In which I’m overly chatty about my day

I decided yesterday I needed to get out of the house before I became accustomed to the hermit life.  With all the cold weather I haven’t wanted to set one big toe outside unless it was absolutely necessary but my to-do list has been growing longer and longer and while the resolution iron was still hot, I wanted to strike.

I started at the car dealership to get the oil changed on the Suburban.  It was a spur of the minute decision I made as I left the carpool line and I didn’t stop to think that I might not be quite ready for primetime which means I showed up looking like I had just rolled out of bed slightly disheveled and cranky to boot because I forgot to bring my traveling cup of coffee that normally accompanies me to school every morning.  But I rallied and the customer service man did a very nice job of not making a comment about my hair and kudos to his wife for training him so well.

From the dealership I came home, had a general discussion with Whimzie which may or may not have touched on meatballs, how long chicken stock keeps in the freezer, what constitutes an emergency, ironing or the lack thereof, and plans for dinner.  This all important conversation out of the way, I then showered, applied makeup and dashed off to the DMV to renew my license and to document for all posterity that my hair does NOT dry well for the first two weeks after it’s cut.  My otherwise busy day came to a screeching halt as I walked in the door to be greeted by a roomful of waiting customers and only three agents on duty.

Never mind that it was peak time and people might want to get in and out on their lunch hour.

Not that it annoyed me enough to document it on my blog AND send a Tweet to the DOT to complain about it in under 140 very nice and pointed characters.

Moving on.

I did manage to pass the time texting and emailing friends who I’m sure had better things to do than listen to me go on and on about my plight, but the visit was not without redeeming social value because of the hilarity that ensued from the VERY LOUD conversation between the picture taking person and the lady that wanted to make sure the photograph on her driver’s license was capturing her at the right angle and to her satisfaction.

Apparently the right angle for her was not an angle approved by Homeland Security for photo identification purposes and so for five full minutes and in ever increasingly loud tones I heard the photographer tell her to lower her chin, stop squinting her eyes, drop her shoulders, etc.  I never knew picture taking could be so traumatic and I tried to stifle a giggle but when I heard the exasperated, “LADY, WILL YOU PLEASE TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND JUST RELAX!”, it was all over for me and the whole rest of the room.

I managed to pass the signs test with flying colors, got my picture made with without the benefit of a mirror to make sure my bangs were fluffed just right and that my double chin wasn’t showing, and finally, one hour after I arrived, I was out the door.

From there I went to the library and had to perform the walk of shame for the January Paying of the Fines.  I hit a personal best, topping out at $52.47 in fines alone (let’s not even talk about the two permanently lost books), but fortunately they cap penalties at $10, so I cheerfully paid and promptly checked out two more books to start on next January’s payment.

I had a couple of minutes before I needed to pick up the kids so I popped into Panera for a quick lunch and ran into my friend S. who lurks on this blog (HEY GIRL!) and we chatted for a while and made plans for coffee next week.  I then went to Starbucks and discovered that my brain can only hold so complicated an order and I tried to add one more descriptive to the usual litany and therefore wound up getting so overly focused on saying “extra hot” that I ordered a tall instead of a grande and let me tell you there’s nothing more disappointing than a small cup of love when there was more that could be had.

But it warmed me up nonetheless and made me happy and got me safely to carpool where I picked up my charges who promptly came home and got sick.

Their kind of sick isn’t the kind you get over very quickly, so we’ll go back into hibernation today to recuperate and face the world tomorrow.

At least at home I have a full pot.

Have a nice day.


24 responses to “In which I’m overly chatty about my day

  1. Wow, you had a very full day. When I read your post, that is how I see it. When I would look at my own life, I would think “geez, that’s all I got done today???” It’s just one more reminder (I need them daily, yes I do) that we need to look at all we got done, and not what we didn’t! And everyone is sick again??? What is it now? Maybe y’all aren’t used to this cold weather!

  2. and p.s. our library has no cap. I one time had to pay a ridiculous amount for a kid’s paperback book that was lost, something like $23.57. I told her I could buy it on Amazon for $8.97 and she said sorry, too bad, can’t do it. Thanks. I sometimes think it’s cheaper to just buy every book from the bookstore. At least you don’t have to worry every second where it might be and if the dog got to it.

