Friday Fill-in

I’ve been out of town for a quick trip to Charlotte in an attempt to get my Christmas shopping done before the boys start their winter vacation next week.  I managed to get 80% of it done and scored some serious barganzas in the process.

And can I just insert that I love me an outlet mall that has TWO Starbucks in it.

I went with three other girlfriends and you will not be surprised to find out that it was my job to choose the restaurant for dinner Wednesday evening.  I went with Luce, and was not disappointed.  The coconut gelato alone was worth the price of admission.

I would have taken a picture but I was in such a rapturous state that all rational thought left me.

A couple of thoughts that I’ve been meaning to share.  Since I acted all Martha and crafty yesterday, I thought I’d make a Martha recipe from the most recent Christmas magazine.

This is Martha’s picture from her lovely magazine, so all credit to whomever took it…blah blah blah

Mine came out looking not so pretty and tasting even worse.

I read the recipe FOUR times to make sure I understood that it called for two TABLESPOONS of salt, and believing that Martha would not steer me wrong, I went with what she called for, but I’m sorry to report that it was completely indedible and I had to throw it away.

Save your high blood pressure and just take a pass.

Whew, feels good to have that public service announcement out of the way.

Secondly, I’m highly concerned about this.

“Inconvenient” is not the word I would use for this situation.

“DEFCON 5” better suits the level of alert in which we currently find ourselves.

Have a nice day.


19 responses to “Friday Fill-in

  1. Battle stations! All hands on deck, Kellogg’s!

  2. Oh man….that sounds fabulous. An outlet mall, girlfriends and coffee!

  3. the word on the street is that they [Kelloggs] had to temporarily close some production plants… and store stock won’t be rebounding until summer 2010.

  4. My mom gets me Martha Stwarts Living as a gift each Christmas, but so many of her reciepes call for either some obsure asian spice, or stuff like flat leaf parsley that I just enjoy the pictures and keep on fixing my old tried and true recipes.

    Good on you for attempting one though…you are a trooper!!


  5. Two Starbucks? Seriously? I’d spend all my money on coffee and never get any Christmas shopping done.

  6. Sadly I’ve known about the eggo problem for a while since my husband is in the food business..he finally looked into the situation after I came home from the grocery store whining and complaining about the eggo shortage. Apparently it won’t be resolved until MID 2010..SERIOUSLY!!! What am I supposed to feed 4 kids for breakfast?? Am I expected to cook??? Thankfully my kiddos seem to be enjoying the Great Value French Toast Sticks which are at least better than them starving because their mom can not function enough to turn on the stove before 10am….

  7. Do you have a good waffle recipe? 🙂

  8. Oh, man. Two tablespoons of salt. Just looking at the picture makes me retain water.

  9. I’m not surprised that Martha would steer you wrong…she IS a felon, isn’t she?!

    Also, the Eggo debacle is nothing short of a national tragedy.

  10. This is going to sound crazy, but….I recently picked up a “random” impulse purchase at the grocery store last week that turned out to actually be quite good and fast in the morning! It was located in the refrigerator section near the milk and eggs and breakfast rolls (think Pillsbury crescent rolls area) and it is called “Batter Blaster” – it is Pre-mixed, ORGANIC, Pancake & Waffle Batter that shoots out of the CAN like Whipped CREAM!!!! Fun and quick!! And you can keep it in the refrigerator for multiple uses!!! And….ta-da – it tastes good and the kids like to help! We have used it with our countertop electric griddle (quick to heat, easy to clean) in the morning before school – parental supervision needed of course but easy to use) and can do fast pancakes that way. Have not tried the waffles yet because frankly, the waffle maker is more time-consuming for mom to clean. Look for it – it has been a life-saver for my carb-loving crew. And tastes good, plus I feel good given it’s “organic’ status. Good luck – can’t believe they would short us on Eggos in the middle of the school year. They must not have children.

  11. haha no eggos! 🙂 terrible!

    ps – good work on getting so much of your Christmas shopping done – I’m totally impressed!

  12. and I must add that I recently bought a $40 waffle maker (villaware) from Amazon and the kids love to make waffles!!! it’s super easy and they think it’s fun and you can use whatever mix you like in it. We make extra and put in the fridge/freezer. I personally warm them back up in the waffle maker so they are toasty and crunchy on the outside and it’s quicker than rewarming in the oven. It could also make some mighty tasty martha-like desserts!

  13. p.s. my one picky son used to LOVE eggo waffles. so, there you go…

  14. TWO Starbuck’s?? That’s how I imagine Heaven. We have one Starbuck’s at our local outlet mall (Premium outlet mall, I should say), but sometimes it’s on the wrong end.

    I’ve been buying the cheaper Giant brand waffles. They’re round and look just like Eggo’s and they’re pretty good. Especially if you put enough peanut butter and syrup on them.

  15. My poor kids survive on the Kroger brand. Shhh…don’t tell. I’m already in trouble for everything else.

  16. The EGGO tragedy is WAY worse than the spinach one. WAY WAY WAY worse.

  17. AND, the pumpkin one, Amber!

    Good for you for at least TRYING something new…we are currently on the chicken, taco, spaghetti cycle right…I’ve GOT to reacquaint myself with my old friend All Recipes.Com

  18. not sure if the eggo shortage is a true crisis but checked out batter blaster on your tip. it’ll get used a ton in our house. 3 boys, tons of pancakes and no time to clean up. we make them and pop chocolate chips in them.


  19. we tried the batter blaster. good tip. they’re not as good as my homemade pancakes of course, insert wink, but a heck of a lot tastier than something out of the freezer. kids throw in the chocolate chips or i throw in the blueberries and we’re off and running. batter blaster will of course never replace Eggo’s in our hearts but the pancakes feel a bit better to serve the kids. onward and upward.


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