Talking Turkey

I posted on my Facebook status that I’m ready for this weekend to end so that I have permission to stop eating.  My mother-in-law believes in abundance as evidenced by the FOUR pies she had available for the four adults and three non-pie-eating children that were in the house.

We received wonderful news the day before we left that our potentially diabetic son was, in fact, NOT diabetic, so this year’s feast was all the more sweet.  We were told to continue being careful about his intake and to continue the diet plan,  but we got the official go- ahead to lift the restrictions for Thanksgiving Day. 

This was the first year in ten that the boys decided that turkey and stuffing were good things and helped themselves to more than a teaspoonful.  I think we’ve taken them to one too many buffets, though, because when JJ went back for seconds, he asked where his grandmother kept the stack of clean plates.

We did not participate in early morning Black Friday activities, but Mr. CPQ and I did get out Friday night for a little date night of burgers and wings and paid our Thanksgiving tribute to the Cherokee tribe at Harrah’s followed by our annual post-event stop at the Arby’s so Mr. CPQ could get a Jamocha shake. 

Because we clearly had not had enough sweet stuff the day before.

Saturday morning the menfolk decided it was time to initiate the boys into the family golf tradition, but by the third hole had texted back that there was not enough Valium in the world to ever make them do it again.  JJ and Tommy came back raving about the experience, though, so hopefully the year long break before they do this again will erase the memory of losing a dozen golf balls into the stream.

Our little family is splitting up today.  Mr. CPQ is headed back home and the boys and I are headed west to points unknown.  I really don’t have an itinerary after Tuesday, but for the next couple of days I’ll be in Atlanta before going on to my parent’s house.  I’m taking the road less traveled, so I’m hoping it makes all the difference in the attitude of my travelers as they see new sights along the southern route.  

On the road again.

I am thankful.

Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Talking Turkey

  1. Wow, you are a brave woman, travelling a LOT! Glad to hear that your boy isn’t diabetic. Sounds like you had a most excellent Thanksgiving! Praying for safe travels, and will watch some Pride & Prejudice for you. : )

  2. oh. dood. just laughed OUT LOUD at the ‘clean plates’ comment.

    which outed me for reading blogs on the work computer.

    haha. totally worth it.

  3. What an adventure…(I mean that in a good way). You will really have to practice your zone defense with three boys in your midst. Just keep the Dairy Queens marked on the good ole GPS and you’ll be just fine. And make sure you ban any form of the sentence “Are we there yet?” It is amazing to me how quickly my kids vocabulary shrinks to these words once the car is put into gear!!

    Have fun and enjoy every pedal to the metal minute of it!!


  4. Safe journeys to you all! Have a great time…and so glad to hear that diabetes were ruled out. May you be blessed with health, happiness and many more wonderful things!

  5. Happy Traveling! Wish I could join you in Atlanta…I miss that place!

    So glad to hear about the ‘no diabetes’…and, I missed seeing you in the hall this morning. It was a lonely walk to my class ; )

    Have fun…take pictures…post later!

  6. Great news on the health report!!! 🙂

    Be safe traveling!! And you are getting to hug Tiffers tonight!! Hooray!!!

  7. Glad your Thanksgiving went well, especially with the good news from the doc! Your road trip sounds fun–happy trails!

  8. whoop whoop for hot-lanta. except i heard we’re not supposed to call it that anymore apparently. who knew.

  9. Sweet news, indeed.

    I lurve hearing about other people’s traditions, even if valium might be included.

    Happy trails, my friend.

  10. Awesome news about your boy!! Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! We’ll be praying for safe travels and look forward to seeing you when you’re back in town.

  11. What wonderful news just before Thanksgiving! I’m sure it made the holiday all the more sweet. Te he. That was funny. Don’t pretend you didn’t laugh a little at that. Well, at least I crack myself up. Safe travels!

  12. Wow…great news from the doctor! What a wonderful burden to have been lifted, especially before the holidays! Enjoy your roadtrip – if you come into NW Louisiana, look me up! I’d love to have some starbucks with you and your trio!!! (and we have many excellent buffets in the area I can point you in the direction of, ha ha!)

  13. Doin’ a happy dance! So glad to hear the good news. Loved the clean plates comment… was he looking for the fortune cookies too?

  14. Congratulations on the doctor’s report–we also received great news from our son’s doctor and it does make Thanksgiving 1,000,000 times better! But I totally LOL’d at your “tribute to the Cherokee tribe” Fantastic!!!

  15. So there is hope that my kids may like turkey and dressing one day. Soooo glad to hear about the news that your son is not diabetic. What a praise!
    Enjoy your trip.

  16. LOL – where she keeps the clean plates!!!

    So glad to hear no diabetes! That is great news.

  17. Yeah for no diabetes! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

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