Monday Musings

1.  The house must have reached epic levels of disaster because Mr. CPQ suggested to me on Saturday afternoon that we have a dinner party on Sunday night.

He would tell you that he was merely trying to experiment with new rib rubs and marinades for upcoming BBQ competitions, but I think the fact that we couldn’t walk through the living room without tripping over something meant it was time to find me some cleaning motivation.

2.  I love a feel good story so I’m happy that the Saints are going to the Super Bowl, but it’s causing me some consternation because they will be playing my favorite quarterback, Peyton Manning.  I’m going to have to do some deep soul searching to know for whom to cheer during the one football game a year I watch.

Time to start planning the menu. I do something different every year, and I’m not yet sure what it’s going to be. One thing’s for sure, there will be cream cheese.


3.  It’s a fairly quiet week for me. My one goal is to get four doctor’s appointments scheduled.  You have permission to get on my case and hold me accountable for making the phone calls.  I absolutely abhor going to the doctor.

4.  Maybe related, I’m contemplating the concept of fear and how it hinders me.

5.  I’m also contemplating the leftover potato salad in the refrigerator and wondering how long before I succumb to its siren song.

Have a nice day.


21 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. The Colts! Don’t desert Peyton! We’re Volunteer fans here…once a Vol always a Vol.

    I need to schedule two appts. myself…been on my to do list for about 3 weeks…I’m with you on going to the dr. We need to be like Nike here…just do it!

  2. I love planning menus! I just did a mardi gras menu and decided on PF Cheng’s for Chinese New Year. ha! I have no idea what to do for Valentine’s Day. Maybe heart shaped meat loafs.

    As for the potato salad–put in on toast and pretend it’s egg salad and have it for breakfast! Then you can be done thinking about that potato salad calling your name.

  3. can I come to your house for super bowl? It sounds yummy already!

    And I know what you mean about dr. appointments. and fear.

  4. Imagine my dilemma as a Louisianian! Especially since Peyton is Archie’s son! Of course I’m all about the underdog and since N.O.’s never, ever, ever been to the SuperBowl is weighing heavy on my decision.

    I’ve noticed that during a football team I generally tend to pull for the offense.

    Permission to nag? I’m in!

  5. That’s not even a sentence. How about, “And the fact that N.O.’s never been to the SuperBowl is weighing heaving on my decision.”

    I think I actually wasn’t even listening to my own self when I was typing that the first time. (ADD much?)

  6. You know I lurve you more than my luggage (way more, actually–my luggage is a fright), and more than chocolate. So you won’t surprised if I come thru your screen and slap you if you don’t take care of yourself.

    Because I’m sweet like that.

    You can do this. Strong and courageous, babe.

    And WELL DONE on the cleaning frenzy. We must be platernal on that one.

  7. Forge ahead, CPQ! The Lord is your light and your salvation. Whom shall you fear?

    There ain’t nothin you can’t handle with Him on your side.

    That’s kind of hard, but definitely true.

  8. I never, ok, not “never” but RARELY watch football but I am ALL about the Super Bowl for food alone!!

    I have a certain dr’s appt to make this week too…and it’s more than a YEAR overdue, ahem. Yeah. I’ll nag you if you nag me, ‘kay?

  9. you had me at cream cheese

  10. a can of rotel
    1 lb of hot sausage, browned
    2 cream cheeses

    put it all in a crock pot.

    yum. yum.yum. especially with the ridgey potato chips. and, yes, ridgey is a word.

    AND it’s from my brother in law’s mother who’s from Louisiana!! So it’s just asking to be a Super Bowl food! While you cheer for the Saints.


  11. My parents came to visit this weekend so I took a sick day at work to clean my house. I know.

  12. I feel the same about the Dentist. EEWWW I can barely even type that word……
    The fear thing…..Yeah God’s definately working on me there too….

  13. Peyton. If for nothing else than those commericials where he cheers for the grocery workers.

    A crushed pineapple, chopped pecans (peaCHAHNs) and cream cheese dome says SuperBowl in our house, oh, don’t forget the Triskets.

    Your body is the vehicle by which God does His kingdom business…go!

  14. All you have to do is convince yourself that the potato salad is bad and spoiled and that will be the end of that.

    As far as the cream cheese goes, just stick a block out on the table with some forks and you are good to go…of course some crackers might make it look better, but they are so unnecessary.


  15. How can you NOT root for a Manning? It goes against the natural order of the universe or something. 😉 Unless, of course, he’s playing a black and gold team called the STEELERS. 🙂

  16. Because I already saw it on Twitter this morning, I know the potato salad didn’t sing its song long. You’re welcome.

    AND. Peyton is boyfriend. Actually my fiance. And we’re getting married in St. Tropez later this year. You can come if you want. Again. You’re welcome.

  17. haha company is pretty much the only thing that makes me clean the house. and amber totally cracked me up in her comment above . . .

  18. amen and amen! 😉

    don’t like doctors ONE BIT

  19. Have you ever had this Raspberry Chipotle Sauce ( ( poured over Cream Cheese and served with cracker?

    It’s delicious, and you you know that I’m not a huge cream cheese lover.

  20. If that from Kellie above is the Fischer & Weisel Raspberry Chipotle Sauce, it is EXCELLENT served over a cream cheese block with crackers, and also can be used as a marinade for chicken breasts/tenders for the grill or baking! (love double-duty! and the big Costco bottle too!)

    Also, as a Louisianian, even though i do admire Peyton, GEAUX SAINTS!!! I mean, really, it is historical – they have traditionally been the underdogs….truly terrible. It would be nice to see them pull out a Rudy-like season.

    Good luck with your cleaning frenzy – as my husband always says…nothing like a good party to clean things up around here (is that a backhanded compliment or what???)!

  21. Sometimes the only way I’ll clean my house is to schedule a party!

    Cream cheese? Mmmm. I have a crescent chicken recipe that has cream cheese if you want it.

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