Ask Sus Three Questions Thursday

In which I make questions up, ask them of myself, and answer them, just to have something to say….

1. Why do you choose to read a particular person’s blog?

Confession:  I read a lot of blogs, even though I don’t always leave a comment.  In fact, if you’ve ever left a comment on my blog, I’ve most likely read yours and subscribed.  It’s a sickness, this addiction to the Google Reader Subscribe button.



I read some blogs because I get tired of spaghetti and meatballs and I want inspiration in the kitchen department (or I just text Whimzie and see what she’s doing).  I read some blogs because they provoke me with their opinions with which I may or may not agree.  I read others because I in-real-life know the women behind the words and I like to know the daily-ness of what’s going on with them because we don’t see each other that often.  I read others because I think they’re good writers and I like to study their particular style to learn how and why it works.  I read some because they make me laugh.

And some blogs I read simply because I’m fascinated by the train wreck.

2.  Sus, do you like grape or strawberry jelly on your peanut butter sandwich?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say “neither”.  Yes, I know I gave myself two options that I didn’t even choose, but that’s how I roll. My favorite way to eat a peanut butter sandwich is JIF (always JIF) on white bread with lengthwise sliced bananas and a good drizzle of honey.

Big glass of milk, please, to accompany.

3.  Peanut butter and banana sounds like a match made in heaven, Sus.  Have you ever tried your hand at real matchmaking?

I was always a little boy crazy and dreamed up matches for myself on a daily basis, however only once have I tried to set up a friend with another friend.  I met Person A on-line several years ago and we’ve been friends ever since, chatting about this and that, my boys, her job, her dating life, etc.  About a year later, I met Person B through work acquaintances.  He happened to be single, attractive, employed, and conveniently lived in the same town as Person A.  While I didn’t know him well, I knew that he was easy-going and friendly, and that seemed to be enough for me to decide he’d make a good boyfriend for somebody.  I discretely inquired if he was interested in being set up and he was perfectly fine with it, so the wheels started turning in my head about how this was going to be sheer perfection for everyone.

I asked Person A if it would be okay for me (a random person she only knows on-line) to give her PRIVATE PERSONAL INFORMATION to Person B (a mere acquaintance of the random person she only knows on-line) so they could hit it off, fall in love, and live happily ever after.  She was feeling adventuresome and said, “Why not?”  So, I gave Person B her number and hoped for the best.

The best was not to be.

It was only after I set my wonderful little plan in motion that I discovered through other people that while Person B was perfectly nice and lovely, turns out that he had a bit of an “IRS problem” over this little thing called “tax evasion” and turns out he was no longer gainfully employed because he got fired.

Oh, don’t worry, friend.  He’s not an axe murderer.  He’s an unemployed convicted felon.

And thus ended my matchmaking career.

Have a nice day.

P.S. Person A and I are still speaking to each other.  Every friendship needs a good story to cement it, right?


23 responses to “Ask Sus Three Questions Thursday

  1. Ok, I found it very amusing that you asked yourself questions you made up! I don’t eat PB&J. Never have. But I’m sure I would pick grape jam. Not jelly. Jelly is too jelly-like. I don’t like my jelly to move around, so I would use jam. And I would use toast because bread is too squishy and with all that squishy peanut butter, just too much squish. I need some texture.

    And an unemployed, convicted felon…hmmm. No one’s perfect, ya know. AND it provided her with a nice story to tell! You’re the best Sus!

  2. Sometimes I feel a little sorry for PB. It rarely gets invited to the party alone. It always has to share the spotlight with J or honey or Nutella or Marshmallow Creme. So, many times I eat it and don’t invite a partner. It also keeps the pb out of the j, honey, or Nutella jars when I’m too lazy to clean off the knife between spreads.

    I’ve whittled the blogs I read in my Reader to a still unmanageable 227. I just hate to know that people are saying something somewhere and I may be missing out on a great conversation, but I’m getting over it. By the end of the week, my goal is to have only 200. Next week I’ll set a new goal.

  3. You know, I have a hard time getting into anybody’s blog that I don’t know IRL. Which makes the blog that is CPQ very special because I was hooked from the first read.

  4. Like you, I rarely comment on the blogs I read. And I read too many.

    My favorite way to eat JIF (I’m with you on that one!) is with slices of apple or in vanilla ice cream –to make sure I’m having a protein-filled snack 😉

    I’ve only tried my hand at match-making twice, and both resulted in marriages that have lasted 9 and 13 years. But I quit so as not to ruin my perfect record.

