OCD or Hoarding with Sus

First let me say I blame genetics  for my overstocked situation.  My mother at all times kept at least two lasagnas at the ready in the freezer because she never knew who was coming home for lunch after church on Sunday and she liked to be prepared.

If she’s said it once, she’s said it a thousand times, “I’d rather have too much than too little.”

I like bounty, as evidenced by the abundance on my thighs, but when I get into purge mode (which happens about 6.8 seconds after all the Christmas presents are unwrapped and the living room looks like a bomb exploded), it’s “all exits no waiting” in cleaning out the shelves, cupboards and closets.  Every year, I pull every ding dang can and box out of the pantry, organize and re-stock my shelves, making note of what I have in a binder.

Ditto for the freezers.

Yes, plural.

I’m southern.

It’s my birthright to have a deep freeze.

I spend about an hour playing spin the bottle with the lists and marrying items from both and concoct my meal ideas (which follow) to guide my cooking for the month.  Everything on the list uses what’s on my shelf.  I will have to buy milk, eggs, fresh fruit/veggies and bread for school lunches, but I otherwise plan on sticking to my menu for the next 3-4 weeks unless Mr. CPQ decides he needs a fry fix and ditches the plan for the Golden Arches.

And yes, there’s meat at every meal.

I have men in my house.

That I try to keep happy.

Beef Dishes

  1. Moroccan meatballs w/couscous
  2. Chili w/cornbread
  3. Golden meatballs with egg noodles, peas
  4. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn
  5. Provencal steak, au gratin potatoes, creamed spinach
  6. Beef stew, corn muffins
  7. Pot roast, twice baked potatoes, broccoli
  8. Beef enchiladas w/mexican rice
  9. Steak kabobs, rice

Chicken Dishes

  1. Swiss chicken and rice, green beans
  2. King ranch chicken
  3. Patty sandwiches
  4. White chicken chili

Pork Dishes

  1. Pork and black bean chili
  2. Chops, fried okra, creamed corn
  3. BBQ sandwiches, corn on the cob
  4. Pressed Cuban sandwiches
  5. Kielbasa with penne mac and cheese, broccoli

Italian Dishes

  1. Lasagna (in honor of my mom!)
  2. Orechiette with broccoli and sausage
  3. Calzones
  4. Pizza
  5. Sausage, pepper and onion subs

Fish Dishes

  1. Shrimp jambalaya
  2. Clam chowder
  3. Shrimp and grits
  4. Asian shrimp stir fry w/rice noodles
  5. Crab Alfredo

I think that’ll tide me over for a while… Anybody want to come over for dinner?

Have a nice day.

27 responses to “OCD or Hoarding with Sus

  1. I’d love to come dinner! Don’t mind if I do! I was just thinking the other day how nice it would be if someone cooked me dinner or a change. I figured out that’s why I like to go out to dinner once in a while. It’s not that I can’t cook, it’s that I just like to eat something that I didn’t shop for and didn’t have to cook.

    All your meals sound yummy. How do you make Mexican rice? I always think I should serve some with my enchiladas, but never really looked too hard for a recipe. Guess by the time the enchilada was gone, I was too stuffed to even think of looking for more food! I’ll watch for updates on how the troops loved your home-cooked meals. We are spoiling these future husbands with our cooking prowess!! ha!

  2. Wow! That is absolutely amazing that you are stocked up for the month. Sure makes grocery shopping less of a hassle. Unfortunately I’m a stick to the list kind of gal and we are raking the bottom at the end of the week because I didn’t buy anything that wasn’t on the meal list. My poor family!

    Good to know about the extra lasagna on Sunday. 🙂

  3. Um, yes, I’d love to come to dinner. All month. With my whole family!
    This list is amazing. I am flabbergasted at your ability to take a list and make a menu. Talent. I can’t do that to save my life. You need to teach a class!!
    Moroccan meatballs….recipe?

  4. You have a gift, my friend. Either that or an insanely large pantry and freezer. No, I’m going with gift. And the bonus prize is you can always figure out appropriate sides. Sides are the accessories of the food world. You’ve always been good with accessories.

  5. Good gracious that’s a lot of food!!! I’m impressed!!

  6. Of course.

    What is Swiss Chicken and Rice?

  7. Oh how I miss fried okra!

    You do know that since you posted that you will be obligated to post recipes (with photos) as they occur! hee hee

  8. Yes, please. And can I bring Jack, too? He’s very kind, but gets a little weary of my attempts to be healthy (i.e. spaghetti squash and spinach cornbread).

