A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

1.  The good news is that I lived to write this post.  It was a sketchy proposition since I decided to use the  six months out of date slightly expired cans of clams to make chowder last night, but a) we all lived to tell about it, b) the kids loved it, and most importantly c) it used three things in the pantry.

No harm, no foul.

2.  Mr. CPQ and I had a fashion discussion yesterday over a new catalog that came in the mail.  I flipped through it, bemoaning the lack of items with long enough sleeve and/or cuff length and then I announced that I was totally over buying things that almost fit or were a color I could sorta’ live with.  In my “I am woman hear me roar” voice, I issued this declaration to which he replied, “Yeah, you’re at that point in life now where you’re not going to get many more bites at the apple, so you’d better make them good ones.”

Hmphh….at least I’m still biting through the peel….I think he’s getting closer to the core.

3.  Speaking of eating, the new diet plan for my son is going well.  He’s lost seven pounds since mid-November, which is pretty amazing considering the fact that we’ve traveled, celebrated two major holidays, and just navigated Bowl Week.  I’m incredibly proud of him.  It is not easy to be a ten year old and say “no” to a cupcake.

It’s not easy doing it at 40, either.

We’re tackling the exercise part of the plan with a little more vigor this month, so hopefully he’ll continue to make good progress.  Our next check is in 3 months.

4.   Whimzie finally got the hint and posted my tea mix recipe.  I have been without it for a week now and was reaching epic depths of despair.  I’m giving myself grace on the no grocery shopping thing to get the ingredients because given my slightly psychotic breakdown over its absence means that this purchase is for MEDICINAL purposes.

5.  Speaking of medicine, did you know that Nyquil now has  a new cherry vanilla flavor?  This is throwing me into a quandary because I take the red version for regular colds and the green version for severe colds even though I realize there’s not an iota of difference between the two.  I’m not sure how to throw cherry vanilla into the mix but I feel like I need to come up with a decision tree  now so that I’m prepared  should the need arise.

I wonder how it would taste with expired clams.

I may soon find out.

Have a nice day.

22 responses to “A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

  1. What the heck is that supposed to mean, Mr. CPQ? I think I might have had to go through the check/wreck scenario with Jack if he’d made that mistake. You hear me, honey?

    And I’m so proud of our little friend and his seven pounds. That’s awesome and quite amazing considering all the ubiquitous calorie rich food of the holidays. Give him a high five for me!

    And the Nyquil decisi0n tree is quite amusing, my friend.

    Quite amusing indeed…

  2. 1. Oh, Mr. CPQ, your “teacher” would be awarding you one of his famous “C’s” for your forehead about now! (for “clueless…)
    2. Horray for the 7 lbs. loss! Way to go TMan!
    3. I had your recipe… & would have gladly shared it. So sorry you haven’t been well!
    4. Most of the time those dates on food mean nothing (even w/milk, the best test is the sniff test)
    5. No comment on Nyquil…never tried it.
    Have a great day!

  3. I never know how to play the expiration game. I know honey never expires – yet there’s an expiration date! But then I’ve heard of really bad things happening by using expired cake mixes. ???

    Great job on the 7 pounds! That’s such a big hurdle!

  4. I don’t clams..fresh or expired. Glad you did, though.

    So proud of that hardworking son of yours!!

    Hope you can settle down now between the tea and Nyquil..I think you’re set! 😉

  5. You’re a hoot and you’ve gotten my day off to a great start!

  6. Wow! 7 lbs is a huge achievement, especially in a growing body! Double especially around The freefall which is Nov-Dec.

    That Mr. CPQ is quite the witty one. Almost keeps up with you. 😉

  7. Oh, that Mr. CPQ. He’s either super brave. Or super stupid.

    Let me know which it is.

  8. Maybe you should mix your cherry-vanilla flavored Nyquil with your MEDICINAL tea.

    Oh, and let T know I’ve found his seven pounds. They’re wrapped around my waist.

  9. 7 pounds?! Could you kindly ask him to pass along his 10 year old will power??? Great job, Dude! (did saying Dude just make me uncool?)

    I think the cherry-vanilla should be for the “fresh out of spiced tea” cold. Just sayin’.

  10. You just reminded me that I love Russian tea…think I’ll make some today.

    I’d stay away from cherry vanilla nyquil…it might spoil cherry vanilla everything for you from now on.

  11. I know you’ve trained Mr. CPQ to know better. I’m going to give him a bye and blame it on the paint fumes.

    I took some Nyquil last night (original flavor). Woke up not sure what day it was. That’s some strong stuff, that Baptist wine.

    I am beyond proud of the other Mr. T and love him so. And miss him. Isn’t time for another road trip?

  12. THANK YOU for harassing whimzie until she posted the Russian Tea Recipe…I have been craving said tea since uh, the temp dropped below 40!!! I haven’t had it since 1992.
    I’ve “heard” that a dash of Goldschlager is a WONDERFUL addition to Chai tea and Russian tea alike and also warms the insides….

  13. YAY for Baby C…or is he B….Well you know which one he is….I’m proud of him too!

    And look at you, making all those fourth decade decisions….can’t wait to join you there. And I mean it.

    I think Cherry Vanilla sounds like it would good for a mixed drink.

  14. What an accomplishment for Mr.T! I am SO proud of him.
    Hope the Nyquil comment doesn’t mean you are getting sick again. When they start making java flavored Nyquil, then I’ll bite.

  15. Expired clams? I am very impressed….I think.

    Yeah on your son losing 7 lbs. That is awesome!

  16. expired clams? that made me shiver a little 🙂 and 7 lbs is great! what a fantastic job!

  17. eewww. expired clams?

    i think I have said eewww like 3 or 4 times in your blog comments. I will try to stop being such a sissy.

  18. cherry vanilla nyquil??? no way!! i love the cherry kind when a good old cold comes along. might have to make a trip to the store myself. . . thanks for the tip. 🙂


  19. 1. Thanks for sharing chowder recipe. Have I heard of this before? Name sounds familiar.
    2. Wow on the7 lbs!!!! I should be more like him.
    3. Cherry Vanilla sounds like it would be one of those sonic drinks you like. Maybe mix it with the Dr. Pepper??
    4. Love Omom’s sissy comment!

  20. p.s. like my long hair picture? that’s what happens to your hair when you go to DC for the weekend. ha!

  21. 7 lbs!! Great job to both of you!!

    Cherry vanilla Nyquil might entice me to use it. The regular and cherry make me gag and are almost worse than going without!

  22. The tea mix looks amazing. And I’ve always heard it called Russian Tea, also.

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