In which I once again meet up with a police officer

I left Atlanta around noon today after having spent some time getting a personal tour of the CNN Studios.  We were the only ones that required some assistance in the accessability department, so we were assigned our very own guide and we took an hour long tour of the back hallways of the studios. 

What fascinated the boys more than anything?  The smells wafting from the employee cafeteria.  I was fascinated by everything except for the extra 10 pounds that I saw on myself when I stood against the green screen.

Moving on…

Our drive west was rather uneventful until I got to Birmingham and Travis decided to have a massive nose bleed while I was driving 85  70 miles an hour down I-20 without so much as a Q-Tip within reach with which to stop the blood.  I grabbed a Pull-Up from the deep recesses of the center console, handed it back to Tommy and told him to jam it up against T’s nose while I started scanning for the first exit. 

I was a little concerned about pulling off into the unknown (when I travel alone, I try to be very aware of my surroundings and pull off where it’s well lit and highly trafficked), but desperate times called for desperate measures and I saw a McDonald’s at the top of an off ramp, so I chanced it and exited the interstate. 

Within seconds, it was clear that I had chosen a location where no one else looked like me.

I was met with more than one curious stare as I darted inside, grabbed two handfuls of napkins and ran back outside to tend to T.  Once we got his situation under control, I headed back in to wash off and grab a coffee for the road and while I was standing in line getting my order together, I started to hear some murmuring.

The murmuring got louder.

And started sounding less like murmuring and more like talking.

Then the talking turned to shouting.

It was directed at me.

In the corner of the McDonald’s was an older man who appeared to be mentally unstable.  His garbled language and unpredictable movements confirmed my amateur diagnosis.  I couldn’t understand everything he said, but “you white girl” was pretty clear and since there was no one else in there that fit that description, I can only assume that he meant me.

I tried to smile at him, but that was not the response that he was looking for. 

I tried ignoring him, but that wasn’t right, either.

He was becoming more and more agitated and by the time I got to the head of the line to place my order, I was flat out scared.  

And then Jesus walked in the door.

In a police uniform.

Looking for an apple pie.

(Can you believe it?  And I wasn’t even at a Chick-Fil-A.)

His presence prompted the staff to escort Mr. Crazy out the door.  He stayed with me until I got what I needed and He watched to make sure I made it safely to my car.

I am in awe of how He shows up right.when.I.need.Him. 

Not a minute too early.

Not a minute too late. 

Whether I’m in my neighborhood.

Or in somebody else’s.

His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

Have a nice day.


34 responses to “In which I once again meet up with a police officer

  1. Wow….this story gave me goose bumps. God is so good!

  2. CQ,
    It is pretty amazing the different outfits that Jesus wears when He comes into our field of vision and need, isn’t it? Someone else there, perhaps thought He was dressed just like you, too!

    Glad you’re safe!


  3. Praising God this morning for your safety!

    And..praying for you as you continue your adventures.


  4. Glad that had a happy ending! Enjoy your travels…I don’t even need to stand in front of a big screen to see the extra 10 pounds : )

  5. Wow. I am stunned and amazed. And so happy you all are safe.

  6. I love how Jim-Dad put that!

    Girl, I gotta start traveling w/ you so I meet me all kinds Jesus! 😉

    Soo very thankful for provision for you!

    Be grateful you got out of Atlanta b/c it is a MESS here today!! Serious. Mess.

    Love ya!

  7. i’m so glad you’re ok – and I just love how Jesus cares about every little detail of our lives and watches over us so carefully 🙂 great story
    (and ps, I totally know how you feel – normally i’m totally fine being the only white girl, but every once in a while there’s those who resent me for it and the the heart starts pounding . . . )

  8. Even your serious posts are funny, Sus!

    I’m grateful for your protection.

  9. I love this story too! It is so encouraging to see how you clearly recognize God moving in your life. Thanks for sharing. Happy travels!

  10. Scary.

    Glad you’re okay. My scariest McDonald’s visit was a kindergarten field trip that included a drug bust. We formed a human chaperone wall between the gang and the playground.

  11. After reading yet another story of wacky CPQ traveling antics, my first response was “Hmmm. Maybe I’d better rethink this idea of going on trips with the CPQs.”

    But then I realized that you have a super-strong God-force-field surrounding you. I’m thinking of staying as close to you as possible in the hopes of slipping under that umbrella.

  12. You seriously need to start wearing a helmet cam. on these adventures of yours. I would totaly watch this show! 🙂

  13. Do you ever think you’re being punked?


    That is just awesome!! Yay God!!

  14. I’m speechless.

    Wow. Just wow.

    So glad that you are safe and that Travis’s nose dried up!

  15. And THAT is a Goose Bumps story.

    And Jesus or not – Don’t you just love a good looking man in a uniform.

    I’m just sayin’

  16. God is good – all the time!
    My BiL and SiL were traveling back from Mississippi last week and ended up in a shaky neighborhood in Alabama…they did not have to leave their car though! Glad it had a good ending.

  17. I’m thanking God right now for your safety and for His presence with us at ALL times and just that you are always so aware of His presence and how HE protects you.

  18. WOW!!! Jesus loves you, this I know. And he also loves fast food.

  19. Your story had a little drama, a little humor, some blood gushing…and a God-sighting! Your blog is going to turn into a best-seller book one of these days…

  20. When I read the title of this post I was worried the getting-kicked-out trend had taken a judicial turn. I’m happy to read that that was not the case.
    P.S. I loved Mr. Bryant’s comment. I often need that reminder.

  21. Thank goodness Jesus likes apple pies…I would have been scared that he was the officer clocking me at 85…uh I mean 70…but I would have taken a ticket to get me out of that mess!!

    God is a good God!!


  22. very cool! Next time, go through the drive-through, please. 🙂

    Safe Travels!

  23. I’m glad you’re safe! You were definitely being watched over. I hope the rest of your trip is less eventful!

  24. He never leaves us, never forsakes us. So cool you actually saw that visibly today. We don’t always get to see it with our eyes.

    And PS- I saw Him today in you, friend, through your exuding love and generous friendship right smack dab in the middle of a really hard day. 🙂

  25. I love this story! Hm. My eyes feel moist.

  26. I love reading/hearing about how God reveals Himself to us just when we need Him most! And I love the way you recognized Him in the midst of your “predicament”! Miss you!

  27. Girl, girl, girl. He continues to amaze me through you.

  28. Wow!


    Brilliantly written, too!

    Note to self: put roll of paper towels in vehicles ASAP and before EVERY road trip!!

  29. Wow, scary story – but powerful ending! so glad you and the boys were alright! God does always seem to appear in the dark moments when we need Him – right when we think we are most alone! (but it can make for some nervous Mama moments, right???) So glad it ended well!!!! (and hope you can pick up some extra napkins at your next fast-food visit for future “emergency nosebleeds!”)

  30. Awesome story. Gave me chills.

  31. Amazing! Thanking God for keeping you and your kids safe! 🙂

  32. wow. you really had me at “jesus walked in the door.” and no chik-fil-a!! thanks for posting these stories. i love when HE shows up!! and the God Force Field comment I love. Instead of your BFF, HE is your GFF!! Safe travels!

  33. Wow, very cool story, CPQ. You have the most amazing things happen to you.

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