Ow, ow, ow, Susie’s Cryin’ (apologies to Van Halen)

I just got back from Target where I spent thirty minutes in the lotion aisle desperately trying to find something to help me out.  I’d post a picture of my dry legs and cracked skin, but I’m sensitive to the fact that some of you read my blog before breakfast and I just love you too much to inflict such emotional trauma on you.

I normally use Eucerin lotion and Aveeno non-soap bath wash, but they’re not cutting it, and I need to do something lest I frighten small Jamaican children when I don my swimsuit next month.

Canadian friends? Adrienne in Chicago? Blizzard-enduring Plains dwellers from Nebraska?  Mountain folk?

Y’all have to have the answer.

Have a nice day.


37 responses to “Ow, ow, ow, Susie’s Cryin’ (apologies to Van Halen)

  1. AQUAFOR. it’s like vaseline. oh, you knew i’d know!

  2. i might add you could then wrap yourself in saranwrap and sit on the couch with hot towels on your legs. just don’t burn yourself for pete’s sake!

  3. I hope your friends will tell you something that will also be good for cuticles. Mine are so sad.

  4. I will give an amen to aquafor too!

    Just had a manicure yesterday and was struck by how much my hands look like my moms lately. She’s turning 80. Yeah.

  5. Eucerin Calming Cream in the huge tube. It’s much better than the lotion.

  6. OLIVE OIL…yes, you might smell like a tossed salad, but it feels great. I put it on as I get out of the shower if I am really dry. (Extra virgin – and not the garlic & herbed – is best. 🙂 It won’t clog your pores and it will soak in well – it doesn’t take a lot. Use an old wash cloth and pour just a bit into it, rub it on your legs and arms. But do NOT try to open a door afterward without something to give you a bit of…traction? 🙂

  7. My daughter’s asthma specialist prescribes Nivea for excema and dry skin. We love it.

  8. i had a friend who used olive oil too. but then you’ll be stuck in the house because you won’t be able to open a door…

  9. I like Aquaphor too, but since it’s like Vaseline, I eventually have to wipe it off so I can go outside. BUT…..if I swore, which I may or may not do, I would swear loudly about Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion. I do not like lotion, but I get such dry skin that my hands bleed (good morning) and this stuff really helps. It stings when you 1st put it on, but just for a few seconds then it really seems to heal them up. And it rubs right in & I don’t have to wipe it off. It’s not cheap, but you don’t need too much of it and it really helps.

  10. Oh….I have the answer!! My neighbor, for Christmas gave me “Sleep Sugar Scrub” – Lavender Chamomile from the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy.

    You basically are scrubbing sugar and lavender oils all over your body. You have to exfoliate the dry skin before it will even start to moisturize the skin underneath.

    It is HEAVENLY, smells SO good and my skin is so soft. (I do have skin that gets TOO dry to describe on a public forum.)

    Hope this helps and I’ve been praying for your family –sounds like a rough week from your tweets. I’m thinking about ya!

  11. Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey moisturizing lotion works for me in the dry environs of Idaho.

  12. I love Bath and Body Works’ “Lay It On Thick” cream and “Look Ma, New Hands” for my dry cracked winter hands that I’m sporting right now. Slather on, cover up, and your skin says “AAAH!” Or if that doesn’t work: Vaseline!

  13. I have really dry skin and ever since we moved to eastern washington (where it is really dry) It has been even worse. For my Bday last Nov. my Mom gave me some new lotion:
    Lubriderm-Intense Skin Repair. (It says NEW on the bottle)
    It is amazing and feels so good, not greasy at all. I usually get little patches of excema (sp?) in the winter but have had none since I’ve been using it.
    On another note my doctor says drink more water for dry skin. my doctor thinks water cures everything though.

  14. My children have dry skin and our allergist recommends this regimen. Soak in luke warm water, no soap for about 30 minutes, or until the water is cold. Then, within 3 minutes of getting out, use Nutraderm orignial formula everywhere. I even use it on my face and love it. Nutraderm is a little hard to find, but we have a local pharmacy that carries it and most other pharmacies can order it. It is wonderful. Also, use cetaphil to wash with instead of soap. Can you tell I have experience with this problem?

  15. Have you tried any of the Burts Bee’s stuff? It’s natural, it’s hydrating, and it smells good. The only problem is that it is expensive. But you won’t be sorry.

  16. During a period of super dry skin….. I used Neutrogena oil after my shower/bath. It comes in a tall bottle….you just put a layer on when you get out of the water and let it absorb. It helped!

  17. I find it funny that I read this post, then clicked on the next post in my Google Reader and found this:


    Praying you find some good stuff for it!

  18. This is new territory for me, too. We’re so used to all the humidity that our idea of moisturization is stepping outside and letting the armpit sweat drip down to our palms. Gross…but you know it’s true.

  19. Ok, I totally relate because I live in Arequipa, Peru, which means I live at about 8,000 feet in the desert. Dry, dry, dry. You need Glysolid Glycerin Cream for Skin. ‘Nuf said, except you’ll have to figure out where to get it in your area. I know it’s on Amazon.

