Thursday Throwback

Dealing with sick ones at the house today, so I’m cheating and reaching into my photo folder for a little peek into yesteryear when I seriously rocked the fashion world.


You’re welcome.

Have a nice day.


35 responses to “Thursday Throwback

  1. Ronald McDonald is what comes to mind! Don’t you just love pics like that? When you want to say to your mother, ” what were you thinking?” ha!

  2. Not every girl had their own plane … or 3/4 sleeve shirts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey, if you got to ride in that plane, who cares what you were wearing! Flying! HOW FUN!

    Besides, it’s a very cheerful outfit. Bet everyone smiled who saw it today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You’ve always been high fashion! Consider the time frame… Hope all your sickies are done soon!

  5. Let me guess: it was taken for a GA magazine spread about you and your family! No? Cosmo?

  6. I love it! Now I would love to hear the rest of the story about the picture. Where were you going? Who flew the plane? etc.

  7. You still give people that look…

    And I think your were pretty groovy and fashionable with the awesome white collar and cuffs…

  8. As I say to my kids…it was the 70’s/80’s/whatever decade…styles seem so much more sophisticated now that I wonder if my kids will have outfit remorse when they are older and look back…I somehow don’t think it will be as severe.

  9. You’re right Kellie. I’ve seen that look before.
    (in a picture)

  10. At least you didn’t have to be dressed up like the lady in the background. Did she have to climb onto that plane in that skirt?

  11. I WILL NOT say you’re dressed like a clown.

    I WILL NOT say you’re dressed like a clown.

    I WILL NOT say you’re dressed like a clown.

    …no matter how cute it is…but if I did I would also say that your sweet face is way more eyecatching and distracting and overpowers any outfit you might be wearing!!!

    • Dude – I seriously LOVED those flowerdy overalls.

      I’m wondering what I’m wearing today that will make me cringe thirty years from now…

      • Ha! …which is why I may NEVER post throw back pics of myself. Not only did I have the outfits goin’ on but I’m pretty sure there was a “home perm” from my mom in there somewhere. And we all know how THOSE turn out. Makes your pic seem like a Vogue cover.:)

        I loved my Wonder Woman underoos too…until my parents put a picture up at church of me in them.

  12. Oh Suzie, what memories this picture brings to
    mind!! Love you,

  13. Another arrow for my quiver.

  14. Bwahahaha. I love it. And I think you and I rocked the same hairstyle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I am not looking back these days saying, What were we thinking? I am looking back, saying, “Dang. Why did I get rid of that?” ha ha.

  16. How you southerners say…”Bless your heart”?

  17. But seriously…how many people commute to school in a plane. That’s pretty rockin.

  18. I thought people say “bless her heart” when they’re covering up what they really want to say—like “I can’t believe she’s getting married for the 8th time. Oh, bless her heart.” ha!

  19. That picture makes me want french fries dipped in ketchup.

    Love me some polka dots. They are in this year, y’know. Maybe you could bring that look back ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. So cute…and I mean it. Is there any other age where you could wear polka dot overalls…AND feel sassy?? (OK, maybe 92, but I’m not there yet!)

    Besides, you were in front of an airplane…way cool.

  21. You darlin’ thing.

  22. My grandmother (my mom’s mom) said if you wore polka dots that meant you were confident and well-adjusted. Seriously, she said that. Bless her heart.

  23. I just don’t like you standing that close to the propeller, for Pete’s sake.

    And is that a Dorothy Hamill bob you’re sporting there? We could have been hair twinkies.

  24. I’m sure I rocked an outfit that was equally gorgeous in those days.

    Those were the days.

  25. That is a seriously cool picture!!!

  26. Too cute! Love the plane.

  27. that is truly amazing. such a statement on fashion– love it!

  28. I had a really similar outfit–except the overalls were white, and the shirt was a pink oxford. I wore it in a 5th grade play (with freshly cut bangs and matching hair clips). I remember trying to suck my stomach in to look skinny. Who could tell in baggy overalls? ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Hahahahahahaha! Love it!

  30. I love this outfit for all the reasons.

    rocked the fashion world, indeed.

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