’re full of pictures waiting to be turned into scrapbooks.  Since it takes me 4,700 hours to decide on a page layout, I’ve decided that getting them in regular old albums is going to be the route I take.  It’s all about playing to your strengths.

My favorite crafty projects are making wreaths and floral arrangements.  I like to use natural material from the yard as much as possible and have a ton of pine cones and prickly sweet gum balls.  I use my old coffee cans to store them.

I also repurpose other items from the house – this is the silverware basket from our dead dishwasher that I use to keep my paints contained.

Speaking of paint….old paint buckets are great for holding flowers and stems.  I had my dad line the walls with peg board and hung the buckets from S hooks…


What’s your favorite craft and how do you contain it?

Have a nice day.


15 responses to “In which I try to be like Martha

  1. Have you ever made a Lego wreath??

  2. I love the dead dishwasher basket. Perfect … and so eco-friendly!

    I use a nut-n-bolts sorter (a little cabinet with tons of mini-drawers) to organize my little paper craft/scrapbooking accessories.

  3. You did such a good job organizing! It looks awesome.

    As you saw a couple weeks ago, my craft room looks like an explosion happened. Which also tells you that I don’t have a “favorite” because i like to do it all!

    I think we should get together and have a “stuff your pictures into albums” marathon. I’m behind about 8 years.

  4. A lego wreath!! Wow! You could be the 1st Etsy person to do that.

  5. Wow, I am SO impressed! What a job & done so well! I love to “repurpose” things & kept the inside holders from our last refrigerator. I have one in my fridge on a shelf that is just for cheese.
    When you are ready to “deal with” those photos, I can help you out: we (Close To My Heart) have photo pages that hold 12 photos per page (front & back), & all you do is slip them into the sleeve. I encourage using these because they are still “photo safe” & if you want to do 1 or 2 scrapbook pages along with them, you can, but you don’t have to. Let me know if you’d like to see them.
    And now I know who to come to when I need any wreath supplies….

  6. Impressive organizational skills! My craftiness was thrown in a large purple tub during the last move (four years ago) and left to languish. I haven’t missed it at all.
    I’m also impressed that your photos fit into three drawers. Our photos fill the 3×6 area behind the couch in the den. The destination albums are up there waiting too. My blog is about as close to scrapbooking as I’m ever gonna get.
    My favorite craft is cross-stitch, but since I’m still working on the baby announcement samplers I started for the children when the last one was born NEARLY FIVE YEARS AGO, you see can how that’s going for me.

  7. First time to comment.
    I love to cross stitch. I’m currently working on the first evenweave piece I’ve ever attempted. An alphabet and flowers sampler. The holes on aida cloth are so much easier to see, don’t ya know. I have to sit directly under a light or near a lamp. I’m a little cross eyed after a while, but I think the end result will be worth the effort.

  8. One of my favorite crafts is wrapping gifts…which makes me think I forgot to add a guilty pleasure of going to the Container Store at Christmas time and shop for wrapping paper, name tags, ribbon, ribbon and more ribbon. Years ago I bought a blue-print storage container, something architects use. It holds them upright, saving floor space, and the rolls wait patiently next to one another like dutiful soldiers until the time I need to spring into action and wrap feverishly. It’s on wheels and has side bins to hold ribbon, tape, tags, raffia, etc.

  9. You definitely sound all Martha-y asking about my crafting skills…which are pretty much none. I do love to scrapbook but my photos have turned into a runaway train. I’ve given myself permission to just put it aside until Jan 1. I need to organize the space for it here and I had a lady out to give me an estimate on customizing the huge walk in closet in my office and let’s just say I could do that or pay college tuition and the kids won out. Just got the bill today in fact which always makes us swoon (not in a good way) but as my hubs likes to say…we get a raise this spring. This is the last payment for daughter 1 who graduates in May.

  10. Hey you gonna be in the LA area anytime soon?? I have a closet that needs a little attention.

    I am a scrapbooker years behind, but I just can’t give it up…

    Great post


  11. Very Martha-ish, especially with the pegboard. I love that you re-used your dishwasher’s silverware basket, too. Brilliant 🙂 I keep my craft supplies in my “crafts cabinet,” a stand-alone white cabinet that’s probably 8-feet high and has about four baskets that roll out. It cost me about $100 many moons ago at a furniture store. What I love about it is it gives me a contained space with a LIMIT (which I need ;). When the cabinet is full, I cannot buy any more supplies. I have yarn for crocheting, fabric for quilting, paint for . . . well, painting.

  12. You’re so crafty and industrious! Seriously!

  13. Sounds like an Island Girl Project to me. I literally am right behind you with pictures and albums. Oh, and my favorite storage solution? Closing the door.

    I need help.

  14. I’m very happy for your crafty organizational genius and all, but you lost me at the Tim Horton’s can.


  15. Look at you, girl! Floral arrangements and wreaths?! Do you think they’ll let us bring craft items to the Varsity?! ‘Cause I’ve been wanting to make an Advent Wreath!!

    Ditto on the pictures…

    Love the dishwasher basket…made my heart smile.

    I love scrapping, stamping and I really love doing like the “one time” project like the muffin tin advent calendar we’re about to do. It’s craft and cutie and when it’s done it’s done…so I enjoy that, mucho.

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