In which I get kicked out of the Varsity

Note – I have pictures to go with this post.  I do not, however, have the right connector to get them off my camera and onto my laptop. 

Pretend I have really cool pictures, or go over to Tiffani’s blog to see the only picture that matters.  I’ll update this post when I get to a more permanent location  and can dig through the eighteen thousand bags of stuff in the back of my car to find my memory stick.


My 24 hours in Atlanta have been characterized by traffic, traffic, and more traffic.  I clearly was not thinking clearly when I planned on driving into one of the nation’s largest cities on the Sunday after Thanksgiving when half of Georgia would be heading home from the holiday.  My only experience heretofore with the city involved 1) driving through being chased by a hurricane and half of the evacuating Gulf coast community, and 2) seeing James Brown at Hartsfield International Airport on a layover.  Neither of those experiences prepared me for navigating downtown with three rowdy boys and a last nerve that was ready to snap at any second.

But all the traffic was worth it to get to meet my bloggy buddy Tiffani for dinner at the world-famous Varsity. She was sweet to get there ahead of time and secure a table for us in the special wheelchair accessible area, and I’m glad she was there early because MY WORD THE PEOPLE that crowded the joint.  We hadn’t planned on a Falcon’s game that night and the place was CRAWLING with football fans.  

Insert picture of crowds.

Tiff and I left the kids at the table and stood in line to place our order, and I have to say I was a little worried about not being able to spit out my order quickly enough because they just yell at you “What’ll ya’ have?” and you’re supposed to know know know and I freeze under pressure, but I’m pleased to report that I was able to order my chili cheese dogs and onion rings and Frozen Orange without too much trouble.

We got back to the table and poor JuJu was crying because she got something in her eye and I’m sure it had nothing to do with the cayenne pepper that my JJ was blowing into her face.

Insert picture of rings, Tiffani eating a hot dog, and the utter devastation that laid waste to my waist.

Tiffani and I talked and talked like we had known each other all our lives.  We talked Ebay, blogging, our mutual love for all things fried, and in between the flying spitwads, and restless and fussing children (mine, mine, and mine), we experienced the blessing of friendship that comes from this weird little online community in which we live.

We spent about an hour and a half there, and we would have stayed longer had we not been forcibly removed from the premises by the police.  I would like to say it was because we were being rowdy and obnoxious, but truthfully, it was because a large group of differently abled wheelchair folk arrived to have their own fun night out on the town. 

We were slightly amused that they were kicking out the handicapped kid to make room for more handicapped kids, but since the police officer hovered over our table and watched our every bite asked politely , we gathered up our things and headed out into the cold dark night.

Tiff,  next time we get together at the Varsity, I’m bringing bail money and we won’t go down without a fight. 

And you have beautiful hair.

And even more beautiful children.

And excellent taste in restaurants. 

Have a nice day.


17 responses to “In which I get kicked out of the Varsity

  1. Traffic? In Atlanta? Surely you jest!!!

    Sounds like a blast, but I think it would have been a better story if you had been carted off to jail. I could have come to bail you out! ;D

  2. So sorry the traffic or the Varsity did not treat you with more kindness on your visit. The traffic is always a bear in Atlanta. I’m so glad you got to go to The Varsity and meet Tiffani. I would have loved to come and met you in real life, but I didn’t know the details of y’alls meet up. If I would have known, I would have definitely shown up though. I agree with Andrea. It would have made a MUCH BETTER story had you been carted off to jail . . . hee!hee!

  3. James Brown? Cool! That sure beats my Maya Angelou sighting there.

    Seeing a trend for you of getting kicked out. . .

  4. If you had gone to jail, at least you would have had all night to chat it up … without kids.

  5. Thank you for bringing back such sweet memories…except the traffic…

    You know that rather large interstate just below the Varsity?? The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, 1987, I sat in that exact spot for 3 1/2 hours. In my car, the engine off. ..staring at my dorm room which overlooked said interstate.

    But, there were no kids involved…just me… my car…and nothing but time to kill.

    My Atlanta sighting : Kool and the Gang at the airport.

    Have a great time!

  6. The Varsity AND meeting Tiffani are both still on my list of Things I Really Want to Do!!

  7. Oh, if I had a nickel for every time you’ve been thrown out of someplace, I’d have … what … maybe a quarter, I guess?

  8. oh the Varsity! We drove right by on sunday night bringing kiddos home! I definitely should have stopped by and said hi! so sad not to see you – darn sick kid!

  9. Oh my yes, it was definitely a memory that will go down in history as an all-time fave!!

    I’m so glad you braved traffic, crowds, noise and cops to be with me even for a little while.

    And I agree, it seemed like we were old friends meeting each other for dinner for the 632 time, not the first.

    I’ll wear my tail-kickin’ boots next time and you bring the bail money for sure!

  10. What’ll ya have, what’ll ya have!! We have a hotdog documentary about The Varsity (I know, weird right?) But, we love it and dream of going there!!

    Meeting Tiff in person and The Varsity in one day….you hit the lottery. 🙂

  11. I’m not really sure it gets better than that, does it?

    I’m SO happy that y’all were able to meet up! And eat chili dogs! And experienced a law enforcement encounter.

    Just good stuff right there.

  12. I want to hang with you!! Getting bounced out of a Starbucks AND a restaurant. You are the wild woman that I so desperately need to get me out of my normal everyday dining out experiences. You are now offically labeled a troublemaker.

    Glad you had a great trip!!


  13. Any chance you’re headed to the Texas Panhandle on your travels? I’m not Tiffani and we have no Varsity, but I could try to make it worth your while. Please!

  14. So happy that you and the Tiffster were able to finally meet!

    Now hurry up and come back home.

  15. What fun!!!! Glad you had the opportunity! Safe travels!

  16. Sounds like an adventure. Really, would you have been happy with a regular old, ho-hum, meet and greet. I think not. Beneath you, really. 😉 For you…are my call of wild indian warrior princess.

    I just made that up, but I like it. Safe and happy trails and if you don’t give Whimzie a hug from me, I’ll be mad, so please do.

  17. The Varsity and friends: what could be better?

    And how COULD he kick out one kid in a wheelchair to let another one in? Makes no sense!

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