Monday Musings

1.  I’m back home now and happy to report that everything was exactly as I left it, right down to the pile of laundry by the back door.  I’ve been straightening up and cleaning (you know, all that stuff I should have done before I left but flat out just didn’t do), and the Christmas decorations will begin descending the attic stairs tomorrow afternoon.

We’re not completely devoid of holiday cheer.  I have a sack full of decorations that I missed stowing away last year and I was too lazy busy to return them to the attic, so they’ve been stashed in a closet.  I’ve pulled them out and set them around the house, so we’re in that awkward “in-between” stage where I have Thanksgiving and Christmas going on at the same time.

2.  There’s nothing like drinking coffee at your own kitchen table.  I realize this makes me sound like I’m 95 and shuffling around the house in a bathrobe.

3.  The boys were fantastic travelers this trip.  I’m tickled they share my love for the open road (and again, I’m noting that by using the phrase “I’m tickled”, I sound 95).   I did have to laugh at JJ on Friday afternoon as we barreled down the highway heading eastward.  He kicked back in his seat, crossed his arms behind his head and sighed, “This is the life!”

Honey, if eating lunch in a Mississippi Waffle House with the inmate transportation van parked next to ours constitutes the good life, you’ve clearly got some continuing education to do.

4.  The boys saw their daddy for the first time in two weeks this morning.  He came in late last night from a business trip to Tampa with a Bucs football game thrown in for fun.  I don’t know if they were more excited to see him or to see the rally towels that he brought them.  I’ve already heard more than one scream this morning as they’ve popped each other with them.

Aahhhh, the gift that keeps on giving.

5.  Speaking of gifts, I’m not quite done with my shopping.  I still need to get stocking stuffers plus a little something for Mr. CPQ.  He isn’t easy to shop for because he has this habit of buying himself what he wants without regard for impending gift-giving occasions.

December 23rd and he sees something he wants?  Buys it.


I’m off to face my day and the librarian that wouldn’t let me check out more books until I returned the overdue ones.  Little does she know that I found one of the boys’ library cards, so I’m back in business.

I’ll get you, my pretty.

Have a nice day.

21 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. December 23rd and he sees something he wants? Buys it.

    I swear that he and K were separated at birth.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with #2 .. . so I guess that makes me 95 at heart too!. . . the library cards and overdue books . . . one time my fee was $35. . . I wish I was kidding. . . Have fun getting your house back in order.

  3. I love that your boys love the open road! But, isn’t it awesome to wake up in your own home and drink your own coffee? Mmmm….

    And library books… I should have a blog contest to guess the astronomical fees that I currently owe.

  4. Glad to see you back in town! We currently have over a hundred books checked out and it is murder if I don’t get them back on time. I support someone’s salary there for sure!

    Thanks for sharing God’s protection, on your trip, yesterday in class!

  5. My husband also has the see it and must buy it gene.

  6. NC is just better with your 95 year old self back in it.

    Glad you’re home.

  7. So good to talk to you yesterday…my walk to class wasn’t boring this week…yay!

    Love the mental picture of J reclined in the car.

    I’ll join you in the ‘sound like I’m 95’ club. I find myself quite boring these days…and I like it.

    Glad you’re home…and still think you are the best mom ever for taking your boys on TWO massive road trips this year!

  8. My Hubby does the same thing! And then tells me to just wrap the box cuz he already has it.

    95? I doubt it, but “tickles me” does remind me of that saying… mirror mirror on the wall,I am my mother after all. Haha

    Just sayin’

  9. I was just tickled at the library line.

  10. Ha! to the dastardly librarian.

  11. I’ve played the library card shuffle myself a time or two. Fun, fun!
    Glad you made it home safely.

  12. Glad you’re home safe and had a good trip 🙂 and I might or might not do the same thing as Mr. CPQ – and its worse because my bday is this week too — oops! sorry adam 🙂

  13. glad you’re home; glad you had a great time; missed your posts. and listen tickled, my kids are saying “good grief” because they’ve watched Charlie Brown on on demand about 5 times this weekend. Except the five year old just says “oh grief.” ha! that movie was made in 1964…two years BEFORE I was born. I bet if you could understand Charlie Brown’s teacher, she would be saying she was tickled at those kids!We’re old. So what. We’re still alive and driving down the highway of life!

  14. Love it! I’m in the same gift buying predicament, except since my son has become an adult he has picked up his dad’s ways and now I know of nothing left to buy him either! I wish I could just google their names and gift ideas would pop up!

  15. Oh, I have totally used the one of the kids’ library cards when I had too many fines on my card or overdue books! HA! Take that library system! 🙂

  16. Welcome Back! Ok, the library story cracked me up. You are just one step ahead of the librarian.

    I can relate to the gift giving for your spouse. I have the hardest time. I think I have a winner this year. That is if he doesn’t buy it himself before Christmas.

    Hope to see you soon.

  17. I don’t know how you do all that travelling with three kids – you must a millionty times more patience than me! ps – come to tea next time with us! 😉

  18. one year i bought 2 of the 3 gifts that my then boyfriend had already gotten. since then, i have been put on an annual spending freeze from about november through january. i tend to buy things for myself…things that someone has already bought me. but really, i was just thinking of others and trying to save them money by not having to buy it for me!!

  19. yes, to Thanksgiving shaking hands with Christmas as he exits the building…

    yes, to coffee at home and sounding 95

    yes, to boys enjoying simple things in life

    yes, to finishing up shopping

    and double yes, to kids w/ library cards so that we can go check out books on a 5 year old’s dime…since Mama is the local library felon.

  20. All library felons form a line to the right, please. Or should that be to the “wrong” ? I crack myself up.

    Glad you’re back home. Diving into Christmas this week, myself.

  21. My husband is the same. Drives everyone in the family crazy. I haven’t a clue what to get for him that he hasn’t already gotten for himself.

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