And in romantic news

Mr. CPQ brought home a new vacuum cleaner yesterday because our previous one was felled by carpet fuzz from the Great Carpet Installation Project of 2010.

It was not helpful that the motor on the old one burned out thirty minutes before company came over for dinner Sunday night, leaving my house with a lingering and distinct electrical odor that mixed ever so well with l’air du 10 year old boys and barbecue.

While Mr. CPQ is happy with all the buttons and gadgets, the boys are dancing circles over the fact that they now have eighteen new attachments to use as weapons of mass destruction against their siblings.

I’m a simple girl and practically giddy over the self-retracting cord.

Speaking of giddy, I was excited that I had TWO opportunities for outings with girlfriends yesterday.  My friend A. treated me to birthday lunch at my favorite ladies-who-lunch place, Zest.  We’ve been eating lunch together semi-regularly for three years and we never go any place else because the turkey burger at Zest is A THING OF BEAUTY.

I was supposed to meet other friends in the evening for my monthly poker night which amuses me to say because A) it sounds like a rabble rousing crew when really it’s a group of church ladies; B) we never play poker; and C) it’s a thinly veiled excuse to get together and eat cake.    The plans fell apart at the last minute but I didn’t want to waste my kitchen pass so I spur of the moment called a couple of friends that I’ve been trying to get together with for three weeks to ask if they had plans for supper, and I think they must be just like me because at 6 pm they were still staring blankly into the refrigerator searching for inspiration.

Forty-five minutes later we were happily esconced in a bowlful of guacamole and three baskets a basket of chips catching up with each other.

I came home to the sight of Mr. CPQ running the vacuum cleaner and I don’t think I’ve ever loved him more.

Enables my Mexican food cravings AND cleans the carpets?

I think I’ll keep him.

Have a nice day.

23 responses to “And in romantic news

  1. Ahh, true love.

    Nothing better than spur of the moment girls night out … especially when it includes salsa, guac and chips. Sure had fun, friend!!!

  2. So what kind of vacuum cleaner did you get?

    And now I’m craving guacamole and chips!

  3. That is a keeper! Does he like to clean? My husband does (more than me) … it used to bug me, but I embrace it now. LOL 🙂

  4. What a romantic story!

  5. seriously… hadn’t thought about guac in a while and it sounds great~

  6. you’re so Oprah! Singlehandedly boosting the guacamole industry with your power of suggestion!!!

    (truly sounds fantastic)

    I once heard of a person that got mad at her hubby for getting her a vacuum because it made her feel like a maid. Glad to see you know what to celebrate:)

  7. Breaks the gift giving rule of “nothing with a cord,” but I know Mr. CPQ makes up for it in spades (poker reference just for you) in the bling category.

    Like a newly sharpened pencil or a brand new calendar, there’s nothing like a new appliance!

  8. My Hubby picked out my new vacumn also and then vacumned regularly – until the newness wore off, that is.
    Now that I think about it . . . maybe I should talk him into a new cook top – that would be good for a few weeks off cooking duty too. Ha

  9. He’s definitely a keeper!
    Glad you had a fun evening!

  10. Hubba hubba.;)

    My husband had me at “yes you can buy that Dyson you’ve been wanting for years but I’ll believe it’s wonders when I see it.” He saw it.

  11. I don’t know about you but I love things with cords…and kitchen gadgets, both no-no’s on the husband-gift-giving-etiquette chart. My heart is going pitter-patter just thinking of a new vacuum. (Even if spelling that word makes me get out the dictionary)


  12. Seriously, appliances absolutely cause me to swoon (and the man that gives them to me too). Adam replaced my microwave and just had it sitting where the other one was junk piled back on top and I melted.

    And, YES, to the weapons/attachements..I have ZERO attachments left on mine b/c only the children know where they are hiding..

  13. what kind of vacuum did you get? we have a canister from Sears, and I am SO TIRED of that thing hitting every baseboard, piece of furniture and little child in sight

    I like Zest too, but never tried the Turkey Burger. Can I get guacamole on it?

  14. I lOVE Zest! My hubby works about 29 seconds away from that place. Shall we lunch there sometime?

  15. oh bestill my heart . . .

  16. is that even a word?

  17. I’m sure you will not be surprised to learn that I have a husband who likes to vacuum. This house has a central vac…never had one before but it is awesome. My kids joke that whenever they call home and ask what dad is doing I always say vacuuming. I think they wonder if that is code for something else.

  18. Oh! Heaven! We desperately need a new vacuum. I’ve almost gotten him talked into a vacuum shopping date!

  19. Who needs diamonds? Give me a man who knows his way around a vacuum. My hubby bought me a vacuum cleaner right before Christmas. I asked him if it was an early present. He said, “No. Just knew you needed it.”
    I think I will keep him…

  20. Can I just say that vacuuming is my favorite chore? You know why? Because it drowns out all the noise in my house.
    I’ve been trying to go to Zest. But, it always seems to be closed when I go. Boo.
    And I do want to try the Mez sometime soon. We settled for Salsa Fresh last night.

  21. OK you must do a post on Tupperware storage…I must learn and improve…oh Rubbermaid Master.


  22. Does the vacuum fall into the “gifts” or the “acts of service” love language? Either way, yay!

  23. Maybe if I worked the “power tool” angle of the vacuum…hmmmm…then he might bite. 😉

    Cannot wait to eat our weight in guac together. Er…I mean…I like Mexican food, too.

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