Haul down the holly

I started gathering the Christmas decorations late last night and putting them on the hearth in anticipation of putting them back in the attic today.  As much as I enjoy the holidays, once they’re over, I’m ready to move on to the next thing.

I think everyone in this house would agree that the next thing needs to be a hair appointment.  I’m three weeks overdue for color maintenance and the roots are, as my mother-in-law says,  “past cute”.

This year, our season was longer than usual since it began the day before Thanksgiving when the boys attended their last day of school for the year.  When I first saw the school calendar for the year, I wondered what we were going to do with such a long break, but now that it’s almost over, I find myself wishing we had two more weeks.  We fit a lot into this break – We saw penguins, ate at the Varsity, got peed on by a cow, were reprimanded by hotel management, consumed a wheel of brie, turned 40, and somehow managed to survive all of that without ending up as the lead story on the 6:00 news.

Now that the holidays are over, the boys are happy that they can return to the store (I banned all trips to Target/WalMart two weeks prior to Christmas.  It saved me the agony of hearing “But this is what I REALLY want for Christmas” after I had already bought their gifts).  They did get to accompany me on what seemed to be daily trips to the warehouse club to pick up milk, cream, butter, and brie (oh, that gym return in January is going to be a killer), but they didn’t argue because they quickly figured out they could ditch me for the game aisle while we were there.

I had to laugh at JJ who sat on the floor holding the Bakugan game that had been on his list for four months.   I called out to him as I walked past on my way to checkout and as he put the game back on the shelf I saw him whisper to it, “I’ll see you Christmas morning.”

While the boys look forward to a more normal schedule, I’m looking forward to the annual Purging of the Junk that we have going on right now.  I’m getting new carpet installed next week so everything has to be off the floor.  I spent most of yesterday hauling clothes out from under beds and emptying the closets and restacking the shelves to prep for this little project.

I spent most of last night popping Advil and laying on a heating pad. I ain’t 39 anymore.

We tackled our bedroom, the boys’ room, and the two hall closets and today’s agenda calls for the office, living room, and dining room.  I’m off work this week, so it’s a good time to be doing this, but I can think of a thousand different ways I’d rather spend the last week of my vacation.  Still, it’ll be a good way to start the new year and will free up my schedule in January to do important things like getting my eyebrows waxed.

And getting in shape for being in a swimsuit in front of my husband’s co-workers in mid-February.


What are you doing this week?

Have a nice day.


19 responses to “Haul down the holly

  1. oh honey…

    my tree is down, cypress “crumbs” vaccuumed and already I feel better!

    I’m not getting new carpet but I SO want a “winter” cleaning spree…I am feeling the need to purge, organize, plan…I’m driving MYSELF nuts!

  2. Oh…..despite the stress — I would love to be getting new carpet. LOVE new carpet! Purging things is my favorite too! Lots of work, but the feeling that comes when it is all done is SO worth it! Sounds like you’ll be starting the new year in good shape.

    And I’m sure it is just against the law to be expected to wear a swim suit in February. I’d look into that. 🙂

  3. well an electrician is here at the moment (he came e-a-r-l-y!) moving a switchplate or some such thing…actually I’m not sure why he is here…that’s hubs domain. We went to a movie yesterday (Sherlock Holmes-we all liked it)…today we’re hitting the mall so my girls can begin to spend some of their gift cards and tonite dinner with friends. I’m not putting any decorations away until New Years weekend. I envy the purge…I need to tackle my basement in the new year….enjoy your day.

  4. I’m back at work and apparently the only person in the free world who is back at work. I’d love to be purging, but only if my family were out of the house. It’s much easier to purge when no one’s clinging to junk with tears running down their face. Especially if they’ve only had the junk since Christmas.

  5. thelumberjackswife

    I am taking a trip to Cancun in February, so I, too, am going to have to get swimsuit ready.
    It’s gonna be torturous.

  6. As for today, I’m taking my kids to the Chipmunk movie while Jack takes in the Independence Bowl in person. As for the rest of the week, I’m fretting about what I’m going to do with Anna Grace while she’s out of school and I have to work. **Sigh***

  7. I’m SITTING on the couch looking at all the stinkin’ Legos strewn about the living room!!

    I’m SITTING on the couch thinking about the mountain ‘o laundry that needs to be done.

    Do you see a pattern?

    Yay for you for all your purginess…and for new carpet!! Lurve me some new carpet!!

    Hope you have a blessed and happy New Year!!

  8. love the post christmas clean-out! my boys give away something for every gift they got. it’s great! (though they often want to give away the small mcdonalds happy meal toy to replace the HUGE set of legos we got!) oh well . . . love that clean out!

  9. I can see it’s not good for me to come here when you’re feeling all clean-ey and organize-y. I hope it passes, soon, for I avoid work like this at all costs.

  10. But, I am excited for your new carpet. Partial move-outs aside, it’s quite nice.

  11. I feel a little stressed myself just thinking about getting in a bathing suit this SUMMER, let alone mid-February!!

  12. Wow, what an undertaking! But so worth the hassle, I’d say.
    It’s all about Birthdays here this week so the decorations wait until New Years day to be taken down.
    There are some really cute swimsuit cover ups out there these days. 🙂

  13. I am so ready to take down the decorations, too! My in laws are coming though and she likes to see them up when she comes. She always says something about the 12 days of Christmas and so and so.

    New carpet! Yay for you! I’ve really enjoyed mine the last couple months. What a difference!

    I am cleaning a bit this week but mostly taking it easy. We have another weeks off with the kids. I hope I make it! 😉

  14. I cannot imagine the undertaking of picking up this house so we could get new carpet. I am feeling purge-arrific myself, although I am working hard at avoiding the over 6 months of paperwork calling to me from the top of our bill cabinet. I would rather mop than file, and that says a lot!

  15. I was putting it off but reading your blog has just inspired me to free the house of merry christmas and prepare for happy new year…time to wake the kids up so they can get busy packing it all away!

  16. I had something to say about tree-taking-downage and mass purging of boys’ rooms…but I totally lost my train of thought at the mention of squeezing into a swimsuit.


  17. New carpet ranks right up there with a newly sharpened pencil and fresh pad of paper, and a blank calendar…oh, the possibilities!

    Today I’m writing thank you notes and getting my church flower memorials process organized – my rookie year so I’m trying to avoid the inevitable misprints in the church bulletin “in loving memory of her wife, Mr. Alfred M. Smith, by her daughters, Saarah and George Smmith.” Yikes – the pressure. Going shopping tomorrow – all by myself with gift cards in hand – the guiltiest of pleasures.

  18. New carpet? YAY! We DO need to catch up soon, I see.

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