Making up a title so there’s something to go here

I went back to the gym today after a week long absence due to the children who persist in hacking their lungs out on a daily basis.  I think they’re at the point they can all go back, albeit with a little pharmacological intervention, though they were doing their level best to persuade me otherwise at the breakfast table this morning.

Boys, boys, boys…you’re going to have to work on the fake sick look.  FYI, attempting ninja moves while you’re theoretically drawing your last breath is a dead giveaway that you might have a little life left in ya’ to go to school.

Upon arrival at the gym, I discovered I’d forgotten my headphones but I had these Fisher Price ones that I momentarily considered using until I remembered that other people blog and I might not want to end up on their “Guess What I Saw At The Gym” post.

So I forwent/forgoed/didn’t use the headphones and instead decided to catch up on my 90 day Bible reading program and spent 45 minutes reading about tribal head counts and enough ritualistic purification for disease that I may or may not have produced a sympathetic cough or two of my own.

Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Making up a title so there’s something to go here

  1. You totally should have used the head phones. You would have looked like Michael Phelps! (Have you seen his huge headphones he uses right before a race?)

  2. So funny…The Boy woke up today and tried to look pitiful too. I made him a hot cup of tea with some honey, gave him a kiss on the head (to check for fever…there was none), told him to suck it up and start reading.

    My spiritual gift is mercy. Can you tell?

    However, he’s been running around here like a banchi so his School-itis must be cured!

  3. Last week, on my quarterly visit to the Y I couldn’t find my headphones. So, I used Mr. Neal’s. I think I would have been better served by those FP headphones.
    Are you reading Leviticus?

  4. I’ll give you a dollar if you wear those at the gym and get someone to take a picture. Double dog dare you. Chicken!! Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!


  5. Number 1: I think you would have totally ROCKED the headphones.

    Number 2: I think you are at the part of the Bible where I dropped out of my “Read the Bible In One Year” resolution.

  6. It’s not the fact that they were attempting ninja moves- I’ve come to accept that that’s almost involuntary -it’s the amount of force behind the ninja move that must be gaged. Those sad weak kicks that only annoy not injure can’t be faked.

  7. Yet another reason I need to find a gym here…

  8. you have no idea how many times I type a comment into your blog, laugh my butt off and then erase it because I think no one else will think it was funny! This was another one of those times. haha! At least I amuse myself.

  9. those headphones are hilarious. really. funny.

  10. You are better than I, I would have had to wear the fisher price head phones. Can’t exercise without my tunes…but then tribal head counts are a close second on my list…


  11. Those are some mighty fine headphones.

    • You should know. You gave them to me, I mean to T.

      And by the way, they fit his small head very nicely, but my big one?

      Not so much.

  12. my how your bestie is taunting!!

    I have worn juju’s sparkly clip in my hair to the store out of desperation to keep my bangs at bay (it was the only thing I could find in my purse)..

    You are BLAZING on the Bible reading, girl…go on wid’ya bad self!!

  13. oh my heavens I wish you would have worn those headphones. for realz.

    ps -no headphones is a good enough reason for me to talk myself out of the gym, so i’m just impressed you went at all

    pps – i feel that way about pretty much every single blog title.

  14. Wear the FP headphones next time and take a matching sippy cup…if you’re giving them blog-fodder, might as well be a good one. Oh, and sunglasses.

  15. You could totally rock those headphones. And if you had thrown a cap over the top of them, then that would have been super awesome.

    You know…next time just take the boom box from the 80s, sit in on your shoulder, and march into the gym playing Milly Vanilli. SUHWEET.

  16. Amber is killing me here. Here I thought I could go the rest of my life w/o thinking about Milly Vanilli, and BAM, there he/they is/are.

    Anyhoo. Hate it when I don’t bring my headphones. Because then I have to work on my lipreading. And it slows me down.

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