  9. wow. impressed. thanks for the ideas!

  10. Men and their meat!

  11. My deep freeze has followed me for three house moves. I love it so. I need to dig through it and match up some good meal lists. If only it wasn’t 14 degrees outside. I’ll just come over for supper at your place instead.

  12. Oh my! You rock! What time?

  13. I SO want to be you when I grow up. I am not a southerner with two feezers, but I do have quite a stock pile of food that nary a dinner will make.

    Someone needs to invent a website that you could put in all the different foods you have on hand and WHAMO you have a recipe. Cause I would love to know what to do with that whole chicken in my freezer, the can of pumpkin, the frozen hamburger buns, and the can of tuna I have on hand….

    Hey if you aren’t busy later…


  14. well i, for one, am impressed – that’s some great organization and planning ahead my friend 🙂

  15. Wow. I think i like OCD in you.

    Um…i’m getting a bit of a complex, here. I’m not southern. I don’t think I’m a Yank. Or maybe I am. What am I?

  16. Great list. I plan my menus weekly and then shop accordingly. Unfortunately I only have a small freezer so stockpiling is not an option. I post my menus each week on my What’s for Supper? page. I forsee a couple of your ideas migrating to my pages …

  17. I’m southern too and I have a freezer:)

    I have men in the house too. Meat for every meal.

    BUT my son would prefer the golden arches even though I cook like Paula Deen:(

  18. You know, if you would feed all of us, just one night, you would have nothing left in your pantry at all. 🙂

    Doesn’t a “Clean out your pantry” potluck meal at a friend’s house sound like fun? Everyone could bring a dish so we wouldn’t really eat all your food (although eating all your food does sound like fun b/c you seem to be one amazing cook!!! I want to take notes!).

  19. You go girl! Love the menu. Wish it was mine…

    I, too , have a freezer. It’s one of those items on my ‘cannot live without’ list. Right next to my laptop, camera, and front loader.

    Are you planning to post / link to recipes?? I would be most happy if you did. 😀

  20. As a gift to me for having my second baby, my Dear Aunt Dot gave me my first deep freezer. I cherish it and keep it fully stocked! When Boston Butts are 98 cents per lb., split breasts are 88 cents per lb., boneless breasts are 1.88 per lb., etc. I can stock up and save so much money that way. You can throw a turkey breast, frozen solid, into a crock-pot, throw some seasonings on top and leave it cooking for 8-10 hours and come home to a fully cooked and tasty, too.

    I am impressed with your menu and aspire to be like you! When’s dinner?

  21. So, how much do you charge to do that for us? 🙂 Amazing.

  22. This is funny because I am the complete opposite and only have enough food on hand for the week (of planned meals)….with snacks around all the time.
    My mother in law and grandmother in law cannot stand this about me, and they always wonder aloud to my husband if we have enough food in case company drops in. The funny part is that we have friends over a lot, but no one ever “drops by” for dinner.
    Anyway, this just made me laugh because I see genetics run deep, and it makes me appreciate my MIL more!

  23. …and the crowd goes WILD!!!

    Um, how bad is it if I don’t know what half of your dishes are?? I’m thinking that YOU are southern but your dishes are NOT (well, some of them are..thanks for joining us, meatloaf).

    I am needin’ some amps turned UP on my dinner skills..I’m embarrassed to tell you that tonight was hot dogs and chips. That’s.it. Sheesh.

  24. Yes please.

    Now can you come and create MY meal plan for the month. Thanks.

    Also thanks to you, I’m craving fried okra…which sadly I never get unless I’m visiting Grandma in Arkansas.:(

    May have to try that White chicken chili tonight.

  25. Oh to tell you that I’m shocked that you have all of that on hand! But really, I’ve come to find out that nothing that happens in the old CPQ house really is shocking anymore!

    I’m Southern, too. And I have a deep freeze. But mine doesn’t hold kebabs and coucous. Mine has deer heads awaiting mounting and ziplock baggies full of squirrel and rabbit.

    Add that to your menu plan! 🙂 The boys will LOVE it!

  26. I’ll be right over. I hope you’re serving your pork and black bean chili because I have made this, personally, at least a couple of times. And I heart your pork and black bean chili.

  27. I’m Southern too and that’s why I have a deer head in my deep freeze. Ew.

    I’m trying to stock up on canned goods for the coming Apocalypse or economic meltdown…whichever comes first.

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