Swing Lo Mein

This weekend, inspired by ImNotNed’s family tradition, we went to the Chinese buffet for a post-Christmas break from ham and green bean casserole and the celebratory Christmas taquito.  Mr. CPQ didn’t want to drive to our usual strip mall buffet, so we opted for one that’s recently opened a little closer to to our house.

This particular buffet seemed to cater to the native crowd as evidenced by the gelatinous mound of quivering chicken feet that graced the steam tray, as well as dishes identifiable only to those who read Mandarin.  The kids were disappointed by the lack of kid friendly food, and I tried to explain to them that the Chinese didn’t invent pizza OR the nugget, which started Baby A down a long and winding road about Marco Polo visiting China and he should have taught them how. Realizing his discourse was getting him nowhere closer to a slice of pepperoni, he ended up settling on lo mein and copious amounts of dessert, because nothing say authentic Asian cuisine like boatloads of banana pudding.

There was no koi pond from which to filch quarters, so the boys settled for absconding extra chopsticks so they could poke each other, whack each other over the head and generally use them for any other purpose other than intended.  I decided since they already had the chopsticks, I’d give them the chance to practice their skills and made some lo mein of my own last night using this recipe because it called for water chestnuts and I’ve had a can of them sitting in my pantry gathering dust because I didn’t know what to do with them.

Apparently, I haven’t known what to do with them since 2006.

When they expired.

I wasn’t quite ready for Jesus comin’ for to carry me home before I spent my birthday gift card to Michael’s, so I ditched the chestnuts in favor of snow peas.

They worked just fine, and we were all happy.

And alive.

The end.

Have a nice day.


10 responses to “Swing Lo Mein

  1. We have def needed a break from the ham/turkey fest too…we went for pizza. It was good. : )

    Have fun at Michaels…a new year always inspires me to get back to my scrapbooking…maybe this will be the year I finally catch up.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Water chestnuts? Marinate overnight in soy sauce. Roll in brown sugar. Wrap in 1/2 slice of bacon and secure with toothpick. Bake on foil-wrapped cookie sheet until bacon is done. HEAVEN. Seriously. I’m making some tomorrow. 🙂

  3. I’m sure Christen meant to add, “non-expired” to the “Water chestnuts” question and recipe. 😉

    I’ll have to have Big call Baby A and describe his foods of the day the next time he goes to China. This is a nightly phone call adventure he saves for the kids each time he’s away. I’m sure he’s eaten some sort of chicken (or other) nugget, but as you suggest, it might’ve come in a different form than…well…”formed”.

  4. NON-expired? What? Why, that would take away all the tanginess! 🙂


    (Good pt!) 😉

  5. The big family get together is at our house next year. As much as I love ham and green bean casserole, I’ve decided we are having something unexpected for Christmas dinner – maybe lasagne.

  6. Chicken FEET???
    Another reason for me to avoid Chinese buffets

  7. I have a jar of pimentos that would pair well with your water chesnuts. I’m sure Pioneer Woman could make something out of that.
    BONUS: We’ve found a Chinese buffet that serves taquitos!

  8. I’m just happy to know that there are other people who hang on to expired cans of produce for sentimental reasons.

    Or because we’re too lazy to clean out our pantrys.

  9. Tip of the day regarding timely pantry purging . . . check the date before someone asks for the loan of a can of cake frosting . . . an ’05 dated version might just ruin the cake.

    Just sayin

  10. marco polo?

    brilliance. blinding brilliance!

    I love your boys already.

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