  5. I love Peanut Butter and Banana and honey!!!! On toast is even better for me.

    You crack me up – thanks for the laughs this morning.

  6. “because I’m fascinated by the train wreck”


    Oh, and seedless red raspberry is the only way to go. Anything else is an abomination. QED

  7. i just laughed really hard at your matchmaking story. i love the stories that make up our lives. . . for better and for worse!! i have many that could follow. . . .

  8. I bet he’d love a good pb and banana in the pen.

  9. It makes me say bad words in my head that I can’t know the joy of a PB&B&H sandwich. What with the whole bananas make my ears itch thing. So I just stick with the PB& honey. And only on white bread. It would be an abomination to taint the goodness with whole grain.

  10. hahaha that last story totally cracked me up — and i hope you dont read my blog because you’re fascinated by the train wreck . . .

  11. I don’t think that I’ve ever really set people up. Oh, wait, there’s one. No, two. Ok, maybe I have. But it didn’t work out even though there were no felonies involved. 🙂 Ha! That’s HILARIOUS!!

    I am a successful product of a set up though. Only took a year and a half of trying to get us to meet. And the rest is history…all year a half of it 🙂

  12. Funny, funny stuff! Sounds like the match-making of the food persuasion is more your niche.

    So, now I’m curious what catagory my blog falls under. Train wreck? 🙂

  13. You always make me laugh! However, I beg to differ on the best way to eat PB. It’s called HERSHEY’S BAR. Break long pieces, dip it straight into the PB jar, and enjoy. 🙂

  14. Don’t worry there have been worse matchmakers in the world. Just think about the person who matched Tiger and Elin Woods, or Lorainna and John Bobbitt. I mean your was only a tax evader at least wasn’t a sex addict or a person who decides to cut off her husbands…oh well you get the idea.

    Better luck next time!!! Ha Ha…


  15. I’m with Kristin on the Hershey bar dipped straight into the Jif jar, only it has to be a dark chocolate Special. Those bars are a staple at our house.

  16. have i commented before? i have read your blog for awhile; i don’t think i know you IRL, but i do know some of your friends; you seem hilarious! this post was too funny and i am loving the randomness of asking and answering your own questions; as for PB&_, I’m afraid that I must be boring. I love it with Grape Jelly. But I eat it on toast, and there Oh, and a cold glass of milk. I’ve had it two times this week.

  17. I am so craving a PB, Banana, & honey sandwich now. Although i have to have mine on wheat bread, the thicker the better.

  18. Two great tastes that taste great together. Mmmm.

    Where was I? Oh, Whimzie, I know this isn’t technically your blog, but please don’t whittle me out of your reader. I’d be devastated to go under 10 readers. Might have to buy some Nutella and start right out of the jar. Oh, same message to you, Sus.

    My son lurves pb and honey and the girl likes pb and jam, but lurves pb w/bananas. Don’t tell her that I slice them the wrong way. And we eat on “white” whole wheat bread. Oh, and we eat Adams. (yuck! But when we go to the beach house or some place fun, we buy JIF–our vaca peanut butter).

    I think I’ve exhausted my comments now.

  19. I used to feel bad about my skimpy reference checks for employment candidates. . .

    Train wreck, hmmmmm. I haven’t posted the tantrum I filmed last night, so I know you can’t mean me. Or can you? Paranoid now!

  20. I love to read blogs & have “bloglines” but haven’t figured out the Google Reader thing yet. It is so neat to connect w/people all over the country, & fun to be “in on” the things in my IRL friends even more through their blogs. I read yours EVERY time I go “blogging” & love it! Love you too, my friend!
    I like blackberry or raspberry (seedless) in the red family, but my favorite with PB is apricot or peach jam w/big chunks. And I prefer whole wheat, which is what I usually have on hand.
    Never been much of a match maker, but when a certain very tall young man came to our home the first time for an FCA dinner, I asked my DD if he was “going w/anyone”… Now I call him my son-in-love!

  21. My son wants pb. alone. without a partner. alone.

    J will eat it with a bevy of things…me too.

    Is it safe to say that I STILL do not understand Google Reader?? That I so prefer using Blogger’s Dashboard (shows all updates on my blogs I follow) and that JUST today I finally figured out I can add wordpress peeps??!! I’ve always just gone to your blogs everyday to read and now you’ll be delivered right to me, like DiGiorno!!

  22. JIF Crunchy and pineapple jelly on rye with ice cold milk.

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