Apparently, I’m not the only one who loves Tim Tebow.

My blog hasn’t had that many views EVER, and, in one day, his name has now surpassed topless Europeans and He Who Must Not Be Named In This Blog Again as the top reason people land in my corner of the Internet.

I should’ve majored in sports journalism, but that would have required an interest in, oh……say…….. SPORTS.

Apparently, we’re in for a winter storm today.

Do you think it’s altering my plans for a fun day of sipping cocoa and eating lunch with Coffeegal while our children entertain each other?  Nope!  If there’s a chance of getting stuck anywhere, I want it to be at her house.  I have it on good authority that she spent all day in the kitchen yesterday, so I know we’ll be set for provisions.

Just in case, I’m taking milk, bread, and toilet paper with me.

Apparently, everyone’s a little more with it than I am.

I have been on the receiving end of so many beautiful Christmas cards this week.  Have I even purchased mine?  Have I even ordered my pictures?

That would be a “no”.

Apparently, there’s a new “it” gift to give your wife this year.

I have no words.

Have a nice day.


19 responses to “Apparently

  1. HAHA I “saw” that PSA the other day — well actually I heard it while sewing. I stopped and questioned if I heard what I thought I heard. WEIRD!

  2. Oh. MY. That was so funny! My stomach hurts from laughing!


    ps – will you trust me enough to email me your address? I want to send you a little somethin’

  4. Nice gift idea.
    And I have a package of unopened Photo paper sitting here on my desk, with no ‘picture’ to print out and no cards to put them in. You’re not alone.

  5. omyflippingosh. Hilarious. Will your hubby be so kind and thoughtful?

  6. I saw that ad too and very quickly told my guy how much that would very quickly cause me to be utterly p.o’d for a legnthy amount of time…to say the least.

    Too funny and I hope you are snowed in at your friends house…sounds like a party to me!!


  7. Why stop there? A rectal exam would be such an easy upsell.

  8. I saw that commercial the other night and the words “BLOG FODDER” came to mind. You beat me to it.

  9. You stole my line…

    I have no words.

    …just more snort (aka ugly) laughing.

  10. I saw that the other night. Had to back it up to make sure I was hearing it correctly. I even Facebooked about it, because you know that guy’s career is OVER!

  11. do they have gift certificates??

  12. D and I haven’t stopped laughing over that “great” gift idea. Whatever! There had better be some serious bling alongside a gift like that! So should I schedule D for a colonoscopy on Valetine’s day?

  13. Hubs and I have discussed that little PSA. He said,”Why are they telling dudes about this?”

  14. Which reminds me, I need to make that appointment…Sweet hubby asked what I wanted for Christmas, maybe I’ll get him to call. : /

  15. I about fell off the couch when I saw this commercial the other day! Too funny!

  16. I miss SO MUCH by not having television.

  17. OH my….that is….disturbingly funny!

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