Send in the clowns

Before I get started on telling you about our adventures yesterday, let me just say “Thank you” to the Kohl’s Cash program which today made it free for me to replace my qualifies-as-a-science-project shower curtain.

Let’s never speak again about how heinous it was.

Moving on.


We surprised the kids yesterday with the news that their usual afternoon of listening to Mom nag about homework was going to be replaced with tickets to the circus.  Mr. CPQ joined us for an afternoon of popcorn, death defying high wire acts, elephant riding, and spectator watching.

On two separate occasions, I saw the puffy shirt poorly accessorized.  Penny loafers and wellingtons are not the preferred shoe pairing.

And massive amounts of chest hair didn’t complement it either.

At the circus, we sang the national anthem….

Ate peanuts and popcorn…..

Stuck peanuts in our nose……

and in our ear….

and we generally looked tired and haggard.

There were flying Aghans (the dogs, not the blankets), the world’s only performing Persian cat, and can-can dancers that looked a little long in the hoof.  The boys were amazed at the man who juggled ping pong balls out of his mouth (and guess what they want for Christmas now?) and Mr. CPQ was amazed that he spent $60 on tickets to see “geometric artists” who were, in his words, ex-college drum majors who didn’t get over twirling their batons.

After the circus, Mr. CPQ took the boys home and I went to dinner with Gretchen.  We were supposed to meet for coffee, but I talked her into going next door to the Lebanese place where I forced her to watch me eat eggplant and lamb and she valiantly sat through the ordeal even though she has a sensitive gag reflex.  We mosied/mosyed/mosey-d/meandered next door for coffee afterwards and they had the nerve to kick us out because we stayed until closing time, which made us feel bad to the bone.

I’ll be paying for staying out of the house all day yesterday, but it was worth every single three-ring-circus minute of it.

Have a nice day.


21 responses to “Send in the clowns

  1. And I’m off to find someplace that sells ping pong balls by the gross.

  2. Oooh…I love Lebanese food. We have some Lebanese friends and she made us a feast one evening…she could have fed all of North America there was so much food. It was fabulous!

    Enjoy your day…you don’t look tired and haggard…y’all are cute.

  3. I love that Mr. CPQ kept his tie on during the circus.


  4. Sounds fun! 🙂 especially the peanuts in the ear part

  5. Either we are bad-to-the-bone or just desperate for adult conversation. I’m still savoring my dark chocolate peppermint latte… And trying to get visions of eggplant “stew” out of my head. 😉

  6. eggplant and lamb, tie wearing to a circus, peanut in nose……’re such a sophisticated family! 🙂

  7. Okay first, why do shower liners become science projects even when you purchase the ones guarranteed not to?
    Mr. CPQ’s attire made me laugh, reminds me of the days when ours were littles and he would meet us somewhere . . . zoo, childrens museum, McDonalds even, wearin’ a tie. Those were the days.
    And . . . aren’t peanuts that much better when you are expected to just throw the remains on the floor! Yes!

  8. You rebels…getting bounced out of a coffee shop.

    I have to say I hated the circus as a child, and really even now, the idea that I could witness someone either plunge to their death or get eaten alive, was not fun. I spent the entire time with my head buried in my parents arms. Thankfully my children have not shown much of an interest. I am so glad you had a good time though and the peanuts might be worth it!!


  9. The circus!! I did not even know it was in town. How fun and love the pictures especially of you and Mr. CPQ. Cute couple.
    I got a big laugh out of imagining the face Gretchen had while you ate eggplant stew. I can’t believe she did not try any! Glad ya’ll had a fun night.

  10. What fun! Circus peanuts!

    And I’m laughing out loud at the rebels…

  11. I admire your courage. I vowed at the age of 13 to never be forced to a circus again. SCARY!

  12. I’m sorry to say I hated the circus too. It’s the clowns, they terrified me as a child. I’ll be honest, I’ve never and will never take my kids to the circus.

  13. I’d like some of Gretchen’s dark chocolate peppermint latte…that sounds so good!

  14. I have company coming. I too replaced the shower curtains. Why, Why do we wait so long??? Glad to see it’s not just me.

  15. Love the circus pictures…especially the peanuts.

    Dancers = ‘long in hoof’ hahahahahahaha

    My aunt worked at Circus World in Florida. She took us backstage to ‘meet’ the clowns….there’s a reason to be scared.

    Child bride comment on my are too kind.

  16. It sounds like fun. And with the peanuts in the nose/ear, I could swear you swiped my family for the day.

  17. Dear Lord,
    Thank you that CPQ wants to eat with me at The Varsity.


  18. That Lebanese place downtown? Sitti? LOVE that place. Let’s have a blogger meet up there.

  19. Have never tried Lebanese… add it to the list of things you’ll have to teach me someday.

    by the way, chica? you make me laugh. like, seriously.

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