Maybe, Maybe Not

I may or may not be typing this on my iPhone at a Panera.

I may or may not be insanely jealous of the woman at the table next to me who is eating two bagels all by herself.

I may or may not have stopped at the grocery store on the way to school this morning to buy breakfast and FEED IT TO MY CHILDREN IN THE PARKING LOT outside the store.

I may or may not be ready for Mr. CPQ to get back from his road trip.

I may or may not  have pulled out the whole “starving children in China” speech this morning at the boy who complained about peanut butter and jelly AGAIN in his lunchbox.

I may or may not have felt immediately horrible about my snippiness since it was my fault we were down to nothing in the cupboards.

I may or may not be on my 5th cup of coffee before 9 a.m.

I may or may not be headed to meet friends for coffee at 10.

I may or may not have found my written and addressed thank-you notes from Christmas in a stack of papers on the kitchen counter.

I may or may not have thought I mailed them three weeks ago.

I may or may not be in hot water with my mother and the  in-laws for that one.

Have a nice day.

Or not.

16 responses to “Maybe, Maybe Not

  1. You should make this a weekly link-up! I can think of a whole list of may or may nots this morning.

    I am impressed by anyone who even writes Christmas present thank you notes!

  2. I too have found thank you notes lost in the car or under a pile of papers. It always makes you feel less than ….less.

    I just got an iphone. yeah! I’m impressed all you’ve typed on it for your entry. Maybe it was the 5 cups of coffee with the promise of more! I’m limited to about 6 words before I get aggravated.

    I pulled the starving/homeless children in Haiti last night for a child who turned up his nose at homemade Italian beef and wanted me to make him a turkey burger. I finally relented. Then I fed him ice cream for a “you had a great report card”, and then he yakked up about 18 cups of turkey burger and ice cream. Think the turkey burger was bad? Then, of course, he said he was hungry….a vicious cycle.

  3. This gave me a much needed laugh this morning…Thank you. 🙂

  4. this made me smile, for I have a whole list of may or may nots.

  5. You may or may not have made me feel better about myself this morning.

  6. The lady at Panera may or may not be on a downward carb spiral and…

    I may or may not have enjoyed that post a little too much.


  7. I can’t get the starving children line out without busting out laughing. Oh, yeah, my children will be rolling their eyes at me in no time.

  8. Five cups before 9 a.m? Were you zinging? To steal our favorite line from BooMama, could you charge your phone just by holding it in your hand? Dude! Throttle back!

  9. Starving children in China? Not this week. It’s all “starving, homeless Haitian children” here.

  10. Funny morning!
    I may or may not have told my 4 year old that he “didn’t love me THAT much” when he suddenly decided he’d rather go home to do chores with me than go to pre-school.

  11. At least you can still send PB & J sandwhiches in school lunches – we are all “peanut-free” schools here! My safe pantry stand-by when the store hadn’t been hit in days is now gone!!! Hope next week is better friend! We’ve all been there though!

  12. I may or may not be sitting under a warm blanket catching up on my Sweet Sus’ blogaroonie.

    I may or may not be so full from Zaxby’s that I can hardly see straight.

    I may or may not be surrounded by a house that looks like an F4 tornado hit it.

  13. If you are, and I’m not saying you are, maybe you are, maybe you’re not, but if you are in trouble with you mother and in-laws over the thank you notes, I’m so with you there. Just reading your post reminded me that I haven’t sent mine out either and my mom is a BIG thank you note stickler! Yikes! At least we MAY be in the same boat!

  14. I sent an informative/inquisitive email to a business the other day from my phone. Took me 20 minutes.

    Lurve this, btw.

    May or may not have forgotten exactly when I need to be at church for worship team this morning. Prolly too embarrassed to call anyone. Need coffee.

  15. Oooh, sounds like a tough day. But if you were heading for coffee with friends, it was bound to get better. Your day may or may not have improved. Hope it did 😉

  16. I may or may not have finished my thank you cards from our wedding in May. Ok, maybe not. I stink at those things. 🙂

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