Is the Dentist’s Office BYOB?

Tuesday morning found me at my computer chatting on-line with Whimzie about the day’s agenda, the milk chocolate macadamia laceys at World Market, my Jersey hair, and what we could fix for supper that would satisfy at least three out of the five people in our family.  Whimz had already read my Monday post about dragging my feet over having to make appointments for doctor appointments so she harrassed the living life out of me offered gentle words of encouragement to just MAKE THE CALL.

One of those calls was to the dentist.  If you’ll recall, I have slight anxiety issues about going to the dentist (discussed here and here), and  this anxiety may or may not require a heavy overdose of prescription medication to overcome.  I was hoping that the very nice receptionist would tell me that they refused to ever have me darken their doors again, but sadly, they could fit me right in.

SO, while you’re reading this, I’ll be strapped into a chair, gripping the armhandles and praying for Jesus to return getting my teeth cleaned, vainly attempting to ignore  the awful sound of the spinny thing, trying not to feel self-conscious about a stranger being close enough to notice the size of my pores all the while controlling the urge to throw a Class A freak out and run screaming from the building.

Yes, I know I’m now 40 and expected to act maturely.  But 40’s the new 30, so I’m allowed.

Speaking of neurotic, I may use some of my chair time to ponder how Amy keeps her Tupperware drawer organized like this (scroll down to item #4 on her list).  WHO STACKS THEIR TUPPERWARE?

Someone else may need a prescription or two….

Have a nice day.


19 responses to “Is the Dentist’s Office BYOB?

  1. We got our “friendly reminder” cards from our dentist yesterday. We love our dentist…super nice fellow. But still, heart rate increased and I started having a mild panic attack.
    Over a cleaning.

  2. Do you know how it thrills me to know you hate this experience as much as I do??!!!

    People just don’t understand it!

    But at least you’ll go and face it…I won’t tell you the amount of time it’s been since I’ve been to the dentist but it rhymes with dive schmears.

    I’ll definitely pray!

  3. OK CPQ you are supposed to be going to you “happy place” not “my new blog friend needs her therapist” place.


    P.S. I wish you not-gagging-on-the-fluoride luck.

  4. Hope you made it out ok! I share your anxiety over the dentist – I can deal with the routine cleaning but anything more rocks my world – goes back to a childhood experience where the dentist carried me in my chair from the waiting room back to the room to pull some teeth – not pretty!

  5. The title of your post made me think of the first dentist we saw in the UK. As we sat in the waiting room I noticed a mini frig with waters, juices (aren’t they bad for your teeth ) and a pretty blue bottle that looked remarkably like Bombay Sapphire Gin. In fact that’s what it was. Hmmm….a gin and tonic to take the edge off before I see the dentist? My mother pointed out perhaps it was the dentist having one prior to seeing me and that thought led me to change dentists. Hope all went well in the chair!

  6. Okay, I get you about the dentist. But what is wrong with your friend Amy? Doesn’t everyone’s cabinet look like that?

    • I may have to post a pic of the disaster area otherwise known as my Tupperware drawer.

      So, no, not everyone’s cabinet looks like that 🙂

  7. I just went to the dentist the other day. And had the metal scrappy thing jabbed in and around my gums.

    And I might rather have chewed on a piece of aluminum foil.

    But I’d take the dentist ANY.DAY. over that blasted gyno. I’m still lobbying for laughing gas for the yearly pap.

  8. Oh, you are so not alone on the dentist thing. But I made major steps forward a couple years ago when I asserted myself and refused to let them slice my gums (floss) after the cleaning. The lady looked at me like I was completely nuts, but I held my ground. It has made a world of difference for me to not dread the flossing after the cleaning!

  9. I am so with you on this one. I want laughing gas for my cleaning.

  10. I’ll always be here to harass you. It’s in my contract.

    I’ll be awaiting your texts from the dentist’s office. Talking friends down from ledges is just another service I’m happy to provide.

  11. Hilarious! I have had more dental visits than most people due to damage caused by braces. I always gritted teeth and gripped arm rests UNTIL the good Lord showed me the light. I had no choice but to transfer dental offices. When I did, the one that I had to transfer to offers nitrous at $9 a visit. That’s better than BYOB! I’ve finally, for the first time in my life, gotten almost all of my dental work completed! Thank you JESUS for the happy gas!

  12. I’m with Amber. I can do the dentist–good thing, since i”m the crowned princess–but laughing gas at the gyno is a great thing for which to lobby my insurance carrier.

  13. haha so I hate the dentist too. And I totally haven’t been in at least two years, so I should probably go . . . especially since I routinely have dreams about my teeth falling out. It’s terrifying, and I usually wake up all panicked and sweaty. Lovely.

  14. But now you’re done for 6 months, right?

    I would have all my Tupperware organized like that, but its against my religion.

  15. I swear I heard about some local dentist that gives sedatives, maybe some wine too? I think as long as you bring some booze to share, no one will mind!

  16. I love this blog post title!

  17. You mean you DON’T stack your Tupperware? I thought everyone did. I keep getting irritated at the kids because when they are putting the dishes away they pay no notice to the stacks and refuse to stack like items together. Didn’t I teach them sorting skills when they were in preschool???

    I can’t seem to get a handle on keeping the lids in an orderly fashion, though.

  18. I too can not stand to get on the phone and make appointments. It’s a real thing with me. As much as I love getting my hair done, I don’t even like making an appointment to do that! This drives my best friend crazy. She also has to constantly twist my arm and yell at me, um, I mean gently encourage me to make those appointments. And yes, I hate the dentist too. Well not the dentist actually. That would be so unChristian. I just hate going to the dentist.

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