Little Drummer Boy

My firstborn marches to his own drumbeat.

That beat can be quasi-erratic.

He loves to wax rhapsodic over skyscrapers, American presidents, the origin of the brussel sprout, and the optimal angle of trajectory when building a trebuchet.

By the way, discourse regarding the aforementioned can occur at any time, with little regard (or relevance, for that matter) to the subject at hand.

That’s just how he rolls.

My beloved Squash Blossom and I share many personality traits.  He’s hot-tempered and impulsive.  He’d rather read than play outside.  He has a head full of factoids that will never come in handy unless he’s playing Trivial Pursuit.  And, like me, he needs quiet space to regroup and recharge.  One of the frequent comments that I get from teachers is, “He doesn’t have a lot of friends”, or, “At recess, he plays a lot by himself.”  Every time I hear that, it makes me a little sad because his desire for solitude is sometimes misunderstood.

Poor kid.  Surrounded in the womb, surrounded in the NICU, surrounded by siblings, surrounded by children in his overcrowded classroom…it’s a wonder he hasn’t wound up in a special room surrounded by padded walls.

Still, every mom wants her kids to have friends, and I’d be lying if I said my thoughts didn’t turn to him a thousand times a day wondering if he was having fun at school and if someone, anyone, appreciated him in all his quirky gloriousness (which I swear Mastercard ripped off in this commercial).

But this weekend, the following picture, taken by a friend of mine on a recent field trip, appeared on my Facebook page.

I saw a contentment in his face that I don’t think had anything to do with the $10 his mama had given him and had everything to do with the priceless friends that surrounded him.

That’s a happy little drummer boy.

And he has a happy mama.

Have a nice day.


21 responses to “Little Drummer Boy

  1. that is an adorable photograph…it could be a Gap ad : )

    No one tells you when you are pregnant how your heart and your childs are one…the joy and the heartbreaks…I’m glad you got your picture.

  2. doesn’t that just warm your heart?! i have a love/hate relationship with field trips and room mom stuff. all the loud craziness makes me, well, crazy. BUT being able to see situations like this make it all worth it! Enjoy your week!

  3. That is priceless and definitely ‘frame-worthy’! My 11 year old sounds and awful lot like your boy.

    No matter how old they get……I guess we’ll never lose our “mother’s heart” that simply loves them to pieces and with that comes the worrying…..

  4. Precious. I love the smile of a happy boy.

    And that picture is great. It could be a GAP ad.

  5. That picture looks like it belongs on a GAP commercial. Beautiful boys having fun.

  6. Once again – brought to tears. I love the heart of a mama.

    BEAUTIFUL picture!!

  7. the origin of the brussel sprout

    Thank Alton Brown. That episode was on last week.

    and the optimal angle of trajectory when building a trebuchet.

    See, I knew I should have gotten the boys one of those for Christmas.

    And BTW, 45° will provide optimal distance.

    But ya gotta factor in the wind.

  8. That is a great picture. God knows how to give us just what we need when were paying attention.

  9. As you know, I could’ve written much of that post, only inserting politics, history, and Star Wars.

    Don’t these precious moments just about undo you?

    And that picture? You don’t need to frame it, I’m sure. It’s already on your heart. But you really should frame it. Just sayin’.

  10. Great pic! Love it.

    It looks like a page out of JCPenney catalog. The ten dollars is the money you save when you buy from JCPenney. :>)

  11. I agree with New Every Morning….that picture looks like an ad! They are all so very handsome!

    I wanna know what the 10 spot was for?

    • It was SUPPOSED to be pocket money for lunch and a small knick-knack from the gift shop.

      It was also SUPPOSED to stay in his pocket.

  12. Just looking at that picture makes me happy, not to mention the back story.

    Great post and happy day!

  13. I think by now you know how I feel about that child. And we’ve talked many times about what an amazing man we both know he’s going to be. We know what we know. Still I’m glad for pictures like this that nail down the corners of those beliefs when they try to get away from us.

  14. I’m filing this one away for raising my terrific, albeit loner, of a son. Good stuff.

    • …said the woman who married a quirky, encyclopedia-memorizing, somewhat-of-a-loner type of guy.

      Who ended up with a smokin’ hot wife, if I do say so myself.

  15. aw what a sweet post! 🙂 and I worry about that for Jayci too because that was totally me! 🙂 you’re a great mama!

  16. There is nothing to me so beautiful in the world of parents than a mother who ‘gets’ her kids. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times in my heart, this is likely the top of the list of reasons I adore you.

  17. If he likes older women I have just the 13year old for him who prefers books over just about anything.For a calm girl who loves a quiet night watching movies, I have an 11year old, and if he wants wild and crazy Ihave a 9 year old.Anyway we can negoitiate on the dowry later.HAHA He is a cutie andit is good to hear that other mommies getconcerenedabout theirkiddies. Today,I was worried about# 3 girl and now she is acting sweet as sugar.

  18. I can vouch for all three of the Stevenson girls and let you know that you would be getting an awesome set of inlaw!

    I love the photo and am so glad you got a picture to help soothe your worry. We have a quiet one that I worry about sometimes. Then I remember that God has a plan and purpose and created him to be such a great little guy!

    Love you and I

  19. Oh be still my heart. I have a special place in it for kids who march to their own beat…..I have 2 boys just like that. They look the same, yet they are different….and a bit quirky….and kids don’t always get them.

    This encouraged me and made me smile.

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