  3. Were the books at least good?

    I am smiling hugely in my d.l. picture…guess I was just so happy to have actually gotten to the picture taking station. And I think I shed a tear when I turned in my old license…it might have been the best picture I ever took. Even my husband loved it. Crazy I know because those pics are usually the worst but this one was really good.

    Hope everyone is feeling better today.

  4. I loved touching base throughout the day yesterday. Especially loved getting an email from you. It warmed my heart and energized me! 😉

    I’m still impressed by the library fine. I exercised great restraint yesterday and only checked out two books instead of the usual 15. I have a stack of books THAT I OWN waiting to be read. K really wishes I’d get help for my book hoarding ways. (That almost sounded crass. Perhaps I won’t use the word “hoard” anymore.)

  5. Oh, look! I was overly chatty about your day, too!

  6. I can’t believe you got that much done during your break! All I got done yesterday during preschool was a trip to target. (But it was a blissfully peaceful and lenghty visit!)
    My hubby swears that the best way to visit the DMV is to get there before they open. If you can be one of the first people in the door, you’re in and out before you really even have a chance to sit down. My DL expires next year, so I guess I’ll be trying out his method then. Happy Wednesday!

  7. Every once in awhile I change up my Starbucks order and I get all focused and nervousy. Reminds me how I used to feel on my 1st few visits, kinda like a 1st date. Sweaty palms, nervous laughter, and I say all the wrong things.

  8. Lucky for me that my driver’s license was automatically renewed this year. No new photo needed! And while I was very disappointed in my photo at the time- 6 weeks post baby- today I’m pretty proud of it. How sad is that?!

  9. This why we do not stray from the same order every single time, because something always goes arie.
    (I don’t know how to spell arie, but wanted to say it. I should have just said wrong)

  10. I still hang out in Starbucks virgin territory, thanks to the Delph’s absence of anything that resembles civilization.

    So I’m always getting small cups of goodness or big cups of nasty. And always with sweaty palms. It truly is an art…that ordering Bux.

  11. “there’s nothing more disappointing than a small cup of love when there was more that could be had.”

    amen, sistah. amen.

  12. Okay – I’m still not fully awake, because I thought the last line was “at least I have Pot” and I thought “Whoa Nellie!” 🙂

    Hope your sickies get better soon. I just sent brother to school today after 2 days of homeness. I need to get out an experience some outside life.

  13. Your day was WAY more interesting than mine. I’m jealous.

    Hope your kiddos are feeling better today!

  14. The DMV always seems to be a long and drawn out errand…..stresses me out.

    I never go to the library. I know that I would forget to return or lose something. I think I’m one of the only homeschoolers that I know who does not use the library(shhh, don’t tell).

    Ending with Panera and Starbucks is lovely. They just closed our local Panera 😦

  15. I demand a scan of the new license picture.

  16. Oh what a day! And I dread my upcoming walk of shame to our local library…it is ALMOST enough to make me want to stop reading all their “free” books.

  17. That was a seriously ambitious day. And I hate the DMV although I went early and had a pretty good experience. Lets just not talk about the picture.

  18. Girl, that’s exhausting….

    But do youknow what’s sadder than a tall instead of a grande?

    When you swing around to the drive-thru line, to see a giant, hand written sign on an old box cut up and flattened that says “Drive-Thru closed for construction. Please come in side!”

    To which I promptly said, out loud, “But its cold outside!?”

    So I went home.

    (mumbling)…..Drive thru closed for construction……

  19. Mentioning a girl on your blog (even if only by first initial) brings her out of the blog world shadows. Looking forward to chatting next week.

  20. I love it when you get chatty. It’s so against type for folks like you–with brief voicemail messages. 😉

  21. You are as good as a visit to Starbucks for me! In fact, more like drinking a good cup of coffee while watching a favorite I Love Lucy episode!

  22. I’m impressed with the ‘extra hot’ part…I have to wait 20 minutes to take my first sip of a tall.chai.tea.latte.whole.milk.please. Yep, I’m a tall girl – 5’7″ irl, grande’s like drinking a gallon.

  23. What a productive day! I find it amusing that you went to Panera, then to Starbucks. I guess Panera can’t meet every need. My coffee order is way simple now; however, my husband has turned in to Sally of When Harry Met Sally fame. I literally laugh out loud when I hear him order drinks at Starbucks. He uses terms like “double blended.”

  24. Oh, I hope everyone is feeling better very soon!
    I have been in serious hibernation. I wish my house showed it but…

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