Oh, the horror

Somewhere in the deep fog I heard it.

Loud, insistent.

Strangely familiar, yet unknown, like the lady you run into at the grocery store and you feel like you know her but can’t place her name.

I hurriedly grabbed Mr. CPQ’s arm.

“WHAT IS THAT?” I cried with desperation.

He gazed at me with a mixture of pity and tenderness, leaned in close and whispered….

“It’s called an alarm clock.”

Apparently someone thought I needed practice getting up early since I haven’t done so in six weeks.

Apparently, someone doesn’t value his life.

Have a nice day.


18 responses to “Oh, the horror

  1. Yes, I understand. My husband woke me up with his alarm (which he didn’t need on his DAY OFF), the day after Christmas. grrr

  2. Funny. The Mister sets TWO alarm clocks because he HATES to be late for work.

    This morning the 2nd never rang, and he jumped out of bed at 6:30 as if the house was on fire when he realized what happened.

    He wasn’t happy.

    In nearly 15 years of marriage, this is probably only the third time he has ever missed the alarm.

    I kind of laughed a little….after he left… cuz I do value my life.

  3. Heh.
    I have these things called “lesson plans” that keep popping up in my to-do list. Down right pesky things, I tell you.

  4. Alarm clocks are EVIL!

  5. I set mine to get groceries early this morning. It had been blinking 12 for over a week when the electricity had gone off.

    While I can’t believe all the errands I finished quickly this morning — I won’t ever consider early shopping a habit. Brian and I have been staying up past midnight and sleeping in til 9 or 10a.m.
    Monday is going to be SO hard if I don’t stop acting like I’m still in college. 🙂

  6. Oh… there is nothing worse than the sound of an obtrusive and raucous alarm clock. I get Jack to give me a nudge- okay several nudges- and turn on the light instead. And it still takes me about 10 minutes to talk myself into getting up. Oh, to be a morning person…

  7. Ditto Janet’s comment! (Except for the grocery shopping.) I have no idea how to get up before 8…Monday is going to be a disaster.

    What amazes me is just how little I can accomplish during the day. I sure hope this changes when the new year rolls in…

  8. ahahaha I hate that feeling of confusion when you’re jerked from sleep — I feel so helpless and alone . . . haha

    anyways, we’re taking in two babies (11months and 2yrs) from a family downtown for a little while — 2 babies with NO schedule/sleeping routine . . . so I’m buying large quantities of caffeine now . . . the two year old stayed with us on sat night and when he woke up at 6am his cry was so loud I SHOT out of bed, faster than I have before in my life. I mean that boy has a LOUD cry — Jayci’s is nothing compared to that!!!

  9. I had a passing thought this morning that I should be alarm clock training my kids again. But the quiet while I was getting ready for work! Beautiful! Priceless! Worth repeating? Definitely, at least for a day or two more.

  10. Back home for the first time in a week, the husband sets the alarm for his “normal” time to get up and go to the gym before work. He then proceeds to snooze the alarm for a ding dang hour and a half this morning. And I proceeded to slug him in the stomach.

  11. Alarm clock?? What’s that??

    I have 3 Alarm Chicks.

  12. I am so sorry. I’ll never tell if you decide to take a quick nap.

  13. oh the sadness. . . we are still running on christmas break rules. no alarms! except the two year old who insists on getting us up before 7 every loving morning. . . .

    okay, so maybe we do have an alarm set. i just can’t hit him to turn it off. 🙂

    (p.s. i would NEVER do such a thing, of course!)

  14. I have a love/hate relationship with alarm clocks!! I LOVE that I don’t have to get up by anymore!!

    Unfortunately, my hubs does…so I HATE the fact that he lets it go off for 30 minutes EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING.

  15. Oh man. Yes, its been awhile for me too. Almost 5 weeks of track out and only a few days left before its time to start setting the alarm again. Ugh. I am so not a morning person. Unfortunately, I’m not a night person either. I guess I’m just a sleepy person!
    Did you make it to the movie today? I would’ve gone with you if we were in town, but we’re still at my parents house in VA. I can be bribed to do just about anything for an icee. Especially a coke one! 🙂

  16. I have had 6 months to sleep in since my 15 yr. old has been homeschooling. Now I say sleep in because I have insomnia and I don’t sleep well. I sometimes sleep good from 4 to 8. He is starting his new school on Monday and sleep or no sleep, I will be getting up by the dreaded alarm. I do not look forward to it.

  17. You must plot ways of getting him back. Or at least that is what I would do. Especially when the hubs thinks it’s funny to do such things to me.

  18. That’s grounds for divorce. Just sayin’ 😉

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