  20. Well, I’m a little late to the party, but yes, Aquaphor is the bomb. Or try coconut oil.
    Even better? Make Kellie’s fondant icing. You’ll use lots of Crisco and it will make your hands as smooth as silk. Won’t help the old legs though.
    Oh yea! I forgot. I got a body scrub from Etsy. It is fabulous for your legs.

  21. Thank you for the Van Halen reference! I could do without the visual of David Lee Roth, however.

    No miracle cure to suggest for the dry skin, other than a trip to Jamaica. I’m sure that would cure it!

  22. Not surprisingly, I’ve got nothin’. If I did, I’d have to turn in my Man Card.

    Maybe C can help you. I heard he got his Man Card suspended after that whole basmati rice incident.

  23. I think you should get your doctor to write you a prescription to go to to a sub tropic island all by yourself with mandated umbrella drinks and a cabana boy to wait on you hand and foot…

    …I’ll bet that clears up your dry skin, among other ailments…


  24. Girrrl, (insert cluck) you got some ashay legs?

    So sorry.

  25. ok, only skimmed the comments but we just recently discussed this w/ Connor’s dr–aquaphor or ointment kind of stuff..NOT lotion…also, he said it’s worse if you use super hot water to wash..which we do..it dries your skin out more..so maybe (even though we’re in a ridiculous cold snap) until you heal a bit not so steamy hot showers (and I’m assuming here that you are like me and could burn flesh w/ the temperature of your daily shower).

  26. Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil – whew, such a long name for a great product. It seems contradictory to have a body wash and shower oil together… Here’s what the marketing department says: “Gently cleanses with a mild lather while natural omega oils soothe and protect.” I start using it in December and don’t stop until April. Imnotned is tweeting you a picture of the label.

  27. i love my arbonne skin cream! it’s way cool, smells really good, and heals up dry skin in a moment! be sure and look at the ingredients on all that stuff. there are all kinds of petrolatum by-products, and the non-natural oily stuff will actually over the long haul strip the natural oils off your skin! it’s crazy, but makes me love my all-natural approach all the better!

  28. I’ve got nothing.

    Except an urge to go shopping and buy up some of the sweet smellin’, keep you from itching stuff.

    And…what’s up with Gretchen? She made me spit water on my computer.

    Oh yeah, I do have this…last year, my sister was having a terrible time with the winter dry skin and used Neutragena after her shower, but before she completely dried off.

    Feel better!

  29. I put whatever cream I have handy on my hands really thick and then put on rubber gloves while I clean … pretty much as long as I can handle rubber gloves. It helps.

    I love Neutragena New Hands too. At least I think that is what it is called. So sad that I can’t remember!!! I think I have more serious problems than dry hands!

  30. So you already have the sugar scrub, Sugar…
    I just borrowed G.’s book to figure out what’s best for dry skin (I have it year round) since I’m running out of stuff. I’ll let you know what I find.

  31. Don’t laugh but by Zim’s Crack Creame…you can get it at your local pharmacy!

  32. Ashay legs…Titter.

    Um…put lotion on (Eucerin, etc.) while your legs are still wet from the shower. Feels slick and slimy, but i swear, it sinks in and makes them feel smooth when you dry out.

    Yeah, and your mom (O Mom’s Dr.) was right. Curses. Foiled again. Must exchange Diet Coke for Diet Water.

  33. Cerave.

    You can find it at most drug stores. Apparently I’m not the only one who believes in it around here as I tried to buy some more the other night and Walgreens was COMPLETELY OUT. The checker girl said that some woman had come in about two hours earlier and bought every. single. one.

  34. I went out and bought the Gold Bond lotion with shea butter. LOVE that stuff! It sinks right in and it feels like there’s a protective coating (but not sticky or slippery–it’s dry) on your hands. Will definitely buy this again.

  35. Yes, I did post this

    I love what one reader told me to use— the ingredient list looks wonderful

    She wrote…

    “You might think this is crazy, but hear me out! I have Yorkies, not kids, so we use Cloud Star Buddy Wash (the lavender/original scent). It’s “soap” free (No SLS) I use it in all of my soap dispensers (diluted w/ distilled water in those foaming dispensers) I use it as a body wash and of course, I use it on my dogs once or twice a week. My groomer friend switched to it and it kept her hands from drying out. I have yet to encounter a dog smell/mess it can’t get out, so I don’t worry about the lack of “soap”. I have not found a human shampoo or body wash, as pure as this – especially for $10 for a big bottle! It lathers up pretty well so you’ll get some bubbles, but it rinses away cleanly. Next time I bathe the pups I will add the soap before the dogs and send you a picture of the bubbles. I will seriously use this on my kids when I have them. It smells so good! 🙂

    Buddy Wash Ingredients:
    Coconut shampoo base, aloe vera gel, essence of lavender, essence of mint, chamomile extract, sage extract, nettles extract, rosemary extract, wheat protein extract (natural deodorizing agent), tea tree oil, vitamin E, vitamin C